3 Days in 3000 Rs – Darjeeling | Ep.10 | #bha2pa

3 Days in 3000 Rs – Darjeeling | Ep.10 | #bha2pa

Hello, I’m Indrajeet. I’m going to Darjeeling. I caught a vehicle travelling from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. I’ve come here without any arrangements. Haven’t found a place to stay yet. This is my breakfast- I’ve ordered paratha and sabzi. It’s for Rs 40. I hope this trip goes well. Toy Train! And this is Samten Choeling Buddhist Monastery aka Ghoom Monastery. Come to Darjeeling and the first thing you do is have their tea. So, the tea cost me Rs 10. An uncle gave me a lift from Ghoom Monastery to this spot. So I saved 12 minutes. I’m now going to Batasia Loop. So, there’s a 20-Rs pass you need to buy here. That is Batasia Loop. It’s called a loop because a train track passes from here. And it forms a loop. This place is a memorial for the Gorkha Regiment. It’s a heritage site. I can only see college IVs and married couples here. It’s a fully touristy place. The monasteries were much better than this. It’s 3 o’clock. There’s a small restaurant near Batasia Loop. I’m having lunch there. It’s a Tibetan dish called Thukpa. It has soupy noodles and a few veggies. There were no vehicles from Batasia Loop, so I walked here for 40 minutes. My feet hurt. I hope I’ll get a place to stay in the youth hostel. Youth Hostel Association is an international organisation. They provide accommodation for adventurer sportspeople and trekkers at a cheap rate. The place I’m staying at has a bunkbed for Rs 400. I’ve dropped my bags and I’m gonna freshen up. I’m in Darjeeling Market. There are two lanes here. The downside lane is the local market, the upside one is the mall road. I think the best place in any city is the market. I see the culture, the authentic stuff more in the markets. This is Mall Road. It’s a touristy market where you get things like souvenirs. There are beautiful, exotic handicraft shops here. Finally, here it is. A lot of you guys suggested me this spot, so I’m here. Glenary’s. It’s the oldest bakery in Darjeeling and quite famous. The place is so aesthetic! With an amazing ambience. And they’re playing nice jazz in the background. Such a vibe! I’m having Apple Pie here, which is for Rs 65. And yes, I’m liking this. Nighttime here has a different vibe. Everyone’s come out, it’s windy and cold. Everyone’s breaths are misty. I finally saw a shop open. It’s a small stall. There’s a peculiar seating arrangement. I got chicken momos and soup here for Rs 90. This is my bliss! So, yeah. I roamed a lot around the market. I’ll now return via Mall Road. It’s 1 am. I am feverish. Not just that, I have a bad headache because of the cold. Lucky I got my antibiotics with me. I’ve taken a pill, now I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow morning, I want to go to a place called Tiger Hill to watch the sunrise. I hope my fever recedes by then. Day Two. Good morning! I don’t have a fever. I have a bit of a cold. I couldn’t go to Tiger Hill in the morning It’s now 8 o’clock and I needed some hot beverage. So I have Sleepy Owl coffee with me. And I’m going to step out now. For breakfast, I’ve come to Keventer’s cafe. And I’ve ordered pork breakfast which is for Rs 240. It has two eggs, bacon and pork sausages. Also, this restaurant has a beautiful view. Keventer’s cafe is where that Barfi shot is from. The entire beginning scene was shot here. Let’s see how they make tea today. The tour ticket is 100 Rs. They make different varieties of tea here. It’s the same plant, but the methods of making are different. It’s tea tasting time! -Which one is this? -Yeah, the first one is Whole Black Tea. This is Broken Leaves Black Tea, with smaller pieces of leaves. -This is a little stronger than the previous. And this one is? -Green with Basil Leaves. So, healthy stuff. Perfect! These were just three varieties. They have many more. The Tea Tour was good. We couldn’t shoot it because photography was prohibited there. They don’t make tea with milk like we usually do. That is made in Assam. Here, they make black tea. I had fun in the tour. It was really an offbeat experience. It was good! I’m at a Japanese Buddhist Temple. There’s a Peace Pagoda near that. This place lives up to its name- Peace Pagoda. The Pagoda has four phases of Buddha’s life carved on four sides of it. There are sculptures of it. And in between those, scenes from his life are carved on wood. Done with Peace Pagoda. Now going to the Japanese Temple. So this was the Japanese Temple. Prayer is ongoing. They’re beating these huge drums. It felt really amazing! So, I’m at the Revolver Homestay in Darjeeling. It is Beatles-themed. They have books and stuff about the band. There are little paintings made on their songs. I’ve ordered the Nepali Thali for dinner, which is called Yahako. It’s a full meal with a few local veggies. These are beans and cabbage. This is a Gundruk pickle, it’s a local item. A bit of salad, rice, potato wedges and dal. That’s my dinner. For Rs 160. Good morning! Day Three in Darjeeling. It’s 11:30 in the morning. All the shops here open at 10 or 11, not before that. So, I’ve come to Kunga restaurant for breakfast-cum-lunch. They specialise in Tibetan food. I’ve ordered Chicken Chow Mein, which is made in a Tibetan style. There’s a lot of that cultural dominance here. And every… Whenever you come to this side, do try the Tibetan food here. I was going to Mahakal Temple after lunch. I saw this place on my way. Himalayan Tibet Museum. It’s a private museum. I bought a 50-Rs ticket. Looks like quite an underrated place. But it’s really good! Out of all the museums and monasteries in Darjeeling, this is the best one. -What is this? -In your language, what you say… ‘Om Namah Shivay…’ Like that, you know, we have our mantra here. (Chants the mantra) Himalayan Tibetan Museum is a really beautiful place that very few people know of, because people don’t go there often. Although it’s at the city centre. There are a few such places. If you’re planning to visit, I’ve given links in the description. I’m going to Mahakal Temple, which is Shiva’s temple. You can walk up to it. This is the first Shiva temple I’ve seen which has Tibetan flags. You can see Hinduism and Buddhism mingled in this temple. There are Shivalingas here, but also Buddhist flags and prayer wheels. And, with the priest in the temple sanctum, there was also a Buddhist monk! I found that wonderful! It’s the first time I got to see something like this. Excellent! If I come back empty-handed from Darjeeling, my family will kill me! So, I came tea-shopping. I’m buying tea here. I’ve checked out from the Youth Hostel. And you know, I’ve got a train ticket. When I was trying to book the ticket, all the prices were like 1000 Rs, 1500 Rs, 600 Rs and so on. I saw one train- a passenger train that goes to Ghoom from here. And that costed me 150 Rs. So I bought that. Crazy shit! It would usually go dark at this time, but there’s perfect sunlight right now. This is what is called the Golden Hour. Toy Train was wonderful! Now I’m back at Batasia Loop, where I’d come on my first day. I’m going to have my last meal in Darjeeling in the same cafe. Momos and Darjeeling Tea. End of Day Three. This was my three-day Darjeeling trip, which went much better than I expected, because I came here without any plans or preparation. And it was still a lot of fun! So, this is the budget breakdown. So, I just have to catch a vehicle to Jalpaiguri now. And a train back home from New Jalpaiguri. Like and share this video, and subscribe to Bha2Pa- Bharatiya Touring Party. Also, I’m on Instagram as my_blue_backpack. Please follow me. Bye!

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