47 Travel Hacks (Tips and Tricks)

47 Travel Hacks (Tips and Tricks)

hey there today’s video is about 47
travel hacks these travel hacks are from my 2019 list of tips and tricks that you
have shared with me as airline passengers these hacks can be used in
the airplane in the hotel when you are packing and even on road trip these are
not going to be the trial hacks that everyone has heard about like the lotion
in the contact case or the razor blades in the sunglasses holder this is a new
2019 list of travel hacks and I have 47 of them to share with you for when you
travel next the number one travel hack for my 2019 list is to use a beach ball
to prop your feet up on you can inflate it while in flight and when you are
packing it it can be flat and take up less space this year I bought a foot
hammock and it hangs on the back of the chair in front of me in the airplane
seat and I can rest my feet up a little bit like for a long-haul flight it will
bend my legs so that the blood flow keeps going through my legs and this
lady suggested a beach ball my friend Debbie shared a travel hack and that is
to wrap duct tape twice or three times around an old library card or a hotel
key card and then if your suitcase has a hole in it or you have something
temporary that needs to be fixed you can fix it like everything with duct
tape and that just gets you to the nearest store or at least gets you home
my friend schemata is a flight attendant and she suggested that you use the ice
bucket plastic bag to put around the remote control when you are watching TV
as she does not like the germs and she has found a way to fight them once your
hotel room has been cleaned for the day and you want to go out touring I suggest
hanging the Do Not Disturb sign on your doorknob to deter criminals from going
into your hotel room because they think you are in there and so they’ll skip
that ring by chance my friend Cheryl shared another hotel hack and that is to
use the hairdryer to get out some of the little wrinkles you just sprinkle it
with some of the water from the sink and then
use the hairdryer to help decrease those creases another travel tip for a hotel
room is to take a picture of your number and that way you won’t forget which room
you’re in I have an ambulance worker who watches my videos and she shared about
the oxy pens or the Tod pens to help remove stains and she knows that because
they are really good at removing blood from stains and that way maybe you can
wear white pants or white jeans on the airplane my friend Nancy gives out gum
to nice passengers if you have a passenger who helps you with your
suitcase or who does something beyond the common courtesy they’re more likely
to take a packet of gum versus a dollar bill or something like that mmm another
travel hack is to pack a doorstop and when you get to your hotel room and go
to bed at night put it under your door this has happened to my husband twice in
19 years someone has been assigned to his room from the front desk and they
opened the door and realized someone’s in there and closed it right back my
friend Diane has a great travel hack to help with liquid containers leaking and
she just cuts off squares instead of like the saran wrap kind of things she
cuts out squares and just lays that over the top of the bottle and then screws
the lid on another travel hack is to tie a bandana to your suitcase or a cute
little scarf to your suitcase and that way it is easily identifiable in baggage
claim and then also take a picture of your suitcase if it gets lost it’s more
easily identified and then also putting some kind of contact either an email or
a junk email your phone number even if you feel safe doing that put that inside
your suitcase in case it gets lost you have a picture to show baggage services
people so you can get that bag back when I travel with a belt an easy way to pack
it is to just pack it in the outer pocket but another way which is kind of
a travel tip or travel hack is to roll it up and pack it inside the collar of a
man’s shirt it keeps the collar rounded and inform and it also is just a flat
place to put your belt and inexpensive travel hack is to get a
shoe container from the dollar store and then hang it over the back of your door
in your hotel or your Airbnb especially if you travel with kids or teenage girls
who travel with a lot of clothes it’s just another way to store and spread out
everything and have space for all of your travel gear when you’re traveling
and this travel hat from my old neighbor Donna use this and found this out with
her adult daughters when traveling in a hotel room use an ironing board in your
hotel room as an extension of the countertop the make up their curling
irons whatever you need so you everybody has their own space but a tip from a
pilot friend said be careful that the makeup blush powders do not get on the
ironing board for those people who are ironing especially white shirts another
packing tip and travel hack is to pack a bright green peanut butter lid and use
that in your hotel room counter to put your key card your rings your jewelry
eyedrops because when you leave it’s easy for some of those things especially
jewelry to blend in with the granite counters that are in a lot of hotel
rooms and that one and this one are from my friend Sheila when you get in your
hotel room flush the toilet immediately because that’s when you want to find out
if it doesn’t work not after you have unpacked a great trick when you have a
departing flight that’s really late at the end of your vacation is to plan that
day to be a spa day check out of your hotel at a late time and then spend a
few hours at a spa if you can afford it still if we have not met yet my name is
Lori and I want to say welcome to my channel I am a pilot wife here in
Houston and we’ve traveled and made tons of mistakes and learned lots of travel
hacks for about 19 years together I’ve made a couple of other travel hack
videos so be sure to look those up and as well as a life hack video but one of
these is how to store your cash when you are traveling somewhere and you need to
stash your cash in different places a great travel hack is to use an empty
chapstick tube and if you want to have a bottled beverage in your hotel room and
you don’t have a way to open the bottle you
can use the V in the back hinge thing of your hotel door my friend Lucinda has
another inexpensive travel hack and that is to get a bunch of washcloths from the
dollar store and use those or cheap underwear while you’re on vacation and
then get rid of those at your vacation destination so that you don’t have to
pack as much when you’re coming home I can’t remember if this travel hack is in
my video or if I share this on the news station here in Houston but you can use
blue tape to cover the microwave light in your hotel room the clock light over
the peephole door but you can also use band-aids or post-it notes my friend
