4 nights (5 days) of Keto Camping Food

4 nights (5 days) of Keto Camping Food

So today I’m going to show you
everything that we are doing for camping on the ketogenic diet I have a family of
four right now on the ketogenic diet looks like an insane amount of food
sometimes we do have people visiting us for dinner and then there’s some extra
stuff like I got some extra hot dogs that are just in case life doesn’t work
out quite as planned so so I had all this laid out because I’m kind of going
through and packing what we’re doing for camping this coming weekend and I
thought I would share with you so I’m just going to go through what
we’re doing so first of all we have water bottles and this one’s mine
the kids have Klean Kanteens this is the little guys and having the
lids on these can really help keep them from spilling and then we use the Berkey
so even though there’s potable water at our campsite which means that the water
is safe to drink I find it kinda matches up our digestive system oddly more than
a lot of different foods do so I just bring the Berkey with me and it makes it
I put at the end of a picnic table and it makes it super easy for the kids to
fill up their water bottles as needed we also use a it’s like a campsite shower
that we don’t use as a shower but we use it with the spicket to wash kids hands
so they’re not washing their hands in filtered water but we’ll fill up that
campsite shower to wash their hands we have bubbly water of course and so
that’s for me but the kids can’t a while they’re
getting while they’re waiting for me to cook or whatever we have different
peanuts that can be shelled and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and
those are good around the campfire sort of as something for them to do and then
they can just either spit the stuff into the campfire or they can throw the
shells into the campfire which is great fun to do anything that involves playing
with fire for kids so this is something that’s definitely keto friendly even
though it’s a little bit higher carbs it takes them so long to get any of the
kernels out of the shells that I don’t super worry about it the first night
that we’re there we have Fathead dough then a link to all of the recipes down
below so if I had know that I’ve made into sort of flatbread and i’ll make
sandwiches that we have organic salami from Costco
or breakfast we pre bake our bacon and this is something that’s kind of some
people want to make everything from scratch when they go camping something
that people want to buy like everything just add water so there’s like two
trains of thought and this is sort of in the middle where I pre bake everything
possible and then we’ll heat this up on the camp stove in the morning and so
while I’m heating up water for coffee which is so important or I’m heating a
pan to make eggs in first we’ll just put in some of this bacon and it’s pre baked
but I left like it’s still pretty greasy so it’ll still release some more
and some more grease as it’s going and then we can use that grease to cook our
eggs in eggs are something to either be super careful or get one of those little
camping egg containers I didn’t bring one in to show you but those will keep
your eggs from getting smashed because smashed eggs over everything
located ruin your cooler moving along along to lunch we’ll have some more of
the salami which we can wrap in lettuce where’s our lettuce so I just like I’ll
rinse these and wrap them in paper towels before we go the romaine hearts
and so then we can wrap our salami or we can wrap different like Applegate lunch
meat is pretty good in that and then we have this is chili lime mayonnaise that
they’ve made ahead of time and home I keep it in mason jars for campaign
plastic is the way to go like a kid accidentally dropping a glass jar in a
campsite is just a nightmare and our goal is tough happy campers not to have
messy glass all over the place if something that’s just a compromise that
you can do and makes everything more enjoyable and fun for everybody
epic bars I just I’m throwing in a handful of these these are super keto
friendly but I find that my kids have a pretty high tolerance for staying in
ketosis and being especially outdoors like they’re just burning so much energy
that the little bit extra carbs isn’t going to hurt them this is all so I do
our sausage right now I’ve been doing with two parts Turkey and one part
pork this is natural pork when you’re looking for pork at the store
if you can’t fight an organic grass-fed like foraged pork then at
least try to find the one that doesn’t have msg and so this is that I had to
look through Safeway quite a bit to find that so I’ll make some breakfast sausage
and again just like the bacon I’m going to pre cook it so it’s a little bit
undercooked so then all I have to do is heat it up
in the pan in the morning string cheese super easy I know lots of packaging will
just bring some trash bags to throw all the packaging away but if you’ve ever
been camping with kids you know that like an overzealous child because they
do get excited it’s a new experience can easily dump like a whole cube of cheese
in the dusty camp dirt on accident and then the whole cheese is gone so string
cheese or individually packaged cheese is kind of the way to go we talked about
my peanuts we have I’m not sure you can see I’m just individually rough seaweed
