25 Things to do in Warsaw, Poland | Top Attractions Travel Guide

25 Things to do in Warsaw, Poland | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Well hello and welcome to Warsaw. This week
we are exploring the Polish capital. We’ve already been here a few days and it has been
amazing. It has been such a pleasant surprise and unlike any part of Europe we’ve traveled
in so far. So yeah, this week we’re going to be highlighting 25 things to do around
the city and we’re excited to show you what it is all about. This was our first trip to Poland and we dove
into the capital headfirst. While our travels may have started in the charming Old Town,
it wasn’t long before we discovered that Warsaw has a cool artsy side. We visited bright neon
museums in the art district, shopped in boutiques selling soviet-chic apparel, and got to experience
the capital’s legendary nightlife. It many ways it was a whirlwind visit, but it was
also a fun introduction that made us curious to discover more of Poland in our future travels.
The following video will highlight 25 things to do in Warsaw and give you a glimpse into
this up and coming capital. Right now we’re visiting Castle Square – a
very popular area for both tourists and locals alike. Last night we visited and it was absolutely
packed. And this morning there is not as many people so it is really cool to get the two
different contrasts. Walking around the Old Town is a fascinating
experience because almost all of what you see is new even if it looks authentic. Most
of the city was razed to the ground after the Second World War, and that makes for a
rather surreal visit. So up next we’re about to enter Warszawa’s
Royal Castle which used to be home to the Polish Monarchy. Of course Poland hasn’t had
a monarchy for a really long time but this still remains a historical building. So we’re
going to go in and take a look. So it is our first full day here in Poland.
This week we are visiting Warsaw and that means we have to try some traditional Polish
food. Today we are going for the National Dish. We’re going to be eating Pierogies for
lunch. So we’ve placed our order and now we’re waiting for it to arrive. So if you’ve never tried Perogies before,
they’re a stuffed dumpling, typically they are steamed and then they’re fried. And they
come in a variety of different flavors. We’ve ordered meat and cheese ones but you can also
get dessert pierogi as well. When we first ordered our pierogi we were
surprised that restaurants only served 5 or 6 a plate – it seemed like a small meal at
first glance, but we soon learned that looks can be deceiving and that pierogi are incredibly
filling! The Neon Museum is located in Soho Factory
Praga and it is the place to learn about Cold War Neon. It’s definitely one of the most
interesting museums we’ve ever set foot in. During our trip we joined Adventure Warsaw
for a historical tour of the city. Our ride was a bubblegum pink Nysa van from the Soviet
days and together with our guide we cruised the city in style while uncovering a bit of
the past and learning how it has shaped the present day city. Milk bars are a bit of misnomer because you
don’t go there to drink milk, nor do you go there to drink alcohol. You can however
try dairy based Polish dishes in a cafeteria-like setting, including pink beetroot soup. So today seems like a great day to be out
on the water. The sun is out, the weather is great so we’re going to take a little boat
cruise down the Vistula River. The water levels were particularly low when
we visited during the summer months, so our leisurely boat ride required a little bit
of punting. The boat trip was a fun way to see Warsaw’s riverside beaches and gaze at
the Old Town off in the distance. Alright, so the sun is going down and that
means we are going to go out and experience Warsaw’s nightlife. We’ve actually signed
up to do a pub crawl. So we’ll see how that goes. We’ve had our nap. We have energy. Let’s
go check it out. I’m the new guy. We fired you. Woo! Pub crawl! So if there is one building that dominates
the skyline here in Warszawa it is the Palace of Culture and Science. Which you can see
right here behind me. This was built in the 1950’s and it was a gift from the Soviet Union.
And we’re going to go inside because apparently on the 30th floor there is an observation
deck and you get some great views of the city. The sentiment towards the Palace of Culture
and Science is very mixed. There are those who see beauty in this historical landmark
and others who despise the Soviet regime that it once stood for. If you are interested in
visiting this structure, there are tours that take you behind closed doors, before going
up to observation deck for views of the city below. The Chopin Museum is another museum to consider
visiting. It holds an extensive collection of manuscripts, letters and paintings that
document the composer’s life. When we weren’t sampling Polish food in restaurants,
we were learning to make Pierogi by hand. We ended up taking a cooking class with ‘Polish
Your Cooking’ where we learned to make pierogi with various fillings including: ground beef
and onions, cheese and potatoes, and strawberries for dessert. It took us about 3 hours to prepare
all the food and then we devoured it in a matter of minutes. Łazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw
and the name means ‘Baths’ thanks to the bathing pavilion that was located on these
very grounds. The park is also part of the Royal Route, which was a communication route
that ran southward from the Old Town back in the days when snail mail was the only way
to get urgent messages across. The museum sits on the site of the former
Warsaw Ghetto and it documents the history of Polish Jews in a chronological timeline.