Elsie packs a set of sandwich bags to portion out her snacks while she’s going
if you have kids you can give each one these little baggies and I love that
hack especially if you’re traveling to an Airbnb pack some baggies so that you
can marinate your chicken that’s what we always forget anyway and then she also
portion controls by using sandwich baggies on her vacation from my friend
Aubrey I learned a travel tip is to use a school sheet lunch box as a packing
cube this is one of my packing cubes that I use to pack my clothes in but
there are several different options some people have even used gallon bags and
then I have a friend Rebecca who uses the plastic container squishy thing bag
that your sheet sets come in this travel tip is for when you do have a washing
machine for your clothes but you do not have a dryer run the wash cycle or the
spin cycle three times and that will almost well it will really help it get
all of the water out of your clothes you know what I’m saying I have to travel
hacks for the original type of brush holders you can pack eyeshadow brushes
in there or you can pack your fingernail file in there or you can treat yourself
to a fingernail file travel carrier it comes with like a glass or crystal
fingernail file but I use one in my purse that’s this and I use my regular
emery board and then this one I always keep in my travel bag a great travel tip
is to stick stickers that say fragile all around your suitcase and it might
get more sensitive treatment let me know if you like this travel hack idea for
making sure you have clothes to wear at your vacation destination in case your
suitcase gets lost one of my friends packed some of her clothes in her
husband’s suitcase and some of his clothes in her suitcase
just in case your suitcase gets lost a quick travel tip is to use your hair
straightener to iron your collar if you need that and then another travel hack
is to use a Kleenex in the bottom of the mesh pocket of your backpack for when
you’re at the airport and you buy a bottled water and it’s ice-cold
well the condensation coming off of it drips onto your cute travel outfit and
this will help absorb some of the condensation I travel with this backpack
because it’s like a school backpack that you can probably get on sale now
anywhere but this holds a lot of my clothes when I travel but I recently got
this one the spring and this is more like a purse it’s size large I’ll link
it below but I think I would go with the small size so that it was more like a
crossbody but it’s a backpack my friend Frieda packs an extra toothbrush just in
case hers falls on the floor you can always check with your hotel to see if
they’ll give you one which most of them will but if you don’t have that
opportunity or if they’re fresh out you will have one in your bank a lot of you
like to put on your foundation with a Beauty Blender the way you use this is
you wet it and it will get larger but when you are just packing it in your
suitcase or travel bag it can go in a plastic Easter egg like I share it in my
life hacks but for when it’s large and wet and you’ve got to put it in your
bags I suggest packing a golden egg if you
travel with a lot of charging cords or tech gear a one hack is to put rubber
bands around those and then pack them all in like a pencil case which are
everywhere and now as well another subscriber told me that she uses plastic
baggies for everything and if you think of it and you are really creative
you can pack a lot of different items in baggies she packs her earrings or
earplugs any kind of small jewelry in sandwich baggies and then she puts these
inside a gallon baggie where she has packed her necklaces just a little idea
and then she also cuts like a rectangle of a self liner that rubbery sticky type
and that helps on the tray table to secure your cup to hold up your phone
without your phone slipping if you don’t have a phone pop brilliant you can also
use this to open up a jar lid another trial tip is to use a sandwich baggie or
this snack baggie and wet your cotton balls with oil or makeup remover or
alcohol if you need that fingernail polish remover and store those in here
they do not count as liquids because they’re totally absorbed in the cotton
ball I have another friend who thought of a travel hack for when your tags get
ripped off of your suitcase handle and that is to use a little monogram sketch
or and paint like a white lowercase letter of your first name on all sides
of your suitcase that way when it comes through the baggage claim you can see it
it’s not ugly it’s not flashy or whatever it’s just a neat way to
identify it or you can just use a piece of blue tape on all the sides as well
another item you might want to pack for a travel hack is suction cups they can
be used to hang up towels they can be used to hang travel clothesline you can
put the suction cup on the bedside table or the countertop somewhere and wrap the
cords of your charging cords and cell phone and everything around that so that
they won’t fall behind the bed or behind the furniture in a hotel room especially
if you’re traveling alone a travel tip is to ask the hotel staff what are some
things to do or where to go and then another way you might ask it is say I’m
meeting people down here where should we meet that kind of thing you get the
local atmosphere and you feel a little bit safer if you’re interested in some
travel safety tips be sure to check out my movie that I’ll put up there and in
the description box below by the way now can tell YouTube how often you want to
get notified that I have uploaded a free video about travel tips so if you click
the bell beside subscribe that way you can customize it for whatever you want
to hear and see okay the night before you leave for vacation and you are
charging your cell phone your power bank over in the wall by the plugs put your
suitcase and your backpack over there so you will not forget those cords a lot of
my friends travel with their own travel pillow case and that is used because it
has the smell of home and it just helps their sinuses or mentally fall asleep
kind of thing but do not pack a white one or Kremlin and you do not want to
leave it behind because it’s going to blend in with all
of the other sheets in the hotel room the last two travel hacks I got from one
of my favorite travel ladies and that is Samantha brown and that is two uses for
an ironing board in your hotel room you can use it lower to use as a kid’s
activity section or activity center table because it can be right where you
need the height to be and then you can also lower that ironing board and sit on
the edge of your table and watch TV and have your own tray table and eat dinner
while you’re watching TV in bed how awesome is that to eat dinner in bed
anyway thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie channel let me know if
you have another travel hack and i will start making my new list

