3 day BUSHCRAFT TRIP | wild camping, photography and making a bushcraft chair

3 day BUSHCRAFT TRIP | wild camping, photography and making a bushcraft chair

I’m sitting here with Soren and we have had some great moments out here – made the chair, made fire, and now we are about to knap some flint. This is Soren, by the way! Hello! I have met Soren because I commented on one of his videos because he’s a really, really talented bushcrafter and he does a lot of crazy stuff and builds a lot of beautiful things. He is the guy who actually inspired me to make that chair, and now he has taught me how to do it. When I first saw his video, I didn’t think I would get a chance to actually be with that guy, in the forest, making a chair together, so this is awesome. If you are into bushcraft and stuff, which you probably are since you are looking at this video, I think you should go and check out his channel because he really does some good stuff. I’ll leave a link to him. He’s called DonVonGun, there’s a longer story about that I don’t want to talk about that right now! DonVonGun is his channel name and go and look, and visit his channel – it’s awesome! The whole day we have been walking around, looking at the skies that have been grey and heavy and, you know when it’s… I don’t know the english word but you know when it’s so damp and you just… It’s just, we have been sweating and without shoes here just to get a little cooler, and now finally, what we have been, I don’t know if you can say waiting for, but we just talked about… if it could just start raining and some of this heat could go away it would be awesome. And now, I think the rain is coming, at least we can hear it on the tarp. So the plan now is to get things together and maybe do some corrections on the tarp here and hopefully we can do some flint knapping, in here, under this tarp, while it’s raining outside. If we are extremely lucky, and I think we are both hoping for this, is to get some kind of thunder or… that would be awesome. Imagine sitting here, in the forest, with a fire and have the thunder going on and I want to see if I can record the sounds. And, I have the… let me see… I have the 600mm there and there are red deer here, so if we are lucky, I might have a good chance for photographing such a beauty after the rain, but, yeah… Sorry for not being fully dressed! I just… Suddenly, it just came down from the skies with heavy rain and there was one single, what do you say… thunder. I didn’t have the time to get my rain jacket and find all that in the backpack so I took off my t-shirt to avoid that getting soaked. So that is basically under the little skin. Hopefully, when this heavy rain stops I can go to the fire and dry myself and get a clean… no, a… dry t-shirt on at least. The trousers are soaked but hopefully we can get a good fire going and I can be dry again. I just couldn’t resist running out here, sheltering under this tree and then get some of this beautiful rain, because it’s so awesome! Going from sun and nice weather and then to this, it’s just such a contrast. So…yeah! It’s clearing up again. The birds are starting to sing. And, I promise you I will get fully dressed in just a second! I just need to dry a little first. Sorry for having to look at this! Oh! He has kept the fire going! Awesome! Look at this! Hey! What have you got!? A mouse!? What is that? Oooh! Soren : I have just made some water from the tarp, I trapped some water. Morten : Awesome. Oh! That’s smart! Soren : I got wet just going around the tree. It was crazy! Morten: Whats up, what’s for dinner? Soren : It’s some smoked bacon, Morten: Oh, it’s in there… I’m going to sit right there, have a cosy time looking at the dinner while we are both flint knapping, and that’s just going to be really, really, really nice. It has started to rain, I have only been here for about half an hour. I’ll have to move further into the forest because everything is getting really wet. And there are no deer out there… The rain is getting heavier – I better seek shelter because everything will get really, really wet and we don’t want that right now. I think that was just a little bit of Summer rain! But, I’m going to wait here, sit, and just have a look, see what happens. The first evening we came here I was sneaking out with the 600mm, just to have a look and I was surprised by a deer just out here and, I did have my vlogging camera with me but, I just didn’t… make anything because it was getting really dark and I just wanted that photo. But, just out there, the deer was standing there, and it was calling, because it heard me and then it walked a little away, called again, and jumped away, ran and jumped, and stopped again. And then it came across me again, looked behind the trees like so, and walked around me and I got a few photos that I like. It then went out to the open field and continued grassing out there and… realised that there was no danger. I think it was because there was no wind or anything so it couldn’t smell me. I was just sitting still, so… yeah, that was a great experience! This is the same place I am sitting now, here, leaning on the tree, and hopefully the little deer will come back to have another visit and I can get another photo. Otherwise, I am just going to spend an hour or so here, just to see if I am lucky. It seems quite dead, and I think that’s because the deer are staying in the woods now. If it is clearing up, they will come out and grass. What I am going to do now is go back to camp and… back to Soren… and then I am going to have some morning coffee, hopefully, if the fire is not dead. But, if I know him well, he will be up by now and he will be doing the fire and he will be… doing some knifing… no, what do you say… you know… with a knife? He will be doing that or he will be making coffee or something Yeah, let’s get back. Look who’s here! That was a great morning, even though I didn’t get anything, but… I’m here, back in the camp, Soren has put on the water on the fire. Look at this! And he was not doing knifing or whatever it’s called in english, he was doing some basket weaving. Thanks for watching. See you out there. I just got a shock… because I looked over there… and it looked like a red deer that was lying down with the big horns sticking up and I took my camera up, put this one down, took the photo, and… it’s kind of embarrassing. Look what I got – So… good job Morten! Yeah…so… that was the root from a tree! It’s not my lucky day! Ok, I think we should just… keep going!