The exhibit starts out with the traveling merchants that came to Poland during the medieval
period and it spans several hundred years through to the Holocaust and the Post War
Years. So it is lunchtime over here and we are in
Warsaw’s Old Town. Today we are going to be sampling something called Bigos. Which is
a traditional Polish dish. And it consists of different meats and cabbage. So we’ve just
ordered our food and now we’re waiting for it to get here. Alright, so my lunch has arrived. Low and
behold here is my bigos. And this may look like a small portion but that is just because
I ordered it as an appetizer. And you can normally get it in a bread bowl or you can
get it with a side of potatoes. I got some sliced bread here in the basket so I’m going
to be trying that. And also I’ve learned that no two Bigos recipes are the same. It is basically
just a mix of different cuts of meat. And you can have beef, veal, pork, venison, rabbit.
Whatever you want to throw in there it works. This is the type of dish you’d eat during
the winter months, but if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find it on some restaurant
menus year round. Another cool museum to visit is the Life Under
Communism Museum. It may be small, but the way it’s been set up will make you feel like
you’ve travelled back through time. Not only will you visit rooms styled the way the average
home would have looked during Soviet period, but they also have posters, board games, music,
and fashion from the same era. For a look at a very unique garden, you can
swing by the rooftop gardens at the Warsaw’s University Library. It’s a beautiful place
and we noticed more than one student napping there. So right now we are standing in front of St.
Anne’s Church which is located here in the historic centre of Warsaw. And it looks like
a pretty happening place. We were here earlier in the morning when they were having mass.
Now we’re seeing a whole bunch of people in really fancy outfits so it looks like there
maybe a wedding taking place. And they also hold concerts during the noon hour. The Barbican is a red-brick fortification
that once encircled Warsaw. These days the city has expanded well beyond the fortification’s
limits, but it still remains one of the city’s top attractions. You’ll find lots of artists
and buskers along the main gates, and you can also enjoy some scenic views of the city
by walking along the length of the wall. Just a short walk from Castle Square you’ll
find the Presidential Palace, which we couldn’t go into but looked pretty nice from the outside. Alright, so it is time for dessert. And next
up we’ve ordered some Rurki which apparently is a Torpedo dessert. And now when I was reading
about these online it said that it is supposed to be a buttery flaky pastry that is filled
with cream. But as you can see this is more like a wafer. It looks a bit harder to me.
So yeah, we’re going to try it. I’m going to try it. It’s crumbling. Oh yeah. It’s almost
like an ice cream cone that has been filled with cream. And also the cream isn’t sweet.
Um, they either forgot to add sugar or they just like their cream very natural. So it
is a whipped cream but not sweet at all. It must be healthy for you. Healthy dessert.
Woah! The Warsaw Uprising Museum is dedicated to
the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 led by the Polish resistance army. The museum chronicles the
63 days of the uprising as Poles fought against Germans. The Copernicus Science Centre is an interactive
learning centre where you can discover science through experiments. While we were probably
a little too old for the exhibits, we can see how this would be a fun place for children. If you’re in town during the summer months
and over the weekend, I would also suggest checking out the Old Town at night. There
is live music, people are out enjoying a cool evening stroll, and the restaurants are packed.
It’s a really fun atmosphere. For the football lovers, there’s the option
of catching a match at the National Stadium. Or perhaps a concert if it’s not football
season. Well, well what do you have there? So we’re
at the airport but we couldn’t leave without having this one last Polish sweet treat. This
is Pączki and it is basically like a donut but it apparently has some kind of jam inside.
This is my first time to try it so I’m quite excited. Oh yeah, that is sweet. It is actually
seeping out onto my finger here. What kind of filing do you think that is? Kind of like
a maybe a strawberry type of jam sort of. It tastes like that. That looks good and it
is covered in icing with little almonds on top. That looks delicious. We came to Warsaw with little to no expectations
and the city completely surprised us. Our week in the capital was spent sampling Polish
cuisine, learning about the city’s past through museums and historical tours, and also dabbling
in a bit of the nightlife. Warsaw is quickly rising through the ranks and we think it won’t
be long before travellers are flocking en masse. So if you’re planning a trip to Poland,
don’t skip over the capital because there is more to Warsaw than meets the eye.

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