100 thoughts on “47 Travel Hacks (Tips and Tricks)

  1. So many useful travel hacks, thank you! I am flying in a week and going to incorporate lots of them into my packing and traveling.

  2. Great tips! I pack our swimsuits in my carry on bag, so if our luggage gets lost, the kids can enjoy the beach or pool while we await the return of our luggage.

  3. I love your recommendations. They are for the real person. Cannot afford a $300 bag. Is the gray bag the smaller or larger size?

  4. I carry a piece of a no-slip mat (the ones used to prevent slipping in the bathtub) in a large ziplock bag when I go to Europe. They have deep, slippery tubs with no grab bars and very few hotels provide the no-slip mats. If it’s damp and it’s time to go, it goes into the ziplock and back in the suitcase. It’s about 14” x 16”, large enough to stand on.
    Also, I wrapped painters’ tape (the “blue tape”) around a pill bottle that contains paper clips, safety pins, etc. And I carry a small roll of duct tape that’s about the size of a roll of scotch tape that I bought at Hobby Lobby. (You can pick your color!)

  5. Also, I always pack an extra shirt and pair of underwear in my carryon (and socks, if I’m wearing sneakers), just in case.

  6. Hi, Laurie. Thank you for your tips. Returned from a week-long trip and used many of your tips for a wonderful vacation. Cannot wait for the next helpful video. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks for all of your tips! We are flying out of the country for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’ve been “educated” by many of your videos. In one of them you showed a small square pill box. I use a long skinny one at home to dole out daily prescription and OTC vitamins & meds. Do I need to have everything in original bottles? I haven’t really found a definitive answer to that question yet. I’d appreciate any info you may have.

