3 Days in 3000 Rs – Kochi | Ep. 11 | Season Finale | #bha2pa

3 Days in 3000 Rs – Kochi | Ep. 11 | Season Finale | #bha2pa

It’s the final episode of season one of Budget Backpacking with Indrajeet. I don’t have 3000 Rs for 3 days this time, I have 12,000 Rs! It’s not 12,000 Rs for you alone. There are three founders with you. It’s 3000 each. You have to take all of us along. Come on, share the plan. -Plan… Plan… -Plan… Plan… -12,000, 3 days, 4 people. It’s the final episode of season one of Budget Backpacking with Indrajeet. It’s going to be a bit different. Because I’m not going to be alone this time. I have the founders of BhaDiPa with me. Sarang, Paula and Anusha… We’re going to travel around Kochi and Alleppey in a budget of 3000 Rs per head. Watch the video till the end. That’s when you’ll have the budget breakdown for this trip. It’s day one; we’re all dressed. We’ll eat something and then we’re going to roam around Fort Kochi all day. This is our breakfast. These are banana fritters; this is called Puttu. Masala Bonda… Idiyappam… Neyyappam… Appam… And, to go with all this… -Anda Appam! -No, it’s Anda Curry… This is Veg Korma, this is… Kadal Curry…? Curry to cuddle with… I was just saying that! After this soulful breakfast, we left to explore Kochi. Fort Kochi is very small, so we were going about randomly. This was a Dutch colony at one point, so it’s filled with aesthetic, Dutch style houses and churches. There are handicraft shops and beautiful cafes. You’re right; I’m going to talk about Kashi Art Cafe. I liked Fort Kochi for its rich art galleries. In fact, this whole city is a mega art gallery. What are you looking at? JCB… Stop looking at the JCB! We have to go… We’re going to Marine Drive. And I’m hungry! Indrajeet is not feeding me. We’re looking for a place to eat… We’re starving! We’ve come to Arippa for lunch. We’ve ordered rice and this is veg stew. For those who object to my non-veg eating- here. I’m eating veg. -What? -You’re telling them what’s veg. This is fish, but you can’t have it now. It’s for the two of us. Cool… This is Malabar Paratha. It’s bliss! So, this is Kappa. You mash it like this. This is Meen Curry… And tear off a small piece… Kappa and a prominent taste of tomato… Love it! We had a great lunch, now we’re going back to our hostel. Last spot of the day… These are Chinese fishing nets. They don’t fish here at this spot any longer. But it is now a tourist spot. It’s filled with trash. I wonder how this Chinese technique is operating in a place like Kerala. If you know the facts, do let us know in the comments. We had heavy meals today, especially the lunch we had… So we’ve come to Loafer’s Cafe. It’s actually a breakfast joint. It’s very popular and highly recommended. You also get sandwiches and burgers here. And… we made a mistake! We thought it’d be a light meal, but look at the size of this! There’s one more dish arriving. Chicken Burger… We had a good night’s sleep! Now we’re checking out of this Zostel from Kochi. We’ll drop our luggage at their reception. And we’re going to explore another area in Kochi called Mattancherry. We’re now having breakfast here- the place right opposite Zostel. So, this is Idiyappam with Kadal Curry. These are fritters made from bananas. -This is called Param Puri, right? -‘Payam Pori!’ We’re taking an auto to Mattancherry. We were actually going to rent vehicles, but this saved us a lot of money. -Paula… -Yeah? -You know what is happening right now? -No. -You’re sitting on my lap. You know why? -No. -This is how children should be treated. -You westerners bloody keep… like that children’s seat or whatever… backseat… -Shut up! We were looking for a spice market… We’ve come to a spice market now. This is black pepper. This is a spice mansion! Godowns on the lower floor and spice shops on the upper floor. As soon as you enter, you take in the strong aroma of the spices! Sorry, you can’t experience this through YouTube. We’re going to buy a few spices now… -What are you buying, Sarang? -Cinnamon, cinnamon, tere do nayan… Chori chori leke gaye, dekho mera man… Cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon… That behind us is a Jewish Synagogue. We were told that only 9 people come there to pray. But it’s beautiful on the inside! Right in front of the Jewish Synagogue is a narrow lane. There are artsy little shops on both sides. If you come here, do NOT miss the Synagogue and the lane in front of it. This was the Mattancherry Palace. It’s a Dutch palace. The Royal family here used to reside in the palace earlier. But… so beautiful! The vibe inside was amazing! What I liked the most was… The entire floor there was wooden. And it had that specific, woody smell. It was nice! So, we’ve travelled a lot. It’s now afternoon. We’re going to eat now. Our food is here. Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and… Well, you can’t tell the difference… That is Fish Roast. And it comes with a salad, pickle and papad… Sarang, go ahead. Dig in! Food is one thing… But ‘FOOD’ is another thing! -Right, Anusha? -This is not food, this is heaven! Paula, now what do you feel like? -An afternoon nap! -Whoa! You can watch Kathakali and Kalari here. For those who enjoy it, 300-400 bucks is not a high cost to pay. It’s an amazing traditional experience, but we’ve seen it before. So we’re opting out. Instead, we’re now leaving for Alleppey. We don’t buy water as far as possible. Just pay 5 rupees and fill your bottle. Make sure you get your own bottle. Oh it’s 3 rupees? Thanks! We caught the Janashatabdi Express from Kochi; it’ll drop us to Alleppey in an hour. -Alleppey is here. -Alapuzha… We’re looking for our hostel. We hired an auto to drop us to the hostel for 60 Rs. So, we just checked into this… Artpackers.life. We’re staying here; it costs around 450 Rs per night. It’s 7 pm. We’ll quickly freshen up and go for a short walk if we feel like. Sarang found a place for dinner. This dish is called Puttu. We’ve had it at a lot of places, but this one is Chicken Puttu. It’s like comfort food! It’s quite spicy but it’s nice! So, let’s begin… And how much is this? It’s like 70 Rs. Not… not… Those 70 bucks sent to Israel have come back! It’s Day 3. We got ready. We arrived in the dark last night, so we didn’t see much… But it’s morning now. Quickly see where we are. That is our dormitory, and… Straight ahead is that veranda, where all the classrooms used to be earlier. This gives a feel of a school! Down there was the ground, which they have made into a really nice garden. And this is our breakfast- which we got for free! Free is always nutritious! Our budget for today is pretty flexible. So we have come to this place- Nanni tours and travels. We’re renting vehicles from here… Two bikes. 350 per bike, so that’s 700 Rs total, and 100 Rs for petrol per bike. And we’re going to explore the villages of Alleppey on bike. Mind your head when you ride a bike here! We wanted to ride a boat, but not in the houseboat which is too costly and pollutes too much water. We wanted to ride those small boats that reach inside every canal. We got two canoes. These are small, narrow boats. Two people can ride a boat together. They’re going to carry us inside canals, for one hour. Into the backwaters… One boat costs 200 Rs so, it cost all of us 400 Rs for an hour. I had come here 2 years back and I had been on a houseboat ride then. It was good, but it wasn’t as much fun as I’m having right now! Because we were only in an open expanse of water. What is this? This is a legit canal! So, this is a more local experience. Tell me… You travelled so much for these episodes! What did you learn from this? I used to depend on others a lot before. But now, I’m more responsible. I’ve become more adaptable and accepting. I got to meet a lot of different people, good people… got to talk to them… So, yeah. The entire last year was full of experience. Everyone should absolutely experience solo travelling. But with two conditions. One: Do it sustainably. Don’t litter or don’t contribute to pollution anywhere. And two: Do it responsibly. Make sure you don’t harm or trouble anyone else. Whoa!! We are at a place called Avee’s Puttu House. It’s known for its Puttu. But we wanted to try the … and the fish… Like Anusha showed us, take out some of the bowls so you can eat more comfortably. There’s a beautiful rice field behind us. And the most important item has arrived- the Puttu. We’re going to eat now. Goodbye! Our last stop is this Light House. Indra, once you reach up, there will be light. So, 3 days are over. That was out Kerala trip. How was it, guys? I was so happy with the food! I did a budget backpacking trip after so long, and it was surprising for me that you can still travel on such a light budget in India. So, this is the cost breakdown for our entire trip, but… We have divided the entire amount of expenses by 4 and showing you the budget for one person. Right? So, this is the cost breakdown. It’s the season finale. Indrajeet has been travelling on behalf of us at Bha2Pa for a year. We are proud of him! But our dear boy has his exams now, he wants to study. So, he’ll finish his exams and be back with another season. Confirmed? The next season will be solid! It’ll be amazing, basically. The highlight of that season is that the budget will be four times as much, like 12,000 Rs for this trip! It’ll be a crazy budget! See you guys in the next season! It was a wonderful experience for me to shoot this season throughout the year. If you are as excited as me for the next season, do subscribe to Bharatiya Touring Party.

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