24 Hours in OAXACA CITY ! Mexico’s MOST BEAUTIFUL Place ?😱

24 Hours in OAXACA CITY ! Mexico’s MOST BEAUTIFUL Place ?😱

What’s up Members of the Barrio ? It’s Jon, coming to you from Oaxaca City, Oaxaca And this is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in all of Mexico And today we’re going to be walking around Showing you some of the most important sites And giving you our impressions of this place After having been to so many different cities in Mexico Look at this It’s really colorful You can see yellow Green, blue Everything And it’s really really magic And i’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it too Alright guys the first thing we’re going to do today Is try some Oaxacan coffee I’ve had a little bit so far But this is one of the things that Oaxaca is most well known for Americano, 25 pesos Definitley lives up to the reputation Second cup of coffee I’ve had so far In Oaxaca Very, very good As Adriana mentioned during the intro I think the most distinctive thing about Oaxaca Are the colors The really colorful, colonial buildings Now, if you ask me It reminds me a lot of Merida And maybe Guanajuato What cities does it remind you of in Mexico? I think Merida It’s a lot like Merida Flat and the buildings are not so high Their are really short buildings And really colorful So yeah it’s more like Merida For me We spent 2 months living in Merida Beautiful city Now we’re going to take you probably to the most famous building in all of Oaxaca City We’re in front of Templo Santo Domingo This is one of the most popular meeting spots in the city There’s a nice square here right behind me at night There’s music. There’s different performances Couple of different things that you could do here You can go inside the church I don’t really feel comfortable filming inside there I don’t want to bother anybody So we’re not going to film inside You should check it out There’s also a botanical garden behind the church here You need to take a 2 hour guided tour We don’t have two hours today to do it So if you’re into that sort of thing Check it out But there is a museum.. Museo de las Culturas I believe it’s called That we’re going to go inside I’ve heard it’s one of the best museums in the entire city Admission was about 4 US Dollars And I can tell after being here only a couple of minutes Completely worth the price Also had to pay 45 pesos to film I mean, I want to show you guys the inside a little bit Thank you Patreons Thank you Patreons When I was in Primary school And I was learning history from Mexico My favorite part was when they talked about the indigineous.. and the past of Oaxaca I don’t know why I love this culture and everything It was my favorite one Adriana’s telling me this could be one of the most instagrammable museums in Mexico. That she’s ever been to It’s beautiful Ever heard of a Oaxacan Wedding Parade? When the couple comes out of the church They start playing And put the dolls up And they have the party going until the house Of the couple Where the party is actually going to start So I think it’s actually something really cool. And I don’t think you’re gonna see it Because the wedding just started And we gotta go Because I love you guys. We filmed the procession later. Look at the Bride and Groom ! Every wedding needs one of these ! We’re on Calle Alcala With the accent mark This is a pedesterian only street Pretty much leads right to the Zocalo A lot of. I’m about to get hit by a car A lot of shops around A lot of vendors here And obviously you see all the beautiful buildings I love the colonial style here And all the colorful, brightness It’s a city that really makes you feel alive This christmas tree is decorated With a lot of pinatas And some toys too It looks really cool How do you compare it to the one at Rockfeller Center? No offense to the rockefeller center But this seems more creative Hahaha Look at all these pinatas She’s right.. We’ve made it to the Zocalo This is one of the most popular gathering spots In Oaxaca City You’ve got a big church You have the gazebo over there A lot of families as well meeting up Which is what I love most about Mexico I would say Is the real family culture on a weekend Everyone coming together Spending time, sitting goin to restaurants So much going on around here We are going to walk through and we are going to go to the one of the best free attractions In all of Oaxaca Trust me We have dinosaurs in Mexico Didn’t you know that? We’ve walked into Centro Cultural San Pablo As I said This place completely free Used to be a convent Now it’s an art space And you can walk around take some really cool photo opportunities Let’s just go roam the hallways here shall we? You know when I mentioned I was going to Oaxaca to a lot of people The first thing that came up Was food food food And the number one food that I kept hearing from people Is Tlayuda Now I’ve had it before in Mexico I’ve had it before in the U.S But I’ve never had it in Oaxaca We’re going to try the most famous Oaxacan dish Right now for lunch We’re at at a spot called Azucena Zapoteca I got this recommended to me by the hotel What I like about it is.. it serves traditional Mexican Food from Oaxaca And.. it’s inside of an art gallery If you get bored at your table You can just walk around and browse different art stuff Very cool combination that i’m digging a lot It’s a tortilla with beans Cheese, and meat I don’t know, if they put some other stuff. I’m not an expert. You can tell us in the comments And some people call it Mexican Pizza And i can tell why Mmm it’s so good I can’t believe it’s been almost 30 years of my life without eating it First time trying Tlayuda in Oaxaca Mmm I wouldn’t say it’s like Pizza I would say more.. it’s like a hard shell tortilla With a lot of good stuff inside Love the combo though.. of the pork And the beans It’s very good That was a very solid meal Of Tlayuda For our next stop.. well I’ve got a little suprise We’re going to go a very cool part of the city That I don’t think a lot of tourists know about We need to find a cab We’re in Barrio Xochimilco This is the oldest neighborhood in the city And I think that it’s going to have a lot of surprises for us Apparently it just looks like a very small village Let’s go explore First of all there’s nobody here It’s just completley deserted It’s amazing.. we’ve got street art on this side right here And then you look at the other side And you just have this same beautiful colonial architecture that you see All over Oaxaca And we’re about a 20 minute walk or so from the center So let’s keep checking this out We’ve covered the most famous food in Oaxaca We’ve covered the coffee But we’ve yet to cover one of the most important details liquor We’re going to try some some Mezcal Get ready for this guys In my quest to help you guys travel smarter I’m always looking for new websites and things to provide you unique experiences And i’ve just been such a fan of Airbnb Experiences They’re not sponsoring this video In fact, I’m about to pay for this mezcal tasting But it just sold me so well Having the ability to taste the mezcal with a local And eat some mole at the same time So we’re paying for this out of or pocket Special thanks to my Patreons For supporting us And helping us do things like this Now let’s get inside Trying to do these tastings We can understand that there are actually differences In the plants Okay And .. not only in the aromas That we’re going to get to see and the flavors But also, in how they pair with the moles. It smells like wild flowers Wow A lot of flavor I like it Yeah at the end You feel it Alright we’re gonna taste the mole And then we’re just going ot leave it here And i’m going to down it with the mezcal That was what we were instructed to do Whoa Flavor explosion It’s very interesting This is a lot more fun than wine tasting Seriously this is such a fun city.. good food Good drink Good people What else could you ask for Leave a comment down below If missed something To do in Oaxaca i’m curious What should people do When they come here Check out our other Mexico playlists linke down below Thank you so much for watching As always Until next time.

