$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

[Music] welcome back to a very special worth it holiday special par 3 today I’m worth it Andrew and I are hosting a potluck but before that we’re heading over to a butcher shop to pick up our centerpiece roast which Stephen and I will actually be cooking ourselves a first for worth it I am honestly very worried about that say hi my name is Eddie shin we’re at a cut above butcher shop and today we will be doing a dry ADEs prime rib roast we specialize in full animal butchering so we bring in the whole pay the whole beef the legs we make them sandwiches we roast them off nose-to-tail we use everything what is the prime rib cut prime rib cut is one of the loin cuts which is the center of the cattle everything else tends to be a little tougher and you have to treat it differently but those are the most tender and little otherwise what happens through the dry aging process is that enzymes start to break down the fibers of the beef the water evaporates so intensifies the flavor on a steak you can literally almost stick your finger through the state the fat has a kind of blue cheesy nutty taste to it so the taste profile is quite so what I’ll be for you guys is what we call cradling when we detach the rib and then tie it back on so once you finish roasting all you have to do is cut twine off and then the ribs just pop off oh nice it’s ready this life are there any things we should watch out for roasting this versus a cut that hasn’t been dry-aged it will cook a little bit faster don’t overcook it very simple we probably can’t mess it up probably not I saw you guys also serve sandwiches here yes you have a favor one you recommend we try respite for a bit very good so the burger is Glen ribeye brisket and short rib but we put some nice caramelized onions Point Reyes blue cheese on top with russian dressing lettuce tomato and a brioche bun so this is a little mouth teaser the beef that we’re gonna be having later look at that cross-section yeah this is incredible oh it’s so beautiful here oh my oh my mmm this is inspiring me for the bottle up we got to get the meat to taste like this moist juicy medium-rare you know how they say don’t go to a grocery store if you’re hungry go to this butcher shop hungry finish burger and those seasons of meat [Music] okay today is the big day the great holiday potluck last night I took this meat home yes you did and I salted it and peppered it and I left it in my fridge uncovered so that the outside could dry and then I brought it here we’re gonna be using this recipe and methodology of cooking it that andrew has decided on I am just his sous chef today boom sous chef you think you’re a sous chef in my kitchen yeah no no no no no no line cook dish bucket boy that’s fine actually there it is four ribs and look at this oh it’s already like meat taffy whoa chef Oh Nikki take it to the promised land what’s going on I’m gonna see her every exposed surface that I can I don’t like when you a sunbathing does that turn a little bit to the side you got to get an even tan oh well that’s great so this is actually something I’ve never cooked before but my family and had like every holiday of my life for a family holiday meal we never do the big piece of meat we do hotpot okay I think I’m gonna stop cooking this now oh I’m gonna stick this thermometer in here oven time okay we do not axe it we’re watching out for about a hundred seventeen degrees internal temp it’s not an exact time so I think we should just check it in a couple of hours hey Google set a reminder to check the meat around 1:00 p.m. all right I’ll remind you at 1:00 p.m. one of our guests is arriving early to mix up his very special yes Kwasi uh and now we wait Sudan hello crazy bunch wouldn’t you bring this is punch to crema a big traditional Christmas drink that my family makes all the time as a young man I couldn’t drink it because it has rum in it it has condensed milk nutmeg evaporated milk possessed of lime in it and the most important ingredient and rum but some the West Indian version of eggnog but if eggnog was better that’s not bad oh man that’s not bad at all it’s milk alcohol mm-hmm and it’s a little bit why daddy likes drink and do it okay all right daddy you guys you can make yourself comfortable we got to check the meat the rest of the guests will be here in a second wait this is a party yeah it’s not just us drinking Oh drinking this much should we milk oh I wonder the mints you want to do these yeah too bad yes really used to human oh yeah okay so now I have seven we’re just gonna build a pen smash this on here easy now we wait for our guests to arrive hello welcome to the potluck we have the appetizers in front of us which we can thank you no no Brendan my ADA four so this is kanji cassia and it’s a really common presidents name you can have it with anything so we have cut opt within guava jam and so I made some kmb samosas so it takes twice beating pastry and make sure you like give a generous squeeze of lime on it it takes it to a whole nother level yeah this is hot and crispy maybe did I always liked the food triangle I have to make a little hole and then I just a job filter is right now the rice Hexe Trude I’m going to the cream cheese that’s good don’t you want just laying that just like a little little cheese sleeping bag I bought Caribbean punch de creme it has rum in it boys he’s had some punch so far feeling it yeah was a three it’s a real mentally a flavor you would think it would kind of wash each other out but I actually think they accentuate each other quite nicely that could be this guy’s worth it’s I’m coming for your job man I think there’s a whole bottle of rum in that bowl of punch [Music] prime rib yeah oh that smell oh oh it’s ready to be sliced by yours truly Steven Lim and we’ll save this in sweet Vince [Applause] yeah oh yeah it’s a big slap this license for crazy how thin can you make it because I want it I want it like paper thin nice yeah I’m gonna cut off the big piece of bedroom Shane no a drift up me yeah you’re in for a treat alright we’ll get the rest of this sliced up and we’ll meet you guys at the table ready bump bump bump bump bump here comes the meat here comes the meat here comes the meaty Moody oh yeah the beef is really well cooked they’re just really delicious fantastic oh yeah definitely the juiciest piece of beef I’ve ever tasted well it’s perfectly edible Andrew Wow okay buddy it’s good it’s good like a bit slow and low what is that between the roast and the potatoes oh the cookie spicy rice cake that’s like the pumpkin spice latte of Korean Street food Wow picked it up from restaurant I should need you in topside agenda this rice cake Wow it’s a bit spicy if you’re not into spicy food it’s a very satisfying texture it’s time to feed that somebody feed Adam here Adam come over here I’ll hook you up oh wait phones you can easily that’s–you’re that mix of cultures [Music] who’s ready for dessert these pies are from the pie hole it’s the best pie place in all the world it’s a sponsored by the hi no but my life is here we have apple chocolate silk pomegranate Earl Grey and pecan Earl Grey is so good oh my god who’s eating the chocolate pomegranate I am the pomegranates mixing with the chocolate you get a little explosion in there create as a dessert stop what is your favorite pie I use example usually pies like cavada meets pie crust but has crumble right so it’s uh it’s different I mean like it’s a good way kind of like a bit unconventional for where you would expect for a traditional vice they’re unique you know after trying the Earl Grey is clearly best the Queen at the table of the pies this is like the bad boy of the table oh yeah it’s the core gesture of mouths off every once in a while all right for the final showstopper guys Rhea is in town oh yeah you shouldn’t have this it’s croquembouche which is creampuff Tower I made it at Russian Roulette so two of them has wasabi net who wants to go first alright when is one had time I’ll go first cheers yeah cheers good luck buck I really hope that’s not mine because I already had this Shane what’s your strategy I’m gonna put the whole thing in money put it all in your mouth all or nothing you want to do this at the same time you bet I do okay are you ready to dance big boy yeah I’m ready to death all right here we go three two one boy you ready for the croquembouche this has been a worth it all day special thanks for watching [Applause] [Music] oh yes