99 thoughts on “3 day BUSHCRAFT TRIP | wild camping, photography and making a bushcraft chair

  1. What an amazing adventure! Your ability to capture and put out videos that take us with you is remarkable. I loved the end clip! Been there done that more than once.
    When you were saying knifing, did you mean carving wood?

  2. I love these videos, I put them on while Im on my spin bike trying to get my fitness back after ankle surgery, I wish I could be out in nature again with my camera like this

  3. Gosh, that is one sharp saw. If you cut yourself with that in the wilderness, you're in trouble. Awesome video by the way and amazing skills!

  4. I don’t do bushcraft but do photography as a hobby and this was still so interesting. Keep up the great work.

  5. Great video Morten! how nice is it to be surrounded with such beauty, all the best from Australia. Come and collaborate on a vlog one time.. you'll love it i reckon, just as much i do 🙂

  6. Morten, not sure but I think the word is 'Humid' pronounced 'Hew Mid' this describes when it is warm but damp. Thunderstorms usually are around in humid conditions.

  7. It´s really a great job to build the "bushcraft-camp", but I´m much more impressed about the cineastic details. You made a phantastic video with many impressive shots. Thanks for uploading, Best regards from Germany, Rolf

  8. Talk about reconnecting with nature, think I need to sell my house and move into the forest. Great video Morten.

  9. Just a minute in and everything look absolutely beautiful. The Nature and surroundings, your camp, your color grading, videography, the lighting. And not to mention seeing someone so happy to be out and appreciating it as much as you seem to do. I am very thankful for you to make these kinds of videos and taking your time to think everything through. This is so fantastic to watch Morten. Thank you a bunch for doing stuff like this and the pure wildlife photography videos!

  10. Really a relaxing and beautiful video. You manage to reconnect your viewers with the simple beauty of nature. Thanks for these beautiful videos, keep going!

  11. Another enjoyable time in the woods. Thank you. In my younger days, I did quite a bit of canoeing and bushcraft. I am wondering what you do about the mosquitoes? Here in the USA a bush crafter would really have to endeavor to deter the mosquitoes and ticks.

  12. Ahh the life of a dog. They sleep then they love on you then they sleep then they eat then they love on you then they sleep and sleep. Such a great life. Thanks for sharing this Morten! I can't get out into the forest until probably October, so this really helps.

  13. Thank you Morten, I really liked this, the combination of photography and bushcrafting. And espescially the way you filmed it – kind of filmed meditation 🙂

  14. Haha, good job Morten!
    Really enjoyed this video. Bushcrafting and wildlife photography, one of my favorite things in life. Watching your video's is like being out in nature again. Thanks for sharing Morten! And Søren as well of course.

  15. Another very relaxing video to watch, Morten. Interesting to see how you crafted that chair! I was wondering if the word you were looking for was "whittling" when you said that Søren might be "knifing"? Finally, I must say what an impressive set of antlers that was on your final shot of that "deer"!! 😉 Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  16. You may be referring to "carving" when you mentioned "knifing." What was the cord you used to tie the chairs and tarp shelter with? It looked like twisted oiled leather.

  17. That oven you have at 00:55 is brilliant! I have one myself (if not from the same manufacturer, then one very near identical) and love using it outdoors to bake things, bread or pizza, that most would not think of.

  18. Looks good Morten, will watch tonight when I get chance ?. P.s just bought a camera and nipping out to try it out ?

  19. How wonderful to share time in the woods with a friend. Love the chairs, and cool trick for tighting the cord, will remember that! Love the shot of the stag at the end. No one does wildlife photography trips like you, fanastic, cheers Morten.

  20. 25 people who disliked this advanture must leave this planet and find their own planet in another galaxy (certainly not in our milky way)

  21. ı really loved this video but ı just need to tell you something. you should not make to cut that alive tree. there are many death one. just wanted to tell. thank you for your detention.

  22. Hey Morten! Next time you see such a big deer, call me: I will be glad to wake you up and offer some good hot coffee! 🙂

  23. I litteraly burst out laughing when you took pictures of a dead tree thinking it was a red deer! hahaha Love your videos Morten! Keep up the good work!

  24. Another video with lots of dedication put in
    Feed us with such natural connection with mother nature ?
    Keep posting

  25. That last couple of minutes, it could happen to anyone, Morten. It happened to me, every stump I saw was a moose.

  26. Morten, you are a wonderful person! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in wildlife!
    P.S. it would be interesting to have video about your editing of photos =)

  27. Morten, I ve seen you in in worse condtiones than this – I´ m from Norway, give me an replay and I gonna show you an different experiese – googe: Kragerø

  28. no se por que pero me relajan tus videos mostrando fotos de animales que no sabes cuanto van a durar en este planeta y hay que aprovecharlos ahorita y la naturaleza no se compara con algo mas hermoso

  29. I have many pictures of roots or branches because they look exactly like some animal out there! Glad it is not just me (= Cheers!

  30. You guy's really know your saws, the Silky Gomboy and the Bigboy are alway in my bag, I've cleared more trail and love them both …. keep up the bushcraft videos guys, I'm learning!

  31. Hi morten, could you please tell me the make and model name of the trousers you're wearing in this video as they look ideal for our Scottish weather. Cheers. Steven.

  32. ¿Por qué es todo tan lindo? Yo apenas si salgo de mi ciudad y la ansiedad y la fobia me está matando ??‍♂️

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