  8. Thanks for all of your tips! We are flying out of the country for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’ve been “educated” by many of your videos. In one of them you showed a small square pill box. I use a long skinny one at home to dole out daily prescription and OTC vitamins & meds. Do I need to have everything in original bottles? I haven’t really found a definitive answer to that question yet. I’d appreciate any info you may have.

  9. I really enjoyed this compilation of hacks. Thanks for the great ideas.
    Here’s my tip.
    I save underpants that are worn out and would otherwise be thrown out. I take them on vacation, wear them one last time and throw them out there. Backfired one time, the cleaning lady removed them from the garbage and washed and folded them. Two days in a row! She must have wondered how I could afford a vacation when I couldn’t even afford decent underwear.

  10. Such super travel hacks!! We seem to travel in the winter so we do the 1 outfit of his in my suitcase, vise versa, I always pack a gallon ziplock with other size ziplocks in it including a few more gallon size and a smaller kitchen garbage bag (wet boots last day going home in suitcase), again traveling mostly in winter so under our fleece jacket/top we wear older t-shirts and at the end of the day, toss them in the garbage…more room for souvenirs! Love the suction cup and 2nd toothbrush idea. I also buy some bright colored ribbon, on each zipper of my suitcase I tie a piece of the ribbon, leaving a few inches of it dangling just incase my multiple name/address tags get tore off (happened to my friend flying to Iceland) and she had a common suitcase! YIPES.

  11. Great video! To cover liquids I use plastic from the stray plastic grocery bag that makes it into the house. But don’t use anything that has color labels – I learned this the hard way

  12. Thanks so much for all of the great ideas. I really love your videos as they are not only helpful but also so entertaining. You're so good at this!

  13. I now only purchase a backpack with an rfid compartment and a trolley strap so you can put the backpack over the suitcase handle.

  14. I love your travel tips however most individuals are not careful with using the ironing board. I had clothes damaged with someone using an iron board for probably eating off of it or using it as a makeup table.

  15. Instead of the tissue in the side pocket of your backpack, I always use a koozie. It will absorb the moisture AND keep your water cool. It's reusable, and comes in handy if you want to keep a soda or beer cool later! ALSO, I like to lay one of the small face towels out on the counter by the sink to put my bathroom, etc… items on. That way you can see everything and not have to pack an extra item(green pb lid)!
    I love your channel and have learned so many great travel tips from you! I kind of feel like a pro now! Keep up the great work!

  16. Laurie, I just recently discovered your site – great videos and tips! I am a professional photographer who travels internationally quite regularly. Managing the ability to charge all of the different batteries and devices was a challenge until I purchased a power strip that works in both 110volts and 220 volts. It has two three prong U.S. style outlets plus four USB outlets. It has a U.S. style plug at the end of the cord so all I need is the correct adapter to allow it to fit into the wall receptacle. While it is NOT a power transformer, most chargers work on both voltages. I have a multi-adapter that has worked for me just about every where. In addition, on planes that have a power outlet they often only have two outlets for three seats. I always have a splitter (also known as a tap) that turns one outlet into three. It has saved several situations that could have become uncomfortable with my seatmates. I also found a night light that is able to be used in 110 or 220 volts, 50 or 60 cycles.

  17. Still dont understand why people feel they need to "reward" someone who helps them on the plane with lifting luggage up or down.Isnt a thank u enough?
    I guess common courtesy isnt that common anymore.
    Great tips thank u!

  18. I absolutely love all your tips and hacks, very helpful thank you…
    I have one Airline hack that may be useful for some folks. I love when they serve you a little Ice Cream for dessert, but it's usually frozen solid. So, what I do is order a cup of coffee or hot tea and dip the spoon in the hot liquid to help scoop it out of the container. Only works if the flight offers you metal utensils. 😉

  19. Great tips! I am flying from California to Washington DC in October, (I am so excited!) and several of these will come in handy! Because of neck problems, I have to take a special cervical travel pillow with me, and I accidentally left it in the hotel because it had a white pillowcase on it. I called, but they never found it. I now take one that’s teal blue and stands out. Love your videos!

