25 Things to do in Toronto Travel Guide

Well hello. So for today’s video I am on home
turf. I am back in Toronto with Sam. So we’re going to be taking you on a little tour of
the city. Sam hasn’t really spent a lot of time here so we’re going to try and make it
really touristy but also include some of my favorite spots. So let’s go! Toronto is considered Canada’s melting pot.
It is said that half of the people living in Toronto were born outside of the country,
so that means lots of different languages, sights and flavors, which make the city a
really fun place to explore. With only a few days in Toronto, we set out to visit a mix
of neighborhoods, top attractions, and of course, we also made time to sample plenty
of food. The following travel guide will showcase 25 things to do in Toronto, so if you’re
planning a trip here or you need some travel inspiration, be sure to stick around as we
take you on a city tour. Not many visitors know this about Toronto,
but just a short ferry ride from the city you have a chain of islands that offer some
of the best views in the whole city. The largest and most visited of them all is Centre Island
and it’s a great place to be during the summer months. This was our very first stop
on our tour of Toronto. So we are currently in Center Island. We left
the city behind and took the ferry over. Which is pretty nice. Yeah, it is my first time
here and I have to say it is a real nice quite green escape form the hustle and bustle of
the downtown. Yeah, it is super relaxed. We were just watching like little baby ducks
and swans. Super cute. And this is where you get the most iconic views of the city. Like
those postcard perfect views. Yes. So I’ve never seen this vantage point before and I’m
loving it. So next up we’re getting ready to go up the
CN Tower and we are showing up like 30 minutes before opening because last time the line
was like two hours long and we were not willing to wait. Seriously, guys that was around lunchtime,
a two hour waiting time just to go up to the observation deck. So, get here early. That
is our number one tip. So we’re the first elevator up. My hands are
all clammy. That was a little scary but we’re here. Urgh. Yeah. The CN Tower was once the world’s tallest
free-standing structure and the world’s tallest tower for more than 3 decades. It can be a
bit unnerving if you’re not a big fan of heights, especially once you reach the glass
floor, but it’s one of those iconic attractions that you can’t miss. If you’re feeling adventurous,
you can even do the Edge Walk which takes you on a hands free walk around the roof of
the main pod. Ripley’s Aquarium is one of Toronto’s
newest attractions and it draws big crowds. The aquarium is home to 450 species, but our
favorite part was The Dangerous Lagoon, which is an underwater tunnel where you can see
sharks, stingrays and sea turtles swimming above your head. The aquarium is located right
next to the CN Tower, so you could easily to both on the same day. If you luck out with a nice day, we’d recommend
going for a walk along the Harbourfront. You can often find live music and various events
and exhibitions taking place, plus it’s a really nice area to enjoy a stroll. So after all of that sightseeing it was time
for a little snack break and we’ve gone for the BeaverTail. So we needed a little sugar
pick me up here. And this is some kind of decadent little snack. Yeah. Take a look at
here. We’ve got like copious amounts of Nutella, basically peanut butter, peanut butter and
then Reese’s Pieces on top of that. Yeah, so this one is called the Triple Trip.
And BeaverTails didn’t originate in Toronto but they are from Ontario so you definitely
have to try them. From this province. And I’ve now had them in Ottawa and also Quebec
City so this is my third time ever having these. Oh, what a treat. Dig right in. How is that? Mmmmm. That is delicious. So good. Oh. Love Nutella,
love Reese’s Pieces. Yeah. And this is almost like a bit like a bit, it almost reminds me
a little bit of a churros consistency. Yeah. So it is basically fried dough and it is shaped
to look like a beaver tail. So no beaver in there, don’t worry. No beavers were harmed.