here it’s not it’s high in iodine I suppose but it’s not anything other than
kind of a novelty chip-type treat for my kids Coffee! so I have tried
the percolator coffee before for camping and really all I’ve gotten is gritty
watered-down coffee that does not give me my caffeine fix this is Four Sigmatic
Mushroom Coffee I like it a lot like for her an instant coffee it’s really good
so this is just instant so all I need to do is on the camp stove heat up some
water in the morning and that’s like to me the best part of camping is waking up
a little bit before the kids they’re kind of coming out of the tent all
sleepy and I’ve got my cup of coffee and I’m looking out of the lake as the Sun
comes up which we’ll talk in another video about kind of realistic
expectations for how much your children are going to sleep camping which is not
much and then just in case we have cold brew and so this is cold brew I’m
making at home I’ll probably transfer this to a plastic container or I’ll make
take my chances with this glass one and cold brew in there. For veggies, on the ketogenic diet you just do so much green stuff so I’ve got a big pack of
asparagus and asparagus is good because it can go on the grill and it
can just go right across the grates and then you can dip it in some like the
chili lime mayonnaise dressing dip type thing is a great way to add healthy fats
it’s something that’s easy to do on the grill and then we also have celery which
is also something easy to do on the grill and we’ll bring some cream cheese
to spread in the celery and then this is probiotic cream cheese trying to get a
few probiotics and the kids as we’re going in case we catch a fish which
we’re definitely planning on doing um we have some citrus that we can just
squeeze over the fish and so all I do to cook that is drizzle a little bit of
avocado oil and I will bring this little container it’s plastic so drizzle a
whole container or a little bit of avocado oil over the fish after you
clean it out leave the skin on I usually chop the head off because it’s
like disturbing sprinkle with salt and pepper so we definitely want to bring
salt and pepper and then grill it kind of over medium-high heat just for a few
minutes on each side and you’ll know if it’s time to turn because it’ll turn
easily if you try to turn it too soon the skin will start coming off and it’s
kind of a big mess on the grill but if you got it just right it should turn
with a metal spatula pretty easily and then once it comes off the grill adding
a little butter let me see is this better so a plastic container of
butter is easier than trying to wrap up a little cube of butter so adding a
little bit of butter it gives us healthy fats and the squeeze of lemon or lime
just gives it that flavor and you’ll find that like kids that caught their
own fish or you caught it and they reeled it in they’re way more likely to
eat that fish than they would at home so that’s kind of something that’s really
fun about campaign is like kids are so active and they’re so hungry that fresh
air just makes them so hungry that they eat everything so like I said it seems
like a lot of food so we’ve got our veggies celery could be grilled as well
it’s good off the grill and it’s kind of finger food like they can just eat it as
a spear instead of having to chop everything up for them nuts and then I
just get a lot of this I just get at Costco so these are from Costco cashews
are a little high in carbs but again my kids just burn it right off like I can
tell they’re still in ketosis they’re fine and so these are good if we go in a
little day hike I’ll bring this and have them bring their water bottle this is
kind of our treat like when we get to the top of the mountain or we get to the
end of the hike or the waterfall or whatever’s they get a package of nuts
and they get to choose what they get before they go burgers so the first
night were there I’m gonna use raw meat tend to just pre cook all of my meat
because raw meat when you’re camping just the kind of likelihood that it’s
going to get all over the cooler it makes it for a really unpleasant camping
trip so I try to precook everything or buy it precooked like the hotdogs but
we’re gonna do guacamole burgers with ground beef which is dying right now and
just package guacamole again this is from Costco so you can get this in a big pack and it’s just one
less thing to do one less like guacamole isn’t hard to make but it’s one less
Bowl to wash when you’re already watching all of your dishes and
everything after cooking and kids are tired and ready to go to bed or they
want to go back to the lake or they want to go out on the boat and just I don’t
have a ton of patience for doing tons and tons of dishes camping so we have a
guacamole this is good like my kids will dip celery and guacamole I’m not sure if
that’s weird they do that it’s also a good sauce like on top of those lettuce
on top of that lettuce with the salami like you can just put some guacamole and
that gives them those healthy fats in with the avocado oil mayonnaise mustard
I don’t transfer this to a different container that’s fine moon cheese this
is from Costco I’m sure it’s not all Costco’s yet but it’s great it’s it’s
just cheese and it tastes like cheese it’s it’s like a perfect treat to kind
of when you need to boost morale is when I’ll bust this out and then
cabbage one night we are doing meatballs again from Costco and cabbage so I’ll
