30 MOST Colorful PLACES in the WORLD

30 MOST Colorful PLACES in the WORLD

Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out! Hello Aluxers, up for some colorful fun? Welcome to another original video presented by Alux.com. Do you love color – bursts of pink, red, orange, and blue filling your eyesight? If you do, this video is for you. We’ve tracked down 30 of the most colorful places around the world, each one so beautifully vibrant that you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. From brilliantly colored homes and streets to technicolored mountains and lakes, they’ll surely bring a kaleidoscope of color to your monochrome world. So, buckle up and enjoy this colorful ride!
Let’s get started. It may be one of the hottest places on earth, but it still boasts of striking colors, which include its yellow acidic pools, pink-colored rock formations, and fresh green grass. Just a fair warning though, because of the extreme temperature, it’s better to stick with a guide so that you can enjoy the bright colors while remaining safe. Up for an adventure, or rather a very red and extremely alkaline adventure? Lake Natron will give you just that!
It’s a deep-red lake with a temperature of over 120 degrees and high salt content. But the best thing to see here is the pink flamingos on the lake’s shores.
It is a wonderful sight for all adventure seekers. Think alleyways are always boring?
Neal’s Yard in London will make you rethink that. This small alley is home to colorful bricked buildings with vibrant shutters and murals as decoration. Here, you can enjoy great food while taking instagramable photos with family and friends. No wonder it is called the most beautiful street in London. An explosion of color – that is what you’ll see when you visit Sighisoara, Romania. It has buildings painted in yellows, pinks, and greens.
Wander around this cobblestone street and experience a lively tour like no other. Are you a fan of the Smurfs?
Yup, the Smurfs, the tiny blue people in a blue village! Juzcar is the true representation of the Smurfs’ village. Every building in this tiny Andalusian town is painted blue – blue houses, blue churches, blue offices. Imagine that, you can see what it’s like to step into Smurf shoes! Experience romance, enchantment, and happiness in the city of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. It is popular among tourists because of its romantic ambiance, great food, and festive atmosphere. You can also enjoy looking at installations of colorful umbrellas strung overhead. Have you ever associated temples with the word colorful?
Little India in Singapore will surprise you! It has the most colorful and beautiful temples in the world along with world-class food and shopping experiences. Keep your camera ready because this neighborhood is bound to give you one of the best surprises found in the usually orderly Singapore. Located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue, Grand Central Terminal is home to a marvelous astronomical ceiling. It is filled with over 2,500 stars depicting wonderful and colorful constellations. The best part? It is near some of New York’s most beautiful landmarks – the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Bryant Park to name a few. Dazzling lights and neon signs – this is the Tokyo promise. Here you can try out Japan’s unique way of living while enjoying colorful city lights. Get the entertainment experience of a lifetime by sleeping in capsules, eating at $10 Michelin star restaurants, and watching sports competitions at 4 am! Flowers big and small can be seen in this small village in Zalipie, Poland. Colorful flower paintings adorn every household along with trees and buildings as a tradition passed down from generation to generation. And because of this tradition, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Colorful shops, restaurants, and cafes line the streets of Oia. Santorini is a picturesque island that offers vibrant pops of color in its blue domes, red shutters, and pink walls. Here, you can take amazing photos for your social media accounts. Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this brilliantly colored town has some of the most beautiful Dutch colonial-style buildings. It has plenty of shops, galleries, hotels, churches, and restaurants to choose from. The best part? It also has picturesque beaches if you’re up for a swim. Bo Kaap, previously known as Malay Quarter, is not only vibrant on the outside, but its historical roots are also colorful. Once a residential area leased to slaves, the town represented the slaves’ freedom. From its previously white façade, the slaves painted their houses brilliant colors as a sign of liberation. And because of these beautiful multi-colored homes, Bo Kaap is one of the most photographed areas in the city. The most iconic architecture in Russia, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, is truly a sight to marvel upon with its candy-colored domes. Much like Paris’ Eiffel Tower, this cathedral represents the country’s vibrant story. Here, you can personally see how Russia came to be with the museum located inside of this historic building that has been standing over 450 years. Enjoyed the blue town?
We will now take you to a yellow town. Every building in Izamal is painted mustard yellow, from homes to churches to public markets. Aside from this yellow spectacle, you can also see the historical site of the Mayan ruins. From brilliantly yellow colored buildings, we’ll now take you to a brilliantly yellow-colored flower fields. Luosi Field in Luoping, China, boasts of endless yellow flowers between February and March. It is a bit of a hike to get there, but it’s definitely a sight worth seeing. Want to experience the magic of flying lanterns? Once a year, the skies of Chiang Mai, Thailand, fill your vision with just that. An absolutely breathtaking sight that’s worth waiting for. Top it all off with Chiang Mai’s colorful temples, mountains, and hills, and you’re all set for a wonderful experience. The color purple and the relaxing scent of lavender is one of the prettiest sights you will ever see in Provence, France. It is one of the most scenic spots to enjoy the blooming of these flowers with its picturesque stone buildings and grassy hillsides. You can also enjoy mouthwatering cuisines on this side of the country. The color of the sky painted across every building is a sight to behold in Chefchaouen, Morocco. The tradition of painting the buildings the color of the sky was started by Jews to honor the divine. Because of this picturesque sight, the town is considered as the Blue Pearl.