Yeah, no beavers were consumer in this. Yeah. Lots of peanut butter though. You can get
it with lots of different toppings. So you can get Nutella and banana or icing sugar,
cinnamon. Yeah, I think the hardest thing is when you go to order it because there is
so much selection. So many options. But I’m always going to go with peanut butter and
chocolate so. Formerly known as the SkyDome, this stadium
is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. Baseball fans can take tours or catch a game during
the season. So it appears the hat collector has a new
one. Yes, the ever growing collection. The ever growing collection is getting a little
higher with this latest Toronto Blue Jays hat. And the Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s
only team in Major League Baseball and they’re a pretty awesome team. They’ve won two world
series both in the 90’s. They have a really strong team right now. So if you’re thinking
of watching a baseball game definitely go check out the Blue Jays here in Toronto. Woo
hoo! Go Blue Jays. Graffiti Alley is located right between Queen
Street West and Richmond Street West, just west of Spadina Avenue. The area is covered
in murals and cool graffiti, and it was full of photographers and Instagrammers looking
for the perfect shot when we visited. The Distillery District is one of the most
distinct neighbourhoods in Toronto. It is home to over forty heritage buildings which
were once at the heart of the whisky export. The area has been revitalized and you’ll
find lots of cafes, restaurants, galleries, and coffeehouses. This is also the setting
for the Toronto Christmas Market in December. We are in Chinatown. Yes. And compared to
the day before when we were out hanging around in Toronto today is much warmer. So we’re
ducking into this restaurant to cool off a bit and we’re getting dim sum. So the cool
thing about Toronto is that you can get just about any International cuisine you want.
And we had a craving for di sum and we were wandering around in Chinatown, so we’re like,
let’s order some of our favorites. Mmmmm. That is really good. Super aromatic and flavorful.
Really nice. Like many cities around the world, Toronto
has a thriving Chinatown. This can be a really fun neighborhood to explore with lots of shops,
eateries, and outdoor markets offering a good bargain. The main intersections for Chinatown
are Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, and you can then explore the side streets
from there. Okay so now that we are well fed we’re now
going to check out Kensington Market. This is a really artsy area with lots of graffiti,
markets and shops so it’ll be fun. Let’s go have a look. From Chinatown it’s just a short walk over
to Kensington Market, where you’ll definitely want to wander with a camera in hand. Kensington
Market offers an eclectic mix of hippie markets, vintage boutiques, record stores, hole in
the wall bars, little bakeries, and so much more. Next up, we have the Royal Ontario Museum
and it’s striking exterior known as the Crystal. It is the largest museum in Canada
and covers everything from dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt. So we’re here at the Steam Whistle Brewery,
which is right across from Ripley’s Aquarium. That aquarium was awesome but it kind of tired
me out. I haven’t seen that many people for a long time in one place. So coming over here
and just having a pint. And the other cool thing that you can do here is you can take
a tour of the brewery itself. But we’re starving so we’re just going to drink beer and eat
some food. Sounds good. How is it? It is really good. Man, it is hot
outside so cold beer really tastes good on a hot summer day in Canada. Steamwhistle Brewing produces a premium Pilsner
lager and it has been voted one of the best microbreweries in Toronto. Just outside Steam Whistle Brewing you’ll
find the Toronto Railway Museum. They have a display of trains on site, which is quite
popular with families and kids. Another area worth checking out is Queen Street
West. This used to be a popular spot with university students thanks to its cheap vintage
markets, tiny bars, and indie cafes, however in recent years it has become more gentrified.
You can still find traces of Queen Street’s artsy side, but in smaller doses. Another thing you’ll want to experience
while in Toronto is riding the streetcar. The city is slowly rolling out new streetcars,
but if you get lucky you might be able to ride on the classic vintage ones. Okay Sam, so do you want to tell us where
we are right now? Yes, so we’re outside of the Hockey Hall of Fame and even if you’re
not a hockey fan this is an absolute must visit thing in Toronto because hockey is practically
a religion in Canada and this is the Hall of Fame. This is basically where you get to
learn about all of the great players of the present, the past and just to learn more about
the game. And you can also see the most iconic trophy in all of North American sports – the
Stanley Cup. Oh wow. So you’ve gotta come here. Pssh. Uh-uh. So of course Sam has dragged me to yet another
sporting center. Yeah, and this is the Air Canada Centre where the Toronto Maple Leafs
play in the National Hockey League. And I have to say this, they are my least favorite
team in the NHL, so do come to a hockey game but cheer for the opposite team. Wait, wait, wait. Why don’t you like the Toronto Maple Leafs?
