3 Most Haunted Locations & Tourist Destinations in the World

3 Most Haunted Locations & Tourist Destinations in the World

Lots of reported paranormal activity is often
times concentrated in historic sites around the globe where important historical events
took place, or sometimes where myth and legends were created. From a battle on a field that decided the
faith of a nation, to fort in India surrounded by a legend of a curse by dark wizard. These are. Top 3 Most Haunted Locations & Tourist Destinations
in the world. Gettysburg Battlefield Located in Gettysburg
Pennsylvania, In USA the battle of Gettysburg that took place over a 3 day period in 1863. And over ten thousand men lost their lives. And is now a popular Tourist destination. Visitors often report many ghostly apparitions. Which are often mistaken as Civil War Re-enactors
to only later find out that no such groups were currently present on site. Some of the most noteworthy manifestations
are that of a headless horseman. Whom some believe to be the ghostly manifestation
of an officer who was perhaps decapitated during the battle. There is also many reports of ghostly soldier
figures, some have reported seeing of sharpshooters along the tree line. Many others have reported hearing phantom
sounds of gunshots and drum rolls coming from the wooded area of the field. The number of sightings and stories from visitors
are numerous. Edinburgh Castle is believed to be one of
Scotland�s most haunted sites and Edinburgh itself has been called the most haunted city
in all of Europe. The Castle was constructed as a military fortress
in the early 12th century. Edinburgh Castle has been witness to countless
executions, prisoners of war, surprise attacks and even was captured by the English at one
point. In present times has been a hot spot for paranormal
activity enthusiast and research. In fact in 2001 it was the site of one of
the biggest paranormal investigations in history. Which included over 200 carefully screened
members of the public from around the world. Who had no previous knowledge of the castle. During the investigation they were asked to
explore the 900 year old castle. Their reports surprised the investigators,
since they closely matched previous reports of phenomena, which included. Shadowy figures, feeling and unseen presence,
sudden drops of temperature and feeling something tugging on their clothing. On various other occasions visitors have reported
a phantom piper, a headless drummer. Other have claimed to have seen the spirits
of French prisoners from the Seven years� war and colonial prisoners from the American
revolutionary war. Some have even claimed to have seen the ghost
of a dog wandering in the grounds of the dog cemetery. Because of this the castle continues to be
a popular attraction to tourist seeking beautiful sightseeing and a possible scare or two. The Bhangarha Fort is considered one of the
most haunted placed from around the world. Located in Alward Distric, Rajasthan India. This 17th century fort has a reputation in
India for being the most haunted place. A few legends surround the bhan garha fort. Perhaps the most popular legend revolves around
Bhan garh�s Princess Rat navati who gained a great amount of fame in her own kingdom
and surrounding areas due to her beauty. Once the princess came of age she received
an abundant amount marriage proposals from suitors from far and wide. However, a dark wizard wished to have her
for himself and conjured a black magic potion. But the princess was able to see threw his
scheme and cast and shattered the potion on bolder which rolled down the hill and crushed
the wizard. On the wizards dying breath he cursed Bhangarha. Later in a sub sequential invasion and battle
at the fort resulted in many killed including the princess. Because of this many believe that the paranormal
activity is linked to the wizard and princess of Bhangarha. Some of the manifestations reported include,
strange noises, screaming, crying voices of women strange lights unusual sound of music
and dance. Because of this the Indian government recognizes
the site as the only legally haunted site in India. And entering its borders before sunrise and
after sunset is strictly prohibited. It is said that whomever enters the fort after
sunset will not return from the fort the next morning. Hello, everyone I hope you enjoyed the video. Please feel free to check out our other content,
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