  20. I use the hack with the ironing board to extend my bathroom counter space, however I place a clean towel on top of it to protect both my makeup / toiletry as well as the ironing board 😀

  21. I think nail polish remover will eat through plastic sandwich baggies, but you can get polish remover wipes in foil packets. Although last item I flew with a ton of cosmetics, lotions, medical creams, packets and wipes etc, I got searched and wanded and scanned like crazy. They couldn't figure out what set off the machine, finally let me through. Now I don't take anything I don't KNOW I need, I figure I can buy anything else there in a small size and use it up or leave it with people I'm visiting.

  22. Laurie, thank you for your great tips. I stick to my cables/chargers a washi tape and write down my initials, some times when you are traveling with other people, they can get mixed up. And yes, I normally pack a change of cloths and underwear in my carry on or backpack just in case my checked bags don’t arrive the same day, I also told my husband to pack his cloths in two different luggages just in case one doesn’t arrive, witch already happened with his luggage the last time we went to Colombia, I gave him that advice just on time 😅

  23. Great tips!!! Instead of a doorstop use this portable doorlock I found on Amazon. My daughter lives in an apt and uses it daily bc various workers just come in unannounced.

    DURABRAVO Portable Door Lock Safe Secure Door Attachment for Travel, AirBNB, Apart… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VV6HXP3/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_Oz2CDb4XYS6MP

  24. Love, love, love these videos! I needed a way to identify my bag, and I love the idea of a "monogram" painted on.
    One more tip I have – if you travel with a pillow, put two pillow cases on it. That way you can use it on the plane or the car, but you can take off the outer case and have a clean one when you sleep at night. I don't know how well it protects you from germs, but if you're carrying the pillow (and haven't packed it), taking off that outer case makes me feel like I'm not sleeping with all the travel grit and grime – especially if the pillow accidentally falls onto the ground.
    One last thing – I got some little tiny pill cases and used them for my lotion on my last trip. Such a great idea! They held a lot more than I thought they would. I'm a lotion fanatic and I only used 2. Special thanks for that one!

  25. Hi Laurie, great video! My tip is to schedule your return air home as late in the day as you comfortably can. I pack my day bag with my travel clothes and wear my bathing suit. I have my hotel keep my luggage safe after I check out and spend a few hours by their pool. Many Southern hotels have an pool snack bar which can offer you lunch. Before it is time to go, I use their spa shower, put my bathing suit in a “wet bag” or zip lock bag and now ready to travel back home after a restful day! 😍

  26. Hi Laurie! My 10 year old daughter and I love watching your channel together. Our travel tip is to use REUSABLE baggies for packing. I have ones I use everyday and some I keep just with my travel stuff. Reusable baggies are much more durable and come in super cute patterns and colors!

  27. To keep all my charging cables from getting tangled place each cord in its own zip lock back. The will all lay flat and you do not have to keep up with rubber bands or ties. I then put all the bags and the plug adaptors in the small mesh packing cube. I tend to take it out when going through airport screening. It may not be needed but a friend had her back flagged for extra screening since the X-ray machine showed a butch of cords in the middle of her bag. By pulling it out it is easier for the screeners to see what it is and since it is in one packing cube it is easy to take out and put back in my back.

  28. When we travel to Europe we take cheap wash cloths from the Dollar store and just leave them behind because in Europe most hotels don't supply wash cloths and my husband & I use them. Also we take our oldest underwear (save them up for traveling) and leave them behind thus saving on dirty laundry coming back with us.

  29. If you antique shop or buy fragile things on your trips, here’s a great tip! – pack a roll of bubble wrap and some really big rubber bands. You can then protect your items on your way home and if you need to unpack anything when you go through security you can easily unwrap and rewrap everything! Worked great coming home from Paris after shopping at the Paris Flea Market and finding several lovely little breakable antique items.

  30. Lots of great tips. I love your channel and content and friendly presentation. I use a collapsible dog bowl for a valet on the hotel nightstand for my wallet, keys, jewelry, glasses and phone. I put my Bible and iPad under or beside it. I have grabbed these important items quickly a couple of times when the alarm in the hotel has sounded in the middle of the night.

