3 Coolest Ways Tombstone Picnic Will Change Bendy Chapter 3! – ProdCharles

3 Coolest Ways Tombstone Picnic Will Change Bendy Chapter 3! – ProdCharles

Heyo Prodigies, ProdCharles here, and in this
video, I will be discussing 3 of the coolest ways the Bendy cartoons will change the game
as we know it. Be sure to watch this video all the way through
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I have already made, there will be more to come! And just before we begin, if you cannot watch
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Later” to save your progress, or just do it for fun. So, What’s Going On? In the Bendy Chapter 3 Reveal Trailer, we
got our first taste of the cartoons that include Bendy and other characters created by Joey
Drew’s Cartoon Studio in the form of Tombstone Picnic. This got me thinking about whether or not
we might soon see more Bendy Cartoons and what role they might play. – Tombstone Picnic was exciting because it
finally gave Bendy fans a peek at what Joey Drew’s cartoons actually looked like. By giving us a look at how Bendy and Boris
interact, we can now figure out the kind of relationship that they have with each other. Some Prodigies are currently referring to
them as “frenemies”, because it looks like they are friendly, but they somewhat experience
the kind of clash that rivals or enemies do. – Having said that, it seems that the potential
for these cartoon shorts go beyond some simple entertainment. It looks like they may actually allow us to
get a taste of how characters may interact in the game, or explain why certain characters
will react in certain ways with others when they meet each other. This is fantastic because it would not only
get us hyped about seeing a new character, but it could also be used in clever ways to
reveal information about the ways characters act if we meet them before seeing their cartoon. – Take Alice Angel, for example. Imagine if the chase scene from the trailer
resulted in us not being caught by Bendy, but instead being checked on by Alice. Alice might see Henry holding an axe, and
give off a sense of feeling a bit uneasy about it. Say that she trusts Henry enough to team up
with him and then eventually found Boris, but this results in Alice feeling uneasy towards
Boris, too. This would leave us wondering why Alice would
feel so uncomfortable around everyone she encounters. – Now imagine that the team splits up, and
Henry finds himself in an area with a projector. Loaded in the projector is one of the Bendy
cartoons, so of course we switch it on and enjoy the show. While watching the cartoon that plays, we
see Alice Angel getting bothered by a fly. Alice tells us that this fly is annoying her
alot and she really wants it to go away. Then we see Boris stroll on by after chopping
at a tree all day with an axe. Alice asks for Boris’ help, and he responds
by swinging an axe at the fly, which keeps trying to land on Alice. Alice starts screaming as she dodges the swings
and shows fear towards Boris’ actions, and the cartoon continues until they she finally
comes up with a way to get rid of the fly. – While this is a silly and crazy example,
it isn’t ridiculous for the cartoons of the old days, and it shows us why Alice was scared
of not only Henry’s axe, but also Boris. Through cartoon shorts like this, Bendy and
the Ink Machine’s story and characters can be made more interesting as we progress through
the game. – Not only this, they could also show us what
challenges we might face in the game. In Tombstone Picnic, we saw a skeleton emerge
from the ground and playfully terrify Bendy. It grabbed Bendy’s leg, tripped him over and
fightened him when he was hiding behind one of the tombstones. All of these things may hint towards what
will happen to Henry while playing the game. Even if the lower air ducts we see in the
reveal trailer don’t have enemies hiding under them, we do know that it looks like there
will be ink puddles blocking chase paths in Chapter 3. And we’ve definitely seen in Chapter 2 that
they not only slow us down, but hold nasty surprises. Similarly, we might experience close calls
or jumpscares while hiding. – Then we have explanations for major plot
points. At the end of Tombstone Picnic, we see a shadow
approach Bendy, and it looks like the shadow belongs to a human. Many think it could be Joey Drew inserting
himself into his cartoons, through animation or ink magic, and I think this idea is pretty
cool! If it does show one of the workers somehow
inserting themselves in the toon world, and if it happens in more and more of the cartoon
shorts, it can give us an explanation for the crazy rituals and things that we see throughout
the story. How awesome would it be to find out how Joey
used these rituals to bring the cartoons to life?! – Tombstone Picnic also shows Skeletons jumping
to life from their graves, which might tell us that we will find out more about the coffins
and what they really hold! Hopefully not dead bodies or skeletons… – Where will we see these cartoons? – Through the projectors throughout the studio. We’ve already seen projectors in Chapter 1
and Chapter 2. Perhaps in future updates, we will be able
to see cartoon shorts such as Bendy in Sheep Songs, Sent From Above and Bendy in the Dancing
Demon by accessing these cartoons. It would be even cooler if we could pick up
new cartoons from the reels we find scattered around the studio to load into these projectors. This would be way cooler than seeing a picture
of Bendy bopping up and down to a slow, jazzy jam. – What do you think? – Remember to subscribe and #TapThatBell for
more interesting horror game theories and secrets – If you love horror game theories, be sure
to check the description for a link to all of the theories and secrets, – And Prodigies, I really hope that these
videos help you to expand on how you think so it can help you with how you go about your
thinking in your daily lives. – SEE YA [- I see you listened to me when I asked you
to watch all the way through earlier in the video. Well done! You get a bonus point!] – Wouldn’t it be cool if the cartoons also
gave us a way to figure out some of the secrets throughout our adventure? For example, it would be amazing if the constant
reference to skeletons and tombstones would be a hint towards a secret located around
a coffin, skeleton or, heaven forbid, a TOMBSTONE, at the studio. Perhaps the RIP written on the tombstone could
be a hint for us to look for those letters somewere at the studio, too. As crazy as it sounds, I think it would be
awesome!] – Remember to Subscribe and #TapThatBell for
more cool and interesting horror game videos