100 thoughts on “$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

  1. “It’s perfectly edible.” What everyone will say if I ever successfully cook. I fucked up a Mac and cheese cup because I forgot THE WATER

  2. adam brazilian is not a language. they speak portuguese in brazil, so if andrew doesnt know how to say three in brazilian i don't blame him

  3. Pão de queijo is one of brazils snacks but its not the most famous. They should have brought coxinhas. As a Brazilian, coxinha is the most famous snack from here, and would make more sense in the feast than cheese bread

  4. the best of buzzfeed all in one video, im absolutely overwhelmed i love this so much. The domesticity of Andrew and Steven hosting the potluck, Ryan and Shane being competitive friends, Rie's presentation of her tower and almost dropping it, all the delicious food, this video warms my heart

  5. the pinnacle of comedy is shane and ryan facing each other down, ready to accept their fate and have one of them triumph, only to have both of them be fell by the croquembouche

  6. I wish my friends contributed this much in potlucks. Most ppl just bring chips or soda or store-bought cookies. It suuucks

  7. Kwesi basically made what I would call Coquito. It’s a Puerto Rican version of eggnog that we also make with rum, condensed milk, and all of the amazing warm holiday spices. In my opinion, it tastes best when it has sat for a couple of days in the fridge ?

  8. That russian roullette idea is pretty great! If i can get good at making the puffs then I might have to do that sometime

  9. the hot pot dinner of goodlooking guests every youngster envisions for their future as a responsible adult but will never actually ever plan, go to, or see irl

  10. Yo rie should definitely take the ghoul boys to go explore the haunted forest on Mount Fuji in japan!!!! That would be an amazing episode ?????

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