33 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling – Wrote by Expert Vagabond

33 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling – Wrote by Expert Vagabond

Many of you guys are ready to travel the world! Unfortunately, you guys need to save money first, then you can travel! Money saving can be done up to 2 or 3 years or even longer! Maybe until you’re retired? Then you can finally travel the world! No that’s not entirely true! You guys can travel the world if you guys want to! The real question is, how can I do that? To find random jobs anywhere in the world while traveling the world! Yep you can make money and keep traveling somewhere in the world. You can work in the same location for a month or a whole year! The choice is yours! Now I’ll be sharing you all great job opportunities you can take while traveling the world. I hope this will give you a better idea of what you can really do. Website link is provided. You can learn more after this video. Let’s get this started! Yes it’s bartender/server. You can easily serve people or clean the bars. Letting you know the price range is around 1,000 to 4,000. Depends on how many hours you’re taking. You can work as a travel tour guide. You can guide them to the summit or show them around in the city including business or food. The company will pay you to do the work. You can work as a translator. This could be spainish or any language. If you know some, then you can translate anything for simple charge or work with another companies. This is easy job, you can make money and travel. This is pretty cool. You can work at hostels. You can make some arrangements such as staying at hostel for free. They can also pay you around $7 to $10 per an hour. It’s all on agreement you guys make. You guys can really work 3-4 hours daily. So you guys can stay at hostel for free! You can travel and work at hostel anywhere in the world. You can work as fitness instructor. I know some of you guys are expert in these areas. You can set up your website, promoting your business through flyers or business cards. I noticed countless people do this in Indonesia. You guys can work as a teacher at any Deaf school in the world. You can teach them how to sign, how to write in english, many more! They could pay you to come. They could provide you free place to stay. They could pay you for working. This is pretty cool because you get an opportunity to learn about their culture, what they do, food, etc. Deaf schools need you guys! Why don’t you guys join? For you web/graphic designers, you can easily work anywhere in the world. You can do some contract works with different companies. They all will pay you for some projects. And you can work at your home or somewhere else you want to be at. You can work as a staff on cruise or yacht. This is great idea because cruise usually goes to different islands or countries. It gives you an opportunity to see more countries at free charge and make money! Some of you guys are great at cooking food. Just like Kurt or Scott? You can work as chef at any restaurant temporarily. You can earn and travel. If you’re good at math, then maybe you can start learning how to do day trading. With this strategy, you can make big money and travel luxurily. If you’re good at crafting or making something that is sellable. I’ve seen plenty travelers doing that. So you guys can do it too There are many festivals or events going on. They all need many workers. They are usually being opened to hire anybody temporarily. I’ve seen one Deaf guy doing that in Australia. He has been doing it well. I know you guys are trapped with house bills. You guys can find someone to pay you for living at your house. The other choice you have is to get involved with AirBNB, so your house is “hotel” where everybody can pay you for staying at your house temporarily. With that, you can make money while traveling the world. There are many job opportunities you can take. There are too many jobs I can mention. I’ll save your time by getting on website link I included on my post. Information and everything you want to learn about a specific job is right there on website. Why save money? Get yourself out and work somewhere in the world! Maybe you learn something that you could start your business in your country.

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  1. Hey brother I need some advice on the massage therapist travelling job , how does it work as I know in most countries you need a working permit Visa in order to work there ect , so how would I be able to create my own travelling buisness ?, as I’m looking to have my own buisness but not sure how it will work any advice would be appriciated

  2. Easy traveling job I have certificate chef I looking for yacht chef or professional chef I hope it if agreeing

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