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  2. I was thinking that not only is Bendy mischievous, but also kind of shy/timid around certain people. But when that shadow showed up, he smiled. Maybe that person makes Bendy feel safe.

  3. Gotta love the new bonus points at the end of the videos. 🙂 And I don't know why I just noticed it, but I like the way you have "It's Free!" for becoming a prodigy; who doesn't like free? 😀 Keep up the fun, Charles. 🙂 God bless yours and you! 🙂

  4. I think Bendy and Boris is like (as you say) Tom and Jerry. Jerry uses traps ect to hurt Tom, Bendy used the soda or something to hurt Boris! Or maybe like a Mickey Mouse and Pete it seems like Pete is less of an enemy and more of an friend but he is still and enemy but then and again this is my memory from LONG ago so i might be wrong… also i've noticed something. Remember Little Devil Darlin'? And now there's Little Miracle. I always thought that Little Devil Darlin' as the first episode/pilot of Bendy Cartoons. An introduction to Bendy, so maybe Little Miracle is an introduction to Alice Angel.

  5. Great content as always sticking with what works is important as a YT creator. My channel is like the few bendy spinners I made R.I.P. Don't want to sound too negative it was a good one hit wonder. Shame all the time I spent making a new improved working ink machine was for naught oops negativity. Take care

  6. I also find it interesting that Boris is so good motivated in this cartoon. Maybe they'll have a mechanic where you use the soup cans to get Boris to move or do things. Making them a sort of currency or bait.

  7. So ProdCharles, I think that these cartoons in the game will be riddles or messages to a key or item so we can escape bendy like tape records in chapter 1 and 2 so maybe there are puzzles to escape.

  8. SO sorry I'm late Prod
    just had to convince someone Annabelle was a real doll.
    (long story) but I promise i'll never be late again
    now that I'm here lets get my brain working

  9. I saw a theory by one of my favorite animater that the chapters are making an animation Chapter 1 moving pictures drawing your charaters and storyboard and pictures chapter two the old song your sound track I think chapter three will be voice acting then chapter four is animating then chapter five you release your animation to the world so we will probably be seeing bendy shorts in chaper 4 or 5 but that just a theory a GAME THEORY!!! ?????

  10. I have a Theory about Boris:
    Maybe this ,,Boris is Dead!" Thing is just a trick too scare us and the Real Boris is just trapped and he was too long in there and when he got out he eats some Bacon Soup and then he finds Henry and maybe thats why Boris is fine at Chapter 2 when we see him

  11. My theorie is wierd but here i go,maybe the reason boris was deciesed in chapter one is because maybe he caused bad reviews on the cartoons causing joey to go insane and killed boris then shut down the studio

  12. In my opinion, at the end of Tombstone picnic when Bendy smiles, it looks more like a nervous smile than a happy smile. Unless that's just how Bendy looks when he's happy. But then that raises the question, why would he be nervous? I don't know. Just a thought

  13. I'm not really hearing your voice I'm just listening to the music in the background

  14. Even though Bendy and Boris don't look like the best of friends, I still don't think the little devil would be happy to see him die.

