30 Things to do in Montreal | Top Attractions Travel Guide

30 Things to do in Montreal | Top Attractions Travel Guide

This week Sam and I are in Montreal. This
is a city where I was born, so it is always really fun to come and revisit. We are going
to be showing you some of the main attractions around town. For our summer getaway we decided to visit
Montreal. Located in the province of Quebec, this city offers world class festivals, arts,
entertainment and dining. We wanted to highlight what makes this city so special, so here are
30 things to do in Montreal. Our first stop was the Montreal Museum of
Fine Arts for a look at some of the current exhibitions. One of the nice things about
this museums is that admission to the permanent collection is free at all times. Well, it is time to burn off all of that Poutine.
We’re here at Park Mount Royal and we’re going to walk around and explore to see what is
going on. This is one of the biggest parks in the city. We just spotted a woodpecker up in
the tree. This is where locals come to escape the bustle
of the city. You’ll find many people picnic-ing here on a weekend. We’ve been walking around Mount Royal for
a while now and we’ve finally reached one of the many lookout points of the city and
there are some amazing views. On a clear day you can see the whole city. During our visit to Montreal we chose to stay
in the neighborhood of Le Plateau-Mont Royal. The area is quite lively with lots of bars
and restaurants, and the residential streets are lined with spiral staircases. There were
also lots of friendly cats who came out to greet us in
the morning. Summers in Montreal are a lot of fun. On Sunday
afternoons you’ll find a huge drumming circle on the east end of Mount Royal. We’re now here at McGill University, one of
Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities. It is a gorgeous day outside so we’re just
going to wander around campus and show you around. McGill University is one of the most prestigious
universities in all of Canada. Even if you’re not a student, the campus is worth a little
stroll. There is one dish that you absolutely have
to try when you come to Montreal and that is poutine. This is a French Canadian dish
and for those who aren’t very familiar with it. It is basically french fries with gravy
and cheese curds on top. Now it sounds a little bit gross and it doesn’t look that appetizing
at first sight but trust me it is delicious. It is time for the big reveal. Look down here.
This is the standard one. Look at all of the cheese curd. It is melting. And the gravy.
These fries are swimming in a pool of gravy. That is amazing. Time for the first bite of the classic poutine
here. Let’s get lots of gravy on it. Woah, stringy cheese. Oh, I got it on my mouth.
Wow! That is so good. I just wish this was healthy so that I could eat it more often. For a taste of French charm, wander down the
cobbled streets of Old Montreal. It’ll feel like you’ve traveled back to France several
centuries. There are lots of great restaurants to try in this area. For fine dining and shopping in trendy boutiques,
you can pop into the Bonsecours Market. Habitat 67 is a unique housing complex and
one of the most interesting architectural landmarks in the city. Whether you visit Montreal in the summer or
winter, there are always festivals going on. Be sure to check them out! Tonight we’re at the Cirque du Soleil here
in Montreal and we’re going to be watching their latest show Curious. While we can’t bring you inside the tent,
we can tell you that it is a fascinating performance that takes you into a different world. This roman catholic basilica is located on
the Westmount Summit and you’ll have to climb 283 steps to reach the top. The biodome is a popular attraction for families
with children. It allows you to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. We’re here now at Olympic Stadium. This used
to be the former stadium of the Montreal Expos, a baseball team that has since moved to Washington.
I was fortunate enough in the 90’s to come and watch them play when they had such great
players such as Larry Walker who is considered to be by many the best Canadian baseball player
ever. Originally though this stadium was built for
the Olympics in the 70’s and this is still the largest stadium in Canada in terms of
seating capacity. Because there was some landscaping work being
done, we didn’t get to walk the extent of the gardens, however, there is plenty to see
here. The botanical gardens are home to Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens and even Alpine Gardens. Right now I’m here at the Bell Center, home
to the Montreal Canadiens, one of the most historic and celebrated franchises in all
of sports – not just in the NHL but all of sports. They have such a storied history but as a
Blackhawks fan my team has been doing better lately so I’ve got bragging rights right now. You have to eat smoked meat if you come all
the way to Montreal and there’s not better place to do so that at Schwartz. This restaurant
is an institution and it’s worth lining up for. The Notre Dame Basilica is located in the
historic district of Old Montreal. Step inside to be wowed by the blue ceilings and gold-adorned
altar. If you enjoy checking out graffiti and street
art I would highly recommend the area around Saint Catherine’s in the East end of the city.
It is just so colorful. You can wander down the lanes. So many artists have taken over
the area, so check it out. Next up we’re heading to St. Catherine street
which is the place to go shopping. The street is lined with different stores and boutiques
and I know Sam is going to love this. This is the main commercial artery of the
city. Montreal has long, brutal winters and this
is when the underground city plays an important role. Most of the downtown area is interconnected
by underground paths and underground shopping areas so you don’t have to be out in the cold. Parc Lafontaine is located in the borough
of Le Plateau Mont-Royal and it’s a popular hangout spot on weekends. Friends come to
play sports and enjoy a picnic by the pond. Le Village is a vibrant neighbourhood which
is home to many bars, clubs, and theatres. In the summertime the street is lined with
200,000 pink balls over the pedestrian only street. So now for a little afternoon pick me up we
have St. Viateur bagels, which are really famous here in Montreal. I got myself the
cinnamon raisin one. That smells really nice. What makes these bagels unique is that they
are hand rolled and they are made in a wood burning oven. This store is so popular that
they actually produce twelve thousand bagels a day. Alright, time for the first bite. I don’t
know if you can see it well with the camera but there are huge chunks of apples. Look
at that. Wow! Are you in your happy place? I am. This is like ultimate dessert for me. A great way to get around the city is by bike.
Bixi stations let you hire out bikes for a few hours or for the full day, and you can
return them at any bike station in the city. This is another popular cathedral in the city.
It is the third largest church in the province of Quebec. Montreal’s Old Port is worth a wander. You
can enjoy a quiet stroll along the waterfront or stop for a mid-afternoon nap and one of
the many little parks found in the area. The best way to get around Montreal is by
hopping on the metro. If you’re going to be in the city for a few days we suggest you
get a pass so that you can zip around from one neighborhood to the next. This Canal is popular with cyclists. It runs
14.5 kilometers starting from the Old Port of Montreal. So there you have it – a quick little glimpse
at this beautiful French city. From festivals to live entertainment, and dining to shopping,
Montreal has plenty to offer for travellers. Have you been to Montreal? Let us know what
you love about this city in the comments below. For more travel and food videos hit subscribe.