  31. The walls inside cruise ship cabins are metal. We always pack magnetic hooks for hanging things that don't fit in those tiny closets.

  32. Maybe not the best idea to leave any kind of bag with your cellphone charging. I've seen this and they have to announce that a bag was unattended and it causes a bit of worry. I say keep all your things within arms reach.

  33. Hi Laurie I loved this video w all d hacks & specially d piece of self liner to secure ur cup or cell on table. 🙏😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. Love the ideas! Two "exceptions": don't put nail polish remover on cotton ball and then store in baggie. It will melt the bag. Also, putting plastic wrap over bottles and add screw tops is a great vhf idea BUT the liquid can't be acidic. I just got back from a cruise where I did that with lemon juice. When I opened it. The lemon had eaten the plastic.

  35. Hi there, love these hacks! I'm with your friend….we bring zip lock bags(reuse) every trip to put our TV remote in and Clorox wipes to wipe the room down before we do anything! Now, we will also flush the toilet. Thank you!

  36. Love the travel too about flushing the toilet. Also check the shower/tub to see if there is hot water & to see how well it drains. Found that out the hard way, smh.

  37. I always pack a Foldable Pop Up Mesh Laundry Basket Hamper to keep all the dirty clothes in. It folds flat when not in use but holds loads of laundry. Available from Amazon. Also keep the complimentary plastic shower caps in hotel bathrooms and use to pack shoes.

  38. I just saw this product a few days ago at bed bath and beyond and it is amazing. It is a Samsonite Silicon collapsible 16 oz water bottle. When unfolded it looks like an actual water bottle. When rolled or folded up it is 2 by 3 inches big. Plus for me is it does not look like a colostomy bag like some others do.

  39. I'm on a road trip and some tips have come in handy such as flushing toilet first!! covering the peep hole and fabric/air freshener for the room. Thanks

  40. Laurie, my cell phone service provider doesn’t have any options for international data plans. What do I do about not having a working cell phone while out of the country?

  41. I like to pack some over the door plastic hooks for extra spots to hang items. If your hotel door is metal, pack a small magnet and you have somewhere to hang tickets/itineraries so that you don’t forget them heading out the door. Also, I believe if you squeeze in the sides of liquid containers…it creates an airlock and prevents spills.

  42. I always bring a small flashlight and I have two plastic S hooks to put over the shower curtain rod so I can hang my bathing suit or towels or whatever you want. I haven’t done this yet, but on my next trip I will bring a clothes hanger that you can put over the door. There never seem to be enough places to,hang things. I’m also thinking about bringing some command hooks that can be put on the wall or door and then they can be easily removed when you’re ready to check out. Hope this helps.

  43. https://www.rd.com/advice/travel/germy-spots-in-hotel-room-hair-dryer/
    Did you know this?
    It’s because people don’t close the lid on the toilet when they flush. The germs spread and get on everything. That’s why I carry my blow dryer on trips with me now! Tfs!

  44. I only like Dove bar soap, so when I feel that a "home" bar of soap is about the size of the soap you get in a hotel room, I put it aside, dry it, and save it. Then when packing for a trip I can pack a smaller sized bar of my preferred soap, and throw it away later instead of bringing it back home. Same with my favorite toothpaste. When I can tell I have a few days/week of toothpaste left in a tube, I put it aside and pack that one when I go away. Again, I just throw it out when it's time to come home. That is WAY cheaper than what most drugstores are charging these days for a "travel" size tube of toothpaste.

  45. I use a hotel washcloth to put jewelry etc at nighttime. I always put it on the right side of the tv. Gives me plenty of room,don’t have to carry anything extra and shows up on the dresser.
    The other thing I do is all accessories are red, cords,plugs, anything that could be overlooked easily.
    One more thing, I bring a travel pillow because the thought of sleeping on a pillow that someone else sweet on the night before is just disgusting!
    Thanks for all your tips, going to get a door stop and spray paint it red.

