24 Hours in Hangzhou, China | Travel Guide | Karlie Kloss

24 Hours in Hangzhou, China | Travel Guide | Karlie Kloss

So we are siitting in the car not even pulled up to
the station yet this is this is gonna be a run Should we get out and run? Today it started ridiculously early so naturally we were ridiculously late. We’re going to
check out a new city today in China Hangzhou This is what you call drama What’s the big deal? We made it. Plenty of time P: Karlie would would you like a lemon juice
K: Yes please, lemon juice. Okay, so who did I drag with me on this adventure? First up, Penny guarantee you won’t see her off her phone at this entire trip.
Then we have Kelly, she speaks Mandarin and can basically bail us out if
something goes wrong and then there’s Nicolas, whose bag is full of secrets I think this is our stop. We gotta go Not really feeling my outfit. I see everybody with all these like cute kind of like two-piece suits. I might need to go
shopping I don’t know what it’s like here in Hangzhou, but feel like a
shopping trip might be in our 24 hours schedule. We didn’t exactly choose the
best day for outdoor activities It basically poured all day long. I’m gonna try this breakfast pastry watching them make it back here Bon appetite, thank you This looks amazing and delicious. Breakfast to go.
I have my breakfast walking through this market and I see this fruit in which
I’ve just been told is the stinkiest This fruit apparently is banned from all
airports, trains, everything because it’s smells so bad when you eat it, but I’m
not gonna have that. Let’s stick to my fried dough Our first stop was Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy
which founded in 1874, is a pharmacy for traditional Chinese medicine This is so cool The prescriptions look like magic potions It smells so good in here Wow, are those mushrooms? Those are some fungus They’re weighing out all of the perscriptions like if you have a perscription quarter pound of bee pollen, they put in
a quarter pound of bee pollen Next we ventured to Qincghefang
ancient street, famous for shopping and it did not disappoint Wow, thank you Fresh sugarcane juice
straight from the root It’s a little piggy at the market. This is pork That’s a walnut candy I would find the candy and the store no
matter where I am no matter what language I’m eating random things that I find on the street for free This is not a good idea. Ohh it smells like, it’s the inside
of a Payday like peanuts and sugar and probably just peanuts and sugar Mhmmm, oh we need to buy those. They’re good. What is this? I have no idea what this is, but I really want to try it So we made it to West :ake it’s a little
bit rainier than I had imagined, but it’s beautiful West Lake is a big attraction
in China because of its beauty and serenity.
it’s said that many poets and painters have come here throughout history
seeking inspiration Oh my god, that’s amazing Not gonna go to the McDonald’s, but I’m
gonna swing by Starbucks, just for a quick coffee! Last up on this trip, we signed up for
tai chi lessons at Taiji Zen a Center founded by Jack Ma and Jet Li.
This should be interesting. So the final stop on our tour today in Hangzhou is a
Tai Chi lesson and we have the amazing Jason here to teach us what to do J: Tai Chi movements – we just use our body to show how the tai chi philosophically is Now breathe in here and breathe out relax the chest You can use your palm I’m Ying, she’s yang I feel the power See you next time! Bye I’m so tired and delirious. Okay, um Okay so, Hangzhou it’s been awesome. I’m crying laughter and tears of joy. It’s been so
much fun. I’m gonna jump on a flight tonight. Everybody’s flying home. I’m sad to ;eave China, it’s been so much fun and I’ll be back soon Bye

100 thoughts on “24 Hours in Hangzhou, China | Travel Guide | Karlie Kloss

  1. 欢迎大家来中国玩,中国很大,美食很好吃的。
    Welcome to China. China is very big and its food is delicious.

  2. I'm from central China . I started working in Hangzhou and after graduated from university. Then i married a local girl settled down in Hangzhou .This is one of the best cities in China with ancient and modern combined . When you feel in chaos in the metropolitan city,You would soon feel calmed in the magnificent scenes in 10 minutes traffic

  3. Nice, happy you enjoyed it.The traditional part of the city is totally astonishing, but remaining part is still grey and gloomy. I have been living in Hangzhou for almost 4 years now and the way how polluted it`s got for the past years is unbelievable. Funny thing is that every time any national holiday approaches, the air becomes magically clean for that exact period of holiday as if to just show travelers from across the country that there still is that pure natural paradise… Also they have started some huge construction projects around the city cause of the Asian games in 2022, which made the whole city overlook much uglier…

  4. Well there is a saying in China: Rainy lake is better than the sunny lake, night lake is better than the rainy lake. So the day isn’t that bad after all lol ?

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing. You should check out Nanjing as well. It's another amazing city just 50mins from Hangzhou by train (200+KM). absolutely Love it!

  6. well, in Chinese taste,you were lucky to pick a rainy day to start the tour, west lake's beauty would shrink to half without rain, the most famous white snake's love story happened in a rainy day.

  7. The Chinese people were probably thinking to themselves: "what a tall blonde, is she some kind of foreign royalty?"

  8. Wow you were in Hangzhou! Next time, go see those some cute squirrels by the West Lake who would scurry for your snacks~

  9. When I was watching this video I didn't know who Ms. Kloss was. I guessed she has to be a big shot, but only after googling I knew she is a huge shot, LOL.
    Her cat walk is amazingly beautiful and powerful.

  10. It is a pity you didn't explore the beauty of west lake in Hangzhou because you didn't have much time. There are 10 famous sceneries around the west lake. They represent the core of Chinese culture. If foreigners would like to know something about Chinese culture, visit Beijing and Hangzhou.

  11. Karlie show you how to be a good tourist. Be respectful and not over acting, yet embrace the moment u get ??

  12. running much further than you thought you needed to … in the rain in different cities to gaurrantee local safety, Mandarin Ever- ever – get back together + 2,3 singing adversarially to each other and to picks that we'll change for ever ever ever on earths PLUS celebrating … together. fu ching fish place egg souffle soo bee pollen and try it and related dabs on your head once for color Kloe – change candy to NO sugar … where is the edge of products/places you trust to just eat on the street … it's like maple and coconut mango flowering lack poet lake

  13. For me, this video for travel and funs wins utterly … like the look-at-your-tie instead of having chi lesson Ovar I beat any you see

  14. I just left China a few months ago, I have to say the Chinese food really taste good, but the meat qualities was terribly bad, they put lot of put seasoning and chili on that meal to made them delicious, especially the pork, most of them are not fresh and with African swine fever that will not kill you but your body might bring the virus to other healthy pigs, that's the reason why there are more and more sick pigs in China.

  15. If there's one thing that stands out about this video above all others, it's not that she's a super attractive person (which she is), nor is it that she's intelligent and funny (which she is), but it's that she's a Western traveller who doesn't pretend to know everything and actually says the sentence, "I don't know what that is, but I want to try some." You have no idea how rare that really is.

  16. When I saw the beginning of the video, I always thought about who she is, so familiar. On the Internet, it turned out to be Karlie Kloss, my favorite Vimy model, and a good programmer. It's amazing!

  17. I wonder if she has to walk around with more security in foreign countries since she’s the sister in law of the Trumps, especially in China.

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