3 million people ride this in Kyiv every year – Ukraine Travel – Kiev Guide

3 million people ride this in Kyiv every year – Ukraine Travel – Kiev Guide

I’m at the bottom Podil! So, how do I get
to the top of Podil without having to climb a steep hill? Well, if I’m lazy and I’ve
got a big bag. Which I do today. I’m gonna take this… Similar to the one you’ve
seen in Budapest already! Now we’re going to go on this one! ….I hope we’re gonna go… Seems to be
some work being done on it…. So, I didn’t want to really film while I
was actually in the car. Unlike my Budapest one… Simple reason it’s quite a busy
car….. and none of the….. none of the Babushka’s or anyone would like me, to sort of filming…. So, it’s just an invasion of their privacy! But, a very nice little
station! We’ve come right up to the top…
And come out here….. See, quite a view really! Now, if you were to head this way and turn
right…. For the Brits, you’d get to the British Embassy. May be useful if you get into trouble Obviously, if it’s a sunny day it’s a little better up here… But, right now we’re sort of at the highest point in this sort of, little area…. And I…… I can
continue my journey down a hill now….. which is fair….. HUH!!!!! This bag is heavy that’s why I’m out of
breath! This bag is a heavy bag! I’m effectively
carrying….. laptops, gadgets, clothes, a month’s worth of stuff in my bag…. That’s
why I’m a little bit out of breath! Anyway!
Thanks for watching! I appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “3 million people ride this in Kyiv every year – Ukraine Travel – Kiev Guide

  1. Hi from London. This is a useful series of vids on Ukraine as I'm off there in April. Will be going to Lviv, Kiev, Karkiv, Odesa. Keep up the good work and helpful tips and information. Like the long vids too without edits

  2. The funicular trail ("Borychiv Descent") is a very historic place. Few hundred years before the 10th century on the hill stood statues of the Slavic gods. ("Pagan idols" in later terms.) This place was sacred.

    Picture https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/maximus101/19795028/384235/384235_original.jpg

    Prince Volodymyr made Christianity a state religion in 988, and these idols were thrown into the Dnieper on future 'funicular road' . The chronicles say that this was a very dramatic event that caused unrest.

    Map: https://was.imgix.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/gid-po-borichevu-toku_was_01-1.jpg

    I used the funicular hundreds times and sometimes thought about it.

    The British Embassy is the only embassy in the most ancient part of Kyiv 'Volodymyr-Grad' i. I think it was important to them.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Haven't been to Kyiv for ages, maybe should go there in upcoming spring? It's very beautiful there with all the early blossom…

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