  46. Hi Laurie. I absolutely LOVE watching your videos. I learn so much from you. I’ve watched most all of your videos, some more than once. 😁. Thanks for putting out such great content. You are a true professional! 👌😁

  47. Hi Laurie YOU are a pleasure to listen to for hours 😉 & do an awesome job sharing all these ideas…. THE one about the colored jar lid in hotel room made me think of one I use — TAKE inexpensive different colored frisbees for each person then each person has a (larger place than a lid) to put things – baseball cap or men have a wallet. THEN when ready to leave they nest nicely in your luggage. HELPS to not lose in room/leave something behind :). Question – I'm debating doing a check bag or carry-on as I struggle already with balance/walking issues. THINK will do a check back & pack it like it's size of carry-on SO won't be so heavy, as already have to be responsible for my c-pap bag & which ever personal bag decide on ( I REALLY love your latest bag w/ the tassel) but in this video it did show how much smaller it is compared to the black/white one. So will have to keep thinking on it, hmmm. AS I really want to be able to take an extra outfit in it & (and XXlarge down jacket OR might have to just hold it like a blanket since it's only a 2 hr flight. #SouthernGirlsRTheBest

  48. Greetings from a new follower from Norway! Thank you so much for all your videos with hacks and great tips for travelling! I am going to the Us in December and cant wait to go there. I love your great bag on the right side and love the idea with a scarf on it. Do you have the smal or the large size of the bag? 😊❤️

  49. Too good!🤗
    I take an empty tiny dollar store spray bottle, fill it with water at my destination and spray my clothes while I unpack to release wrinkles.

  50. I like to take an empty, travel size wrinkle-reducer spray bottle with a fabric softener sheet tucked inside. When I get to the hotel I fill the bottle with water and I have my own bottle of wrinkle reducer spray without having to put it in my 3-1-1 quart size bag.

  51. Just discovered your channel & have been binge watching. Great tips and presented with charm and humor. Thanks! I always take a purse size spray can of Lysol and give the bathrooms a thorough treatment.

  52. I have taken two chairs back to back and (hang a broom or whatever is long) as a makeshift clothes line ,placed near the air conditioner or heater

  53. Bandana on the bag is genius in many ways, it can be used to go with an outfit, as an extra large hankerchief in case you cry, and extra head band

  54. Airport Suggestions . . .
    Wear two pairs of socks to the airport. Good/new socks close to your skin. Very, very, old socks over the good ones. After Security . . . and walking on airport floor . . . toss old socks and put shoes back on over good socks!!.
    Judy in Virginia Beach

  55. Just found your videos and you are awesome. I’m leaving for Europe in three weeks and I just ordered my Zella leggings!!!!

  56. Samantha Brown had a great hack….if you have an expandable suitcase expand it when packing then when done press down hard to remove air while zipping expand zipper close, so it goes back to original size (great idea for carry on !

  57. I always bring a pop up hamper and a laundry bag that has strap for carrying it on your shoulder. I use the laundry bag in the hamper like you do a garbage bag in a garbage can. I find a hamper easier to toss dirty clothes in to but a bag easier to haul the hotel's laundry room. So, when I'm ready to go do laundry I just grab the bag and go. I also bring a couple of collapsible fabric drawer dividers (one smaller one and one larger one) with me. The smaller one always goes on the table or dresser and gets used to corral the small things such as receipts and change (coins) that I tend to clear out of my wallet/bag if I return to my room mid day or at the end of day. The larger one I'll use to corral anything that will fit in it in the morning before I leave and stash it in a drawer. Usually what ends up in it are chargers and anything from smaller one that I haven't dealt with. I also carry some small post it notes in my purse, both at home and when I travel, to cover the sensor on toilets that automatically flush. This keeps the toilet from flushing until you'rel ready for it to flush. Which means no more unintentional flushing or scared little ones because of the toilet going off unexpectedly.

  58. Please say that you need to cover the ironing board with a towel if you're using it for any reason other than ironing. I've ruined clothing twice using the hotel ironing board. While these tips are nice, there are too many people that wouldn't bother to cover the ironing board when using it.

  59. I know you’re not in the financial business but would it be possible to talk about the different airline credit cards and the perks they provide? Thanks!

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