4 Great Campfire Recipes | Camping

4 Great Campfire Recipes | Camping

I love cooking, and although when I’m camping
I don’t have access to things like lamb shoulder, duck, or bacon, all that good stuff that requires
refrigeration, it’s still super fun to cook when you’re camping. These are just some easy recipes that’ll make
you feel like you’re a good campfire chef and really will be super simple to make. The first is something that college kids all
know, and it’s what I call lazy noodles. It’s just taking ramen, throwing out the spice
packet, and making your own kind of pasta dish with the ramen. They’re really easy to carry. They’re really easy to make when you’re camping. They just require a little bit of hot water,
and then you can chop up some broccoli, chop up some onions, and throw a little soy sauce
in. If you brought peanut butter you can even
make peanut noodles with some hot sauce and it will taste like you’re having sesame peanut
noodles around the camp fire. Everyone will be impressed. Another thing that I like to make and that
makes me feel like I’m somehow connected to ancient campers is bannock. Bannock is a native American staple. It’s just flour, baking soda, oil, water,
and salt. What I do is mix all the dry stuff and put
it in a Ziploc bag before I go. Then I just mix a little water with it when
I’m on site. Bannock can be fried up in oil. It can also be wrapped once you mix it all
together and knead it up a little bit. You can also wrap it around a stick and bake
it in the fire. It’s a really fun thing to do. Kids really like it. Again, it just feels like you’re connected
to ancient campers when you make a recipe like that. It’s an ancient recipe. Another thing that I really like, because
I hate smores, is bananas stuffed with chocolate. So you can take a whole banana. Don’t peel it. Just slice it length wise, tuck little bits
of chocolate inside, wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil, and place it in the coals
of the fire, not really in the flame but just in the warm part on the bottom just for a
minute or two. Then eat the banana and chocolate out with
a spoon. It’s awesome.

29 thoughts on “4 Great Campfire Recipes | Camping

  1. ok.. i've done the banana thing and it is awesome, but a couple tricks..   first, after you cut banana in half, carve a little out of each half (making the form of a canoe).  fill space with chocolate chips (alternate with mini marshmallows, or chopped strawberry?)..   wrap, cook, enjoy.

  2. Just some criticism, why exactly did you decide to not show us what you are talking about? This is food right?

  3. She doesn't like smores?? I knew there would be one person out there that doesn't like them, guess I just met her huh?

  4. I think you can have great meals if your camping trip isn't more than 3 days in the bush. if you are near grocery stores Steaks or great chops can be a wonderful addition to any camping trip. we stayed at a place in Ontario called Long Sault Beach but knowing we'd be eating late as we got there at around 10am I froze all my hamburgers and at 5pm they were perfect. I love great food and for me preparing great meals even on trips like these can be incredible

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