4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog – Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece

4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog – Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece

100 thoughts on “4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog – Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece

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  2. Wonderful! To say it's beautiful, that means say nothing, l'm enjoying to see this very, very amazing place in the world! Peace to all people in the world!

  3. Brilliant vlog, comprehensive but also suck sink – We are going in May so this vlog was very useful. god knows how many clips you had in the video but the way you edited was perfect for watching – thank you

  4. Hello,
    Love the iconic bldg and gorgeous sunset views of Santorine.Could you tell me the total cost (including hotel) in USD.Just an estimate so i can start saving.Lol.Thanks for the upload of such gorgeous places.

  5. Great vlog!!! Really informative. I'm getting married there this June, so i will def use your suggestions.

  6. Thank you for sharing this video. I really don’t travel but a few months ago I decided that there is two places I’d like to see before I leave this earth They are Jerusalem, Israel and Santorini Greece so I came across your videos. Wanted to know if you had any accommodations recommendations with a great view I would love to be right in the middle of Oia since in your videos you talked about all the shops and restaurants. Please if you could. And thank you in advance for your help. Looking at Villa Anita Cliff Suite 4 Private. But I can’t seem to figure out the location.

  7. I wish that your channel will get 500k subscribers end of this year.You deserve it.Your video quality,information are really amazing…

  8. I LOVE SANTORINI. It was the first place I travelled to with my partner! If any of you are interested, I wrote a blog about how to visit Santorini on a budget. This is possible, you don't have to be rich to go to Santorini! We visited when we were students and still had an amazing time. You can find out more about this here: @t

  9. Hi great video. Looking to go with my partner in September for a week. How was Santorini for prices on food and drinks? Looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to hold her hand and watch the sunset

  10. Amazing video! I have a question as I plan to visit Santorini on Summer, does this place have romanithieves?

  11. I expected you to visit Acrotiri , the very ancient part after the eruption 10000 years ago. You will see there relics ,remnants and the ancient monuments in one of the most historical museums of Greece. Do not forget to visit in your next visit to Santorini.

  12. Take the ship and it will dock in santorini..other islands and let u off. Then arrange for pick up to take u to hotel. That's better. Otherwise you'll walk ..walk

  13. I suggest you to visit Leukada next time to come in Greece. It's a beautiful island and it is one of the seven Ionian islands. ?

  14. It’s one of amazing ? and breathtaking place ever as I have been there four years ago and I loved it ??♥️♥️and hope to go again. I went their summer time in August were they have festivals and it’s beautiful ? down to earth but friendly people. As in Sydney is winter ❄️

  15. TOO many people. The mayor is trying his best to limit the number of cruise ships that are landing. Stay for one night and then move on to another island. The main view that will greet you are the thousands of selfies being taken while you are trying to enjoy the amazing views.

  16. Please stop the Santorini promotion. The island is a total nightmare nowadays… except if you are from China or India….

  17. We were just there last month. 24 day cruise on the Veendam. Already want to go back. ❤️ Great Video!

  18. Hi! I’m super interested in going to santorini , I was wondering how much did you spend between you overall for the whole trip so I know how much to save if I want to be costly but have a good time !:) xx

  19. Looks like a gorgeous place, but looks like it's definitely one to visit in the shoulder seasons. The geology looks awesome

  20. Just stumbled upon your channel, great stuff! Specifically your funny take on things makes this channel unique!

  21. I found Suitecase Monkey yesterday and returned today for this follow-up. You've earned a new subscriber after two videos. I like your style.?

  22. 7:27 If you’re in somewhere as beautiful as Greece, there’s no such thing as taking ‘Too May pictures’

  23. there are NO DONKEY rides there

  24. Can’t believe you got sushi while in Santorini haha you have to eat local specialities you can get sushi anywhere

  25. Wawww, an Amazing video! I love Santorini, I was there for my first time in 1979! And I also remember the film "Summer Lovers", they filmed it in Santorini, I think in 1982 or 1983, I was in those years there! And you can see how was exactly Santorini in those years ! More authentic, most of the people use to live in θήρα and Οια, there were some restaurants, and some hotels, and you can stay in some houses which used to rented the people who lived there, now as you can see, most of them they have converted in hotels, night clubs, restaurants,and also the rest of the island, which in those days, you could see many vineyards on terraces and small white domed churches scattered along the island!

  26. probably the best Santorini video i saw to this date. thanks a lot for all the info given. Been there in august 1991, when it was still pretty quiet. Now going back next year june (2020), can't wait!!

  27. Great video, thanks!! I'm planning a trip to the Greek islands for next year and will be checking out more of your posts! Just subscribed. 🙂

  28. This video is beautifully shot, and so insightful. You really captured the essence of Santorini! ? We just visited and filmed our own vlog – let us know what you think 🙂

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