30 TOP Free Camping beaches in GREECE ~ 30 παραλίες για κατασκήνωση & φυσιολατρία!

30 TOP Free Camping beaches in GREECE ~ 30 παραλίες για κατασκήνωση & φυσιολατρία!

Elafonisos island
Southern Peloponnese . 4,5 hours south of Athens Simos beach is a heaven for camprs. There is a quite expensive organized camping there, but there is an option to carefully freecamp at the cedar forest, a natura protected area Pefkoulia Beach
Lefkada island. 5 hours north west of Athens An amazing nudist beach at the Ionian sea Hiliadou beach
Evia island. 2.5 hours north east of Athens Samothraki island
Northern Aegean. About 9 hours from Athens with car and ferry Samothraki offers numerus choices for camping. Apart from the municipal one at Therma village, many people camp at Gria Vathra natural pools, a really unforgettable experience! Schinoussa island – The Cyclades
About 7.5 hours from Piraeus port by ferry, or via Naxos island Trafoulas gorge, southern Crete
Next to Lentas village Parga, Valtos & Lichnos beaches Lipsi island, Platis Gialos beach Petali beach, Evia island. 2.5 hours from Athens, at the eastern coast of the island Rakopotamos beach, Larissa – Central Greece. About 4.5 hours north of Athens Fourni island, Aegean Sea
Elidaki & Petrokopio beaches Nas beach, Ikaria Island Livadi beach, Iraklia island. Kallianos beach, Agios Dimitrios Gorge
Southern Evia island Kavourotripes (orange beach), Sithonia – Halkidiki komos nudist beach, Southern Crete island. Next to Matala village Limnionas beach, Evia island Ammouliani and Drenia islets, Halkidiki – northern Greece Chrissi island, Ierapetra – southern Crete Kedros beach, Donoussa island
Cyclades – Greece Dyskos beach, next to Lentas
Southern Crete Agiofarango beach, southern Crete island Agios Pavlos beach, Southern Rethymno
Crete island Chorefto beach, Pelion
Central greece Epidaurus beach,
Peloponnese Zacharo and Kaiafas beaches
Western Peloponnese Kato Koufonissi island
Cyclades – Greece Kriaritsi beach – Sithonia, Chalkidiki Anafi island
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  4. I would like to travel Greece in December. I know it won't be sunny beachy but will camping still be possible? Or would I stick out like a sore thumb?

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