3 Holiday Party Outfits | All Things Adrienne

3 Holiday Party Outfits | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up, everyone? The holidays are here, so
you know what that means, there so many festive events to attend, so I’m about to show you
my favorite three looks for the season. Actually, this is week one
of the Holidays with Kin, and all of the shows are showing
you their favorite things, so make sure that you
check out the playlist by clicking on the description below, and for my part, we’re about to have some fun with fashion. You ready? (bright music) So I’d like to call my first look a little classic chic moment. I feel very Meghan Markle in this. I don’t know, I could
go meet with the queen for the holidays, I could
go have some high tea. I feel like this outfit is
perfect for an office party for the holidays or even if you’re meeting your significant other’s
parents for the first time for the holiday season. I feel like it’s classy,
it’s very chic, it’s stylish, still shows a nice little
waistline, I’m here for that. You can go to church in this outfit. I feel like Jesus
approves of this, ya know? So I’d like to think this is conservative and very appropriate, but it
still has a little flair to it, it’s very fashionable, which I love. Classy doesn’t equal ugly. I love the line of the dress,
the little A line skirt is very playful and flirty. I actually added some
really fun hair accessories to this look as well, which
I’m obsessed with right now. Hair accessories are all the rage. These are perfect for
the holidays right here. A little jewel tones in your hair, and these are by one of my girlfriends, Julie Sarinana, known as
@sincerelyjules on Instagram, and she just did this amazing
collaboration with Scunci. They are available at Target. Now the dress is actually
from a boutique called Jhenya, and it’s in the Westfield
Topanga Canyon Mall, so if you’re in the LA
area, go to the store, you can get it for 58 bucks. For 58 bucks or just in general, I think this looks really expensive. I feel very chic in it, it’s
giving me classic Chanel vibes. You know, my Cheetah Girl name was Chanel. Since we’re going for
an overall classic vibe, I had to go with my favorite classic shoe, which is Christian Louboutin So Kate. So these are my favorite shoes, I wear them all the time. I have them in black and
nude, and I even have them in a white leather now as well. So, I’m obsessed. You can never go wrong
with a classic black pump. And like I always say,
it’s so good to splurge on the timeless pieces. I will have these shoes forever. I’ve actually already had
the bottom redone twice, but they never go out of style, and they are a forever classic. I’m definitely wearing this
to church on Christmas Sunday. Ready for the next one? (bright music) I’d like to call this
next look fiesta fiesta. I am the red dress emoji girl. This is if you’re going
to a festive party. Obviously if it’s slightly formal, you’ve got the length to it. If you’re goin’ out with your girlfriends, and you’re feeling sexy,
this is the dress to wear. This dress is from Pretty Little Thing, and it only cost 68 dollars. These kinds of dresses
normally come with the opening that comes down to here,
yeah, I can’t do that. No, they’re just, they’ll
literally be flying with the wind. So, I’ve got a little trick, and it goes a little something like this. Get a safety pin, we’ve all
got one of those in our house. Get a nice strong one, get
one of your girlfriends to help you, your guy, and
you are simply just going to pull it up and safety
it in the back like so. And now, instead of the dress
just being completely open in the front, wear your
hair down, that covers that in the back, and
then, it literally works like a halter, holdin’ these girls up. And then you feel confident,
you can move around, you’re like yes, girl, yes. Dance around, you’re not
uncomfortable at all, and I love the fact that
this has all these layers. For dancing purposes, it’s
got a nice little slit right here, cha, cha, cha, people. So, I’m loving this dress
and this whole look. Now I’ve added some
bling to my look tonight ’cause, you know, that’s
what the holidays are about. It’s like the tinsel, hello. So I’ve added these three chokers, and they’re actually from my
personal jewelry collection called XIXI that launched on 11/11. They are the diamond
chokers from the collection, and I love to stack them. So these are three o them put together. The bracelet I’ve added to
this as well is from Top Shop, and I love that you can
kind of just squeeze it to the size you want it. This is my Cartier bracelet
that I wear at all times. These little rings are separates as well, and they are from Top Shop. The shoes I’ve paired this
with are one of my faves, and they are Roberto Cavalli. I actually bought these shoes originally for the Emmy’s, but they
ended up being too much with my dress, but I absolutely
love the diamond accent on the heel, and this is
definitely the splurge. So again, I love doing high
low, the dress is 68 bucks. The shoes were a little over a G. High low people, high low. And again, the necklaces are
super affordable as well. You can get them on shopxixi.com. We’ll put that in the description for you. My YouTuber lingo just keeps growing. So nothing says holidays
like the perfect red dress. I love this one, I hope you do too. Go get it right now. I’ll be back for my next look. (bright music) My next look is straight up casual fly. Everybody’s not going
to some glamorous ball for the holidays. Sometimes you’re just
going to your Titi’s house to do a little Secret Santa
with your girlfriends, and this is the outfit you wear to that. You come through just
fly even in some jeans. I am obsessed with either
Fashion Nova Jeans are amazing, and also Zara has some
great jeans as well. The jeans are Zara. This was actually a dress that would have been way too short, so I was like nah fam, how
’bout we just turn it into a shirt, wrap it up like that, and this is also from Zara as well. The earrings that I
paired this outfit with are some emerald vintage
earrings that I have, but literally right now
everyone has festive jewelry. Aldo, H&M, Top Shop, Forever 21, they all have some green bling, so just add that as a little touch, pulled my hair up so you can see my bling. You feel comfortable, you
feel sexy, you feel fly, but at the same time,
you’re not super overdressed to just go to someone’s house
and it’s relaxed environment. But I’m the kind of person
that I like to feel good, I like to feel festive,
so these kind of outfits always take it to the next level. Just ’cause you’re being casual doesn’t mean you have to look bummy. I would say that overall
metallics feel very festive for the holidays. I really love this gold ’cause
it’s not just regular gold, it’s more of an antique bronze. Now the shoes are also metallic. I love this kind of metallic ’cause you can’t even tell
if it’s silver or gold, so it goes with everything, and it’s also got transparent straps on the side which goes with everything. And they’re super comfy and
they are by Tamara Mellon. The key to this outfit, my friends, especially for the shirt,
is double stick tape. What I love about this shirt
is I feel like it’s sexy. It’s a little peek-a-boo,
but it’s not vulgar, and the fact that we matched it up with some jeans kind of
brings, tones it down, tones it down. This is perfect for a girl’s night out, especially around the holidays. You and your girlfriends
want to get together, hit up your local bar
or just a cool lounge. This is the perfect outfit for that. Cheers. So there you go, three of
my favorite holiday looks to get you through the season in style, and if you try these out, let
me know in the comments below. I love to see your
versions that you create, and make sure to check out
the Holidays with Kin playlist right there below, click
on that in the description, and don’t forget to subscribe. Happy holidays (blows kiss). (bright music)

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