It also features buzzing restaurants and shops. Tired of walking?
Let’s try snorkeling! The Great Barrier Reef in Australia stretches across 2,300 km or 1400 miles of turquoise water with colorful corals, fishes, and plants. Here, you can enjoy this breathtaking beauty while diving under the great deep blue. Hot springs are too common, right? How about you check out a rainbow-colored one instead? Located in the Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Prismatic Spring is, in fact, the 3rd biggest hot spring in the world. It has rainbow rings made up of oranges, yellows, and reds caused by heat-loving bacteria living in the spring. You can see the lake up-close by hiking or climbing to the top of the hill for an aerial view. The Neon Boneyard is the neon-light junkyard dream of Las Vegas. This may be a junkyard, but it’s certainly the most colorful junkyard you’ll ever see. It is home to some of the most significant neon-lit signs in the city’s history, including signs from Caesars Palace, the Binion’s Horseshoe, the Golden Nugget and the Stardust. In total, it has over 150 decommissioned, non-restored neon signs. And, it is best to take this tour after sunset to see the signs lit up. Splash around a rainbow-colored river with a trip to the Cano Cristales River in Colombia. Known as the “River of Five Colors,” this river offers a vibrant red hue, yellow sand, green algae, and black rocks. It is the most vibrant from June to December.
So you should book a trip now to enjoy this fantastic river. Have you ever seen a bubblegum-colored lake?
If not, we’d like to take you to Lake Hillier. Located in Western Australia, this lake has fuchsia pink waters that result from the presence of an organism that is actually a form of micro-algae. The lake is surrounded by dense woods, so the best way to view it is from a helicopter. What do you think an extraterrestrial lake will look like? Take a tour of Kliluk Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada, and you might find out! The “spots” of minerals, calcium, sodium sulfates and magnesium sulfate in the lake make up a strange pattern across the water’s surface that looks like it’s from another world. Colorful mirror shards – this is what the Five Flower Lake looks like. This beautiful lake, located in Jiuzhaigou National Park in the Sichuan province, contains the colors blue, green, yellow, and red. This mixture of colors creates the effect of broken glass. You can see this lovely sight by taking a bus to the destination. From a drab-colored military residential area, the Rainbow Village in Taiwan has transformed into a beautiful village bursting with color. The whole town is a giant mural of paintings. These paintings were first created to preserve the village and avoid demolition, but today they make this village one of the most colorful places in the world. Join in with millions of tourists as they enjoy this historic town. Witness the magic of the sky in Norway.
Here you can see brilliant colors as they move about the Arctic sky. You can view this magical sight from late September to late March. There is no experience that can be compared to viewing the Northern Lights, so make your way to Norway if at all possible to take in this colorful display. Is pink your color?
Lake Retba in Senegal may just be your lake then. This surreal lake, located near the Atlantic Ocean, has a coral pink color caused by an active micro-organism. It is especially vibrant from July to October.
To top it all off, golden sand dunes can be seen on the other side of the lake. Now, it’s time to reveal the most colorful place in the world – the Zhangye Danxia National Park. What makes this the best of the best in its natural beauty. It is not man-made, instead, it is painted solely by Mother Nature. This technicolor range consists of colorful sandstones and minerals. It is like seeing the rainbow over the rocky edges of the mountain. Because of this, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009. Well Aluxers that’s a wrap on 30 of the most colorful places in the world.
We hope you enjoyed this technicolor ride. So, go ahead and add these places onto your bucket travel list. Now that we’ve made our way through the list, here’s a question for you: Let us know in the comments.
And, of course, for sticking with us until the end, here’s your Bonus. A study conducted in 10 major countries around the world concluded that blue is the world’s favorite color. All 10 countries where people were surveyed reported a much higher number of people who favor the color blue than any other color. Surprisingly, this was also the case in China where red, yellow, and green are considered to be lucky colors. Thank you for spending some time with us Aluxers. Make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video. We also handpicked these videos which we recommend you watch next. You can talk to us on all social medias or ask a question on our website ALUX.com. Thank you for being an Aluxer and we’ll see you back tomorrow.

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  5. Neal's Yard(Remedies)-Coven Garden-London-UK(i've been here)
    -Sighisoara-Transylvania-Romania(i've been here)
    -Oia-Santorini-Greece(i've been here)
    -St Basil's Cathedral-Moscow-Russia
    -Provence-France(i've been here)
    –Great Barrier Reef-Australia
    -Caño Cristakes River-Colombia
    -Lake Hillier-Australia
    -Northern Lights-Norway(i've seen them)

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