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  1. Thanks guys, great video! I wish though that you had showed off the amazing Metro subway system too and some of the beautiful stations. I love Montreal. I was born there in 1968 and left in 1998. Who knows, I may return there someday to live. I miss it.

  2. Best look in the Sam/Aubrey series:

    Voice: "Oh hey we're gonna check out all the boutiques and stores on St. Catherine's Street. Sam will love it."

    Look: "Sam fucking hates this."

  3. Arriving in Montréal in less than a month, can't wait!!! First time in Canada, MTR will be my very first stop, thanks for the wonderful video guys, very helpful!! Greetings from Bulgaria

  4. what did bill Cosby say to the French Canadian waitress..do u also make jello poutine

  5. I just left there yesterday! What I love about Montreal is there are lots of smiling faces that greeted me. Very clean streets. So many different places to eat. Tons if things to do and see. I'm coming back as soon as possible!!??

  6. Damn this video is really good! I actually posted a video where we’re exploring the plateau mont royal ! If you’re interested you should definitely check it out.

  7. God, I miss home. Montreal is a city that no matter where you live, if you're from there, you'll never be able to really call anywhere else home because it is a city so dynamic that there are no others like it in North America. It's hard to describe but Montreal has a feel to it that is different from pretty much everywhere else. You can close your eyes and listen to the sounds and smells of the city and it is almost completely unique. I say almost because there is one other place where I closed my eyes and got the same feel as Montreal. It's a place that I wanted to try this all my life because I knew that it would be at least similar but it was virtually identical. That city, amazingly, was Paris. Montreal is the Paris of North America and that is an amazing thing.

  8. Poutine is not really a French-Canadian dish. A trucker in the 60's asked for curd cheese on his fries and sauce and it took off, but didn't become well known until the mid-80's. If you go to Schwarz, by all means don't take the lean meat. It defeats the purpose.

  9. I have been here since July 2017
    no GF no sex
    no F buddy – no Part time jobs
    bunch of brutal Frenchies whio are unable to speak English

    in Holland even the "elevator" speaks English
    food is expensive here, rents are cheaper than in Toronto

    A real shithole

  10. Weed…..beer…….strippers…….weed….. more beer………strippers……Habs game……prostitutes…….more beer…..more weed…..wake up…..poutine…….repeat. You’re welcome

  11. Thanks for sharing a great video. I m visiting Montreal in May and will be using hop on hop off. Your video has given me lots of information.

  12. love Montreal, i try to visit at least once a year… i alternate summer and winter to get the best of both worlds lol

  13. I’ve noticed a lot of people who don’t live in the city, pronounce it MONtreal. But I’ve always noticed that full time montrealers pronounce it MUNtreal.

  14. Banquise is probably one of the most touristic poutine places in Montreal. To be honest, if you guys want some good poutine, head to la belle province. Yummier there ??‍♀️

  15. In the very beginning of the video was a large green chair, can you tell me its location?

  16. it's not just gravy as you would have fries and gravy but a special sauce with a touch of bbq flavour to it, THIS is what sets it apart!!

  17. I live in Montreal. You showed nothing of the night life. And it's pou-tine not POO-TEEN. Tabarnak esti crisse

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  19. Wow, the view from the Mt Royal is fantastic. I have been there once in may this year, but it was a rainy day and the clouds were very low. Result: We. Did. Not. See. Anything. It was completely white in front of us.

  20. Be aware that Habitat 67 has cameras and security who will kick you out as it is designated private property and monitored 24/7 for the residents. I know because a group of us wandered around just taking cultures of the great architecture and was told to leave. Olympic Stadium is in such disrepair that you will mostly see rumbling concrete. I was so disappointed walking in that I saved my money for other things. When you go to Schwart's make sure you ask for less fat with your sandwich. I went and although the taste was there with the meat, there was way too much fat.

  21. The best thing to do is to leave and go back to English Canada so we do not have to listen to the french language. One country , one language ,English.

  22. Went to Montreal in 1989 from the US, been itching to head back, I might want to stay put. I know I would love the city that much.

  23. OH! Beautiful Montreal! I relocated here and have such a love for this city. I have lived and traveled all around the USA and love some of the places I have been, but nothing is like Montreal. I have created a channel for Montreal called Brandy Lynn: Montreal and Beyond. This channel is great for anyone wanting to visit or move to Montreal or a local who just wants to rediscover a love for their city. Check it out. I always follow back.

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