just take a cutting board and then slice this finely and it kind of makes cabbage
noodles and then again I’ll probably make one more thing of salad dressing
this is just so many healthy fats and gets those calories that those kids need
in there so slicing this up and then frying it and the level of little
avocado oil with the meatballs and then when it’s done I’m putting in a little
bit of salad dressing over it’s kind of like that keto crack slaw that everybody
loves but it’s super easy to do while you’re camping pickles are my kids need
probiotics and so I’m gonna bring pickles all transfer these over to a
plastic container just to avoid having this jar shatter somewhere and make a
huge mess we covered salt and pepper one day we will be doing pancakes and
these are coconut flour and almond flour pancakes which I hope will premix in
like probably I’m gonna get a bigger jar than this but I’m gonna premix the
batter in one of these and we’ll do it like probably the second or third
morning that we’re there so not we’re gonna let it sit forever but having the
batter already done so all you have to do is pour in part and a stainless
skills steel skillet makes things super easy this is our taco meat and this is
from our Keto Families Class and so it’s just pressure cooked chicken that has been
pressure cooked with a little bit of paprika some salt and a cup of salsa
and then I pre baked cheese shells and so these are a little bit under baked
I’m gonna bring some parchment paper and this sounds finicky but the kids love it
and so you can put the parchment paper down in a skillet and then put these on
and they’ll kind of remelt and finish baking a little bit or you could just do
it as is but then they’ll be warm so this with our guacamole is for our taco
night everybody loves tacos and then we have
some half-and-half that we’ve turned into yogurt that is our sour cream a
little bit less carbs almost done… so these are squeeze tubes and this is
something like you’ll see I don’t have a ton of special equipment for camping
squeeze tubes are super helpful for not getting like this has peanut butter in
it peanut butter all over everything and
this is actually because we’re on keto isn’t completely peanut butter it’s this
peanut butter fat bombs that are on my site and so it’s a little bit sweeter
and has some monk fruit in it and it has extra coconut oil in it which has those
medium chain fatty acids which I think having healthy fats like that can
actually help prevent sunburn we do use beautycounter sunscreen anyways I have
two different fat bombs sort of as spreads to put on the pancakes and we’ll
put them between ever put this between the pancakes and make sandwiches out of
them as well so just having the squeeze tube just eliminate timing to watch that
knife sometimes you just want something quick to eat and like I’m not above
squeezing a little bit of this on a spoon for my kids so just those quick
quick high calorie calorie dense things think what else do we have
electrolytes I don’t on the ketogenic that you need electrolytes and
especially if you’re up going up in altitude or you’re not used to being
outside at a time you might be losing water and this having these in your body
will help your body hold on to water and give you the electrolytes you need so
you don’t get like dehydrated and your muscles don’t like start cramping up or
anything so we have sea salt magnesium which I don’t put this in their water
bottles I just put like a spoonful in one of those camping cups and then I
fill the rest with water and then light salt which my kids do not take I take
I’ll say I’ll just pour like half a teaspoon in my hand and then take that
and chase it with some water and that has the potassium in it and
they won’t do that so I’ll just like extra salt their food like they’re
taco meat I’ll just pour some more salt on it and then they’ll retain more
water for keeping things cold I just buy a couple of gallons of water at the
store this is like spring water or i think and then you
pour out some so that it doesn’t make a big mess when you freeze it and then
freeze this whole thing it takes a couple days but then it keeps your
cooler super cold and then if you need to you have really cold water in there
that you can drink just an easy way you can use a milk carton if you want
but it’s just like your it’s really hard to get all that milk out and so I
usually just buy a gallon or two of spring water and do it with that so
special equipment I don’t buy a ton of special equipment some of it is useful
like the squeezy things I think are really useful the egg thing except where
we go through so many eggs that I need like four of those egg can turn cartons
but in general I don’t buy a ton of camping equipment or car camping or not
like backpacking and so I’m not afraid to just use the cooler and kind of wash
stuff like at the campsite that we’re at there is running water thanks for
joining me I hope that was super helpful helpful for you if you can give me a
thumbs up I would love that subscribe to my page I would love that as well and I
hope that if you use these tips for going camping let me know how it worked
out for you what you loved what you didn’t what kind
of hacks you have down below and I hope you have a great camping trip thanks so much

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