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  2. Your videos really helped me on my visit to NY, and now you are visiting my estate, I hope you come to the coast of Oaxaca, we have the best beaches of the pacifico, and you need to know Huatulco, a beautiful turístic and modern town with a lot of beautiful beaches.

  3. Hey~I am traveling and working as an English teacher in NYC until the end of January~and I'd like to interview you if you are in NY~ pls let me know~ BTW, if you happen to come to korea let me know~!

  4. Sacan el video Justo un Dia Despues que quedo la ciudad, neta que Triste, ni cuando estuve en Su pais y ciudad lo pude Ver, que mala Racha, ok saludos Y super video, mi favorito!

  5. I love Oaxaca as my wife is from there…now we live in Canada as that is where i live. We go there monthly as i do not want to take that away from her even though we now live here in Toronto. Oaxaca is amazing and we got married at Santo Domingo, same as your video…You gave me so many memories…love it…thumbs up x1,000,000

  6. Hey!!! I saw you on my Youtube recommendation, do you want to collaborate for a video (Having Indian food in NYC) or anything that you can suggest. I know, I am a really small youtuber but I thought why not try my luck. Waiting for a reply. Thank you.

  7. You guys are awesome! Oaxaca's one of the few cities I've yet been fortunate enough to explore but will pronto. Muchas gracias amigos. Stay well and enjoy beautiful Mexico.

  8. Go to a local market and find freshly made quesillo (Oaxacan cheese), grasshoppers, and chocolate. Also, if you have time, you should visit Monte Albán!

  9. Lots of colours from the houses to the artworks and that was one cool Xmas tree great video 👍👍👍👍

  10. Last year went to NY and saw a lot of your videos! I'm heading to Mexico this month and now I've found out that you have videos from Mexico too? ❤️

  11. Hey John,
    Do you have a brother who has a travel & eating channel called LivingBobby?
    I swear this guy is almost your double?!😳

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