3 Days in 3000 Rs – Kolkata | Ep.9 | #bha2pa

3 Days in 3000 Rs – Kolkata | Ep.9 | #bha2pa

Budget Backpacking with Indrajeet episode 9. I am in Kolkata. The bus ticket from airport to Park Street cost me Rs. 50. I’m staying at a place called Bombay Backpackers on Park Street. I’m going to keep my bag. And I’m going to travel all day today, tomorrow and day after! I’m going to see Kolkata. At the end of the video, I’ll show all the expenses of the three days. So, watch this video till the end, because the cost breakdown is at the end. So, let’s go… I’m going to Howrah Bridge! There’s a place called Bara Bazar before Howrah Bridge. I got down from the bus there. Huge crowds here due to the peak hour. Everyone’s going to work. Now I’m going to College Street. I’m going to take the yellow taxi to College Street. Yellow taxis! Thank you! Bye! I’m going to the oldest restaurant here. It’s been here since the British Era. This is Indian Coffee House. It has seen revolutionary movements being planned and discussed. I had Chow Mein there, which was for Rs. 80. And it was as ancient as the Coffee House itself. After the depressing lunch, I’ve come to Putiram. I’ve heard you get amazing Bengali sweets here. So I’m going to try those. Rasgulla is really nice! It’s not extra sweet, it’s perfect. I needed this after that lunch. Best! Thank you! Bye! The hot gulab jamun and the cold rasgulla cost me Rs. 20. That uncle was a nice fellow too! So, I am kind of full. But there’s a place called Paramount Juice here, which I don’t want to miss. This drink is called Daab Sharbat, which is a speciality of Paramount’s. It’s a coconut drink. Right now, I’m on College Street and there are only bookshops on both sides of the road! There is literally nothing else. And you get all kinds of books here. So I’m going to walk around a bit, browse a few books. And then I’ll go back to the hostel. It’s evening. I’ve had a wonderful nap. Now I’m going to go out. But before that, I’m going to open this box. Sleepy Owl has sent me this. Yes- this coffee. Sleepy Owl Hot Brew Coffee- Original. Just how I like it! They have two kinds of brews- Original and Dark Brew. Both are produced in India; they come from Chikmagaluru. Cheers! -With me is Neusiwis. Hey! -Hi! So, now we’re going to Park Street and we’re going to try some street food. -Down for it? -Ready! We’re going to Kusum Rolls. Kolkata’s egg rolls are famous! So we’re going there. So, these are Kusum Rolls, which cost Rs. 60 apiece and they are huge! Two of these and my dinner is done. Best in the world! Day Two. I’m planning to go to the Memorial and the museum today; they were closed yesterday. I’m having breakfast. It’s complimentary from the place I’m staying at. It’s free! -Okay, on my way to the Victoria Memorial. And I met Simona at the hostel. -Hello! -So, there’s a 30 Rs. ticket here. Yeah? -Yeah. This is the Victoria Memorial, and that is our Victoria. So, we roamed around till we got tired. Now we are in Esplanade. There’s a place called Nizam Rolls here, where you get Kathi rolls, one of the most popular dishes of Bengal. So, these are Kathi Kebabs. They are prepared on a bamboo stick. There’s a little too much oil in this, but it’s good. For dessert, I’ve come to Nahoum Bakery, which is a 100-year-old bakery. It is a classic place! It’s 7 o’clock, and I’m going back to the hostel. Food’s here!!! It’s late; we had walked a lot and we were too tired to go to a restaurant. So we ordered in. This place is called Shiraz. I’ve heard they serve the best biryani. So, Kolkata Biryani is a thing. Tomorrow, I’m going to Old Kolkata. It still has the old vibe and mood. I’m not going alone, though. I’ll be with Krutika, who is my Instagram follower. She’s from Kolkata. And the entire itinerary for this trip was prepared by her. So, I’m excited to go to North Kolkata tomorrow. Day three; it is 5:30 am. What motivated me to get up so early is just one thing- Chinese breakfast. This place is Terreti Bazar- It’s basically China Town. Anglo-Indian communities live here. They serve breakfast at 5 am! Veg Momos for Rs. 50 and Pork Roll for Rs. 10. Really nice breakfast in just 60 bucks. It was a good idea to get up early and come here- totally worth it! This alley is called Kolkata’s China Town. The Chinese community here is dwindling, because most of them are leaving India. It is crowded everyday, but more so on weekends. In this alley, you get different Chinese delicacies. You get momos, rolls. There are other dishes too, that I don’t know the names of. After momos, I went back to the hostel to freshen up. And I’m going out. I’m going to meet Krutika. -Where are we going? -We’re going to Sovabazar. -Done. So, I’m in North Kolkata. There are old houses here. Krutika is going to tell me fun stories about this place. So, stay tuned! This place is called Kumartuli- meaning the potter’s lane. People from various villages come over here and stay. They make Durga idols here, not just during Durga Pooja, but all through the year. So, we’re going to the place where the first Durga Pooja was held. -So, if you go to any old Bengali house, you’ll find that they have a huge courtyard in the middle. -Oh yeah. So, the courtyard is called Thakur Dalan. -Thakur means God; Dalan means courtyard. -Courtyard, yeah. -Dalan is where they keep the idols that they take from here. -Aah! So, we’re now at Laxmi Narayan Sons. You get something called Telebhaja here, which is a Bengali street food item. Netaji Subhashchandra Bose was once a customer here, and he used to drop off secret messages here, which used to be passed on with Telebhaja. This is for Rs. 7 and Alu Chop is for Rs. 5. So, Krutika has brought me to this place as well. This is one of the best sweet shops in Kolkata. This is Jalbhara Sandesh. Basically, this is a Sandesh. And if you open this, this is jaggery inside. This is called Nolen Gur, which is found in Bengal during winter. You’re right. I had no idea we’d come here. But I’m having a fan moment. We’re at Swami Vivekananda’s… Is it his home? -Yeah, it’s where he lived. -What?! This is his house. This is Swami Vivekananda’s house! -He was born in this house. -What are you saying? Are you kidding me? Swami Vivekananda was born in this house. Can you believe that? This is the place where Ravindranath Tagore was born. It’s a palatial house. You can guess how wealthy he was. This is his house. Inside was a museum. It was huge! It’s noon. We’re going to Esplanade from here to grab a bite. This is The Bhoj Company, where we’re going to have lunch. There is a church ahead. This place is called Dalhousie Square. I was excited to come here because this place is frequently mentioned in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Now I’ll eat… This is Luchi, which means puri. With that, I’ve ordered Chicken Kosha, which is a Bengali cuisine item. Bon Appetit! You can’t come to Kolkata and not ride a tram. We are at the Tram Terminus. The 10-Rs ticket for the Tram Museum looks like a tram ticket itself. This is the Tram Museum. Done with Day three. And Krutika, thanks for showing around! You’re welcome! Visit again. This was my 3-day trip, which got over before I knew it. All three days were hectic, we travelled a lot and walked a lot. But it was worth it. Kolkata was more beautiful than expected. Really enjoyed the colonial hangover that people in Kolkata have. The last & most important part of this video is, of course, the budget breakdown. Here it is! After so much of walking, I had Sleepy Owl coffee for refreshment. Thank you! If you want to try it out, link is in the description. You’ll get both brews there. If you apply code SleepyBha2Pa, you’ll also get a discount. Please like this video and share it with friends. Subscribe to Bharatiya Touring Party. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. And… Continue to Wanderlust!

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