4 Looks You Need This Summer

4 Looks You Need This Summer

[Ethan] Oh, hello there! I didn’t realize you were watching. You know, one of the most common questions I get while making these videos for you guys… is, “Ethan, what are you wearing?”. People wanna cop my fresh looks. “Wh-What’s the hat?” “What are the pants?” And I thought, I’d put together a little look-book for you guys, for this summer. I’m seeing some of the look-book fashion girls out there, getting some hot threads. And I figured it would be fun to do the same. So we put together a little bit of a goof for you guys, I hope you guys enjoy it, and uhh- don’t ever talk to me or my hair again. Enjoy it. [Dope Fresh Music Plays] [New Tunes] [Dab on the haters] [Better Music] [Ethan] Good evening officers. You guys need help with anything? [Officer] Nah, I’m good, than- [Ethan] You got it under control? [Man] Yeah. [Ethan] You know-you know where to reach me. [Officer] Yeah, I do. [Ethan] Take care, guys. Keep up the good work. [Officer] You too. They call me every once in a while, if they need help. [Michelle Obama] Wow, Ethan, great moves! Keep it up, proud of you! (Outro Theme Song Plays) [Ethan] Excuse me. Do you need help with anything? [Man] No, thanks Catman. If I do- [Ethan] Catman? [Man] Oh, you’re Batman? [Ethan] Catman, dude wh-
[Man] Shoot-

100 thoughts on “4 Looks You Need This Summer

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this lighthearted goof! Just a little bit of a summer gaff to hold you over midweek, appreciate ya!

  2. 3:13 Ethan looks like he’s about to attend a Jeff Dunham show! Very classy and sophisticated. Such a bold choice. Papa bless

  3. On Thursday which is Halloween I am gonna dress up as Ethan did for the vape nation video at school and imma wear a Weed Lei I found at the store! Imma most likely get dress coded but it’s worth it!

  4. Operater: 911 what’s your emergency?

    Parent: There is a suspicious man in a Batman mask and black bodysuit at the beach!

    Operater: Oh, that’s just Ethan.

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