    Bendy, from what I've seen in the trailer, seems to be mischievous, but not malevolent. But hey, that's just me.

  15. 3D bendy I wish Henry jump into a hole and die that's really all I want right now him to just die I am about to slam my face so hard into one of the walls right now I'm thinking that I might get a concussion have one word for you on life sucks it wasn't what I was expecting at all it sucks all of it sucks nobody should experience this crap cuz it's dumb and stupid on all damn levels!!!!!

  16. What if all the other coworkers at the studio are dead? And now the cartoons are making sure all of their "creators" are dead, as their revenge or something?

  17. Came home from school

    Me: Dododoooo
    Checks prodcharles and one of his fav yt
    Explodes of excitement

  18. Dear prodcharles maybe Sammy did not possess Boris may the dead Boris we see in chapter 1 is just 1 of many ink copies

  19. ya know, ProdCharles, i love how every comment sometimes you comment yourself! Now THATS what i call confident in your channel. And thats good! Keep up the good work! Always enjoy what you do! If you need a break, take one!

  20. you know imagine If felix (pewdiepie) is my friend i will beg for him to make a video of CAN WE GET ONE MILLION SUBS TO THIS CHANNEL (Prodcharles)

  21. If you slow down the kaleidoscope version of the commercial in tattletale there's a secret part of the factory waygetter that can be found in the VHS Secret of the original story line of the game what does it mean?

  22. New Bendy Video! Let's talk about Little Miracle Stations! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLTFVXMs-EI&list=PLpM8eWCyT1HRsnfFF72gAbXmIC-vFYWSQ&index=36


    1• Could there be more evolutions of Bendy? E:g — SpiderBendy [in chap 3 trailer]

  24. ProdCharles – blowing innocent gamers' minds on a daily basis. Definitely worth watching every video right until the end. Keep up the great work! ?

  25. I think that in Chapter 3, we will see the rest of Tombstone Picnic, and we'll be introduced to an enemy that can hide inside cartoons like the Mimics from Prey (2017).

  26. the coffins could hold a new enemy like when u open them there is a skeleton and ink goes inside him/around him and starts controling the skeleton then it starts to attack u

  27. "an angel can fix anything"
    when you get betrayed do you switch sides?
    what if alice brought Sammy back and Sammy joined Alice?

  28. i think you will maybe be able to go or be a cartoon and the cartoon will show you hints bendy was betrayed and how he became evil and some other stuff about the story after sometime you will back in the real word

    this is just my theory a bendy theory! :0

  29. Bendy:Ahhh… The Perfect Picnic With Alice
    Boris: I Wonder Where Bendy is…(Looks Up) What?
    (Basket Falls)
    Boris:Oh Someone Gave me this Perfectly Sealed Picnic
    Bendy:Now Wheres the…PICNIC!!!!!
    Bendy:(Runs To Find his picnic)
    Bendy: BORIS!!! Give me my picnic!
    Boris:Nope A Kind person gave me this
    Alice:Boris I'll Kiss you if you give it back
    Boris: OK!( Hands Over Basket)
    Alice: Annnd…(Slaps) Thats for stealing the picnic!
    (Slaps bendy) And That's for Fighting! ( Flys Laughing)
    Boris:Kids Don't deal with the devil

  30. Bendy:Ahhh… The Perfect Picnic With Alice
    Boris: I Wonder Where Bendy is…(Looks Up) What?
    (Basket Falls)
    Boris:Oh Someone Gave me this Perfectly Sealed Picnic
    Bendy:Now Wheres the…PICNIC!!!!!
    Bendy:(Runs To Find his picnic)
    Bendy: BORIS!!! Give me my picnic!
    Boris:Nope A Kind person gave me this
    Alice:Boris I'll Kiss you if you give it back
    Boris: OK!( Hands Over Basket)
    Alice: Annnd…(Slaps) Thats for stealing the picnic!
    (Slaps bendy) And That's for Fighting! ( Flys Laughing)
    Boris:Kids Don't deal with the devil

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