34_ KIA SOUL CUV camping SOUL bed camper with 264 lb durability drawer

34_ KIA SOUL CUV camping SOUL bed camper with 264 lb durability drawer

It is the origin of peace between North and South Korea. 66 lb Smart Camper Remove head restraint and fold chair 2 rows Open the first row chair back. There is 6.6×3.9ft sleeping space. Install the supports so that they do not shake during sleep. All fittings can be folded into the loadspace to be separated. Spread multi-stage rails with 264 lb durability If you support it like this, it won’t shake. Spreading out all the top will result in a 6.6×3.9ft bed. Connect the support to the top. 3.3×2.3ft table space and storage space with 264 lb durability Interpolation space is used as storage space Open and fold in less than 5 minutes. 1×0.7m table space and storage space with 120kg durability 6.6×3.9ft bed used in normal 2nd seat used Loaded in a 66 lb cargo space

16 thoughts on “34_ KIA SOUL CUV camping SOUL bed camper with 264 lb durability drawer

  1. Plain waste of space, just push your front seats far ahead tilt their backs forward, fold down the rear seat backs, fill the gap between front and rear seats with stuff like clothing bags put a pillow on top, and you have a big bed. Add a foam mattress if you like. I lived in my soul for 42 months that way, but only had a bed on one side I was single, it converted in 30 seconds or less because I kept the rear seat backs flat all the time with my bedside table etc on the passenger side.

  2. Observations: 1) the seats are going to get a permanent dent in the awhile after regular use and 2) where would you store the bedding and mattress and all the other camping gear? I'm only 5'4 some I'm wondering if I could do something like this without having to put the front seats down. I'd have to find another way to put down the front support.

  3. Mm I don't know about this, there are too many separate parts and seemed to take a long time to assemble, plus it used all available space that the vehicle has

  4. I live and travel with fellow Nomads all over the US in my Kia Soul…and I never need to modify the front seats ever..! Just lay down back seat use a memory foam mattress topper folded in half and use a suitcase to place in drivers side rear floor board for head support and also carry my clothes..! I also travel with 2 small dogs months at a time off grid and I love it

  5. Very nice design and product. I know people here in US sleep in their Kia Soul cars and I am fascinated by the various ideas that some people come up with to achieve this. Thanks for posting this.

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