Well, they’re just a perpetually bad team and they get way too much media coverage in
Canada. And I’m a Blackhawks fan so that is why I don’t like them. Aside from hockey, the ACC is also home to
the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. Best place for Korean food! So we’ve just arrived in Koreatown with the
intention of exploring but we are starving so our first stop is a restaurant. So look
at what we’ve got here. So we found a place that specializes in stone
pot rice but first up we’re going to be eating our banchan which are the side dishes. And
look at this. We’ve got some kimchi, spicy fermented cabbage. Man, that looks good. Look
at that. Love the kimchi. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. Nice and sour. That is good. So we have a very happy boy today. My favorite
Korean dish has arrived. Dolsot Bibimbap. And it is a stone pot Korean rice with assorted
vegetables, a little bit of meat and my personal favorite ingredient – the red pepper paste
called gochujang. Which I’m now going to add. And we just let that cook in there in that
hot stone bowl. And then you mix it all together. Oh yeah. Oh listen to that sizzle. Ho ho. That looks amazing. Dig right in. Uh, it is all stirred. And you know what,
they’ve brought some extra gochujang sauce. They realized that I appeared to be really
enjoying the mixing of it. And the spice. So let’s try this now. That is like being right back in Seoul. That
is a good thing. That is very authentic. Oh yeah. Lovin’ it. My tongue is on fire. And this is what I’m having. This is a spicy
kimchi stew or like a soup with lots of tofu. Let’s try that sundubu kimchi jiggae. Oh yeah. So I’ve already been drinking this for a while.
And my nose is running from the spice. Like it is intense. But it is so good. Like even
though it is burning you can’t stop eating it. You just want more. So yeah, I love this
stuff. Mmmmm. So good. So good. Thumbs up. Aside from delicious food, you can also find
bubble tea shops, stationary stores, and noraebang if you want to sing karaoke into the night. From there we continued to Casa Loma. It may
look like a castle, but this place was built as a home complete with secret passageways,
stately towers, and a whopping 98 rooms. It’s an unusual spot in Toronto and well worth
the visit. Across from Casa Loma, you’ll find Spadina
House. Setting foot in the house is like travelling back in time as it is decorated in the style
of the 1920’s and 30s. Another thing you can do in the city is enjoy
a campus walk through the University of Toronto. The campus has beautiful ivy-covered buildings
and lots of green spaces to lounge around. For all you foodies out there, Toronto also
boasts the St. Lawrence Market. Here you’ll find food stalls and restaurants, as well
as stands selling classic Canadian souvenirs such as bottles of Maple syrup. If you happen to visit Toronto during the
summer months, another thing to consider doing is renting a bike. Bike Share Toronto offers
day passes which are great for visitors looking to explore the city on wheels. The Art Gallery of Ontario is home to the
largest collection of Canadian art. It has pieces by the famed Group of Seven, and the
building itself also has a rather unique design. Last but not least, head up to Yonge-Dundas
Square. This is a lively intersection where you’ll also find the Eaton Centre, which
is a massive shopping complex. Make sure you don’t miss the glass gallery with the giant
Canadian geese. And that’s a wrap for TO! We hope you enjoyed
this city guide and that it gave you some ideas of what to see and where to go on your
trip. As always if you have any suggestions of things to do in Toronto that we may not
have mentioned, feel free to share those with fellow travelers in the comments below. For
more travel videos from around the world, be sure to hit subscribe!

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