48 Amazing Gifts We Got On Tour

48 Amazing Gifts We Got On Tour

♪ La, la, la ♪ ♪ La ♪
(dramatic music) – Today, we are reviewing fan art. – Really not reviewing,
we’re appreciating, and sharing it with all of you. And Eugene will be telling us
how much he thinks it’s worth. – I’m an art connoisseur of sorts. – At the end of this
video, we will be selecting one lucky winner who will be displayed (thunder crashing)
on the walls of the Try Guys office. – Ooh, we could replace our JoJo Siwa art. – That’s right.
– Oh, kicking out JoJo, and you’re getting a spot,
and Ned is gonna send you $10,000 in the mail.
– Yeah! (bell ringing) – Welcome to another episode of – [All] Try Guys Game Time! (upbeat music) – After we did 20 shows
across the country, we had so many amazing fans
who gave us gifts of art they made of us. We just wanna start off by saying, thanks for all the cool art. – If this is your art, let
us know in the comments, we’ll make sure that everyone knows. – Our Try Guys rock tees are on sale for one week only at 10% off. These are selling fast,
and once they’re gone, they’re gone, baby, so get
yours before we sell out. Let’s get to reviewing this art! – Yes. – Grab yourself an ice cold Coca-Cola, (laughing) and enjoy the video. – Why Coca-Cola, Keith? – Well, maybe they’ll sponsor. We just gotta start
inserting brands into these, so it feels comfortable.
(birds chirping) (all laughing) – [All] Try Guys Game Time. – Whoo! Number one, this is a beautiful piece. – This is so cool.
– It’s like marble, that’s all of our four colors. – I remember asking her about this, because it’s like, I
wanna say, layered paint. You drip it down, and then it spreads, and you have different layers. I would wear this.
– Does it look good? – These are hand
– Ugh. – Made.
– Ugh. – [Eugene] Triceratops. Oh, these are amazing!
– Oh my God. – Wow, this is impressive work. I would say at the Try Guys art show, I’m going to value these at
approximately $10.7 million. – Wow, and they’re great kissers, too. (kissing)
– Well, you used to do that with your dolls and action figures? – Yeah, you just make it kiss.
– Make ’em. (kissing) I would do that with my Power Rangers. Then I’d make the boys
do it with the boys, and the girls do it with the girls. As it should be. – Oh my goodness!
– Oh! – It’s just me as a handsome man. – You are gorgeous, Ned.
– Oh, wow. This is stunning.
(Zach laughing) Whoa! That’s like, Keith got some work done. – You Facetuned the fuck out of that boy. He looks amazing. – Oh, I remember this. – This is fucking dope. This person had a Try Guys
themed birthday party. Yeah, the family told us
that none of the other– – No one else got it.
– Knew who we were. – This.
– Yes! – Was given to us.
– Fuck yes! – Oh, this is the best invention. – It’s not original art,
but she gave it to us, and was like, yo, you
could maybe use this. We use this a lot. – They’re mirror glasses, so Ned, show how you would be texting. – Well, normally, I would text like this. – Text neck, bad. – But with mirror
glasses, I text like this. – This mirror lets me see
straight down, 90 degrees, so I’m actually looking
at my hands right now. – Yeah. – I mean, I was like,
here I am, (banging head), lying, ow!
– Oh, ho, ho. Are you okay, Ned? That really was very loud.
– No, that hurt. – It sounded really painful. – I played my Nintendo Switch
on an airplane wearing these and I probably looked a nightmare. But I love ’em! (vocalizing)
– Yes. – [Ned] Custom Starbucks cups. – But you guys got cool colors. My color is just–
– Starbucks. – A little gypped. (laughing) – Is this really what the
Starbucks lady looks like? – Just to be clear, she is like this. – Wait. – What do you think she’s doing, Miles? What do you think, what
do you think she’s doing? – No, she–
– Her legs up like this. – [Ned] No, Zach, Zach,
she could be like this. – If you look at her little arms, she is very clearly holding. – Oh, fuck.
– These are incredible. These are outfits that we will often wear in different videos. This is Zach’s favorite shirt, his little mustard flower sweater t-shirt. Stop making us kiss. – Oh, they’re just kissing a little bit. – This is a boop’n’bop
that we, Maggie texted me, and said, “We’re keeping that.” – I would approximate
these at $20.75 million. – Wow.
– Stop kissing everybody. (both laughing)
(romantic music) – [Keith] Oh, wow, oh,
things are getting hot. Stop chasing me, Zach. – Oh, could we do a
little play real quick? – Yeah. (whimsical music)
(Keith sighing) – [Keith] Today on The Try
Guys, we’re trying table diving. I’ve never table diven before. Ah, I’m a little nervous. I don’t want my fragile
body to snap in half. – [Eugene] Whoo, what’s up, everyone? It’s me, Ned. I got a baby and a wife. Blabbidy, bloop, blap,
ba-dap. (blowing raspberry) – [Keith] Ned, you’re in my light. – [Eugene] Uh, I don’t really feel like table diving right now,
but whatever, let’s do it. (both laughing) – Here, you be Eugene.
– Okay. (whimsical music) – No, no, no.
– Sit on my lap. Sit on my lap.
– I don’t like this game. – These amazing quote boards. – Wow!
– They’re like, inspiration boards for Try Guys quotes. – Shut the fuck up, Eugene. I will literally cut you. – That was from Wedding Dresses. – Yeah. Oh my God. Look at this! Look at the little clitoris. – People really love–
– My little vagina. – Really love Zach in the vagina costume. – Oh, shit, oh, I remember seeing this. This is maybe the funniest, most horrific drawing of my face. – Here, replicate the drawing. It’s that face he makes that I hate. These are not for sale, they’re priceless. (angelic music)
‘Cause there are quotes that I don’t even remember. – Ah!
– Oh yeah. – Oh yes.
– Yes! – This is beautiful, it’s
like little cutout stickers. – [Zach] I’m always really
tickled to find what references they decided, like what stuck with people. This is episode four, “Zach Tries Sexy,” my favorite video. – I flipped my shit when I
saw these the first time. This is just so fun, and inventive, and such a fun way to lay
out a bunch of different, sort of doodles of us,
and I really love it. – Oh my goodness!
– Ooh, yes. – Look at this, this
little embroidered circles. – This isn’t the best example,
but one thing I discovered a couple years ago is
that if you draw Keith, you’re also sort of
drawing Elizabeth Warren. Think about it.
(Ned laughing) – An insane comment or
insane how accurate it is? – [Miles] Both. – One of our Patreon members, Anasted, dropped by the office when she was in town for Anime Expo, and she dropped
off this little key chain. – She does the cutest
anime style designs of us. – I know. Oh, yeah, look at that. I think she also sells a
lot of this stuff online, so check out her
Instagram, it’s super cool. – Just wanna show some
of these awesome photos. – [Keith] Look at that. Wow. It’s you with your Pokemons. – Yeah.
– How does she do this? – [Eugene] She does it with her talent. – She does it with her talent. – Yeah, it’s just fantastic. – Look at this! Somebody wrote a symphony. – This is dope. So this is a guy who we saw–
– What? – At our book signing in New York. He also came to our Meet and Greet, and he has written us, now, several pieces of classical music. He sent us one of the songs over Patreon, and we are now going to
play a snippet of that song for you now. ♪ Oh Zach, ’tis not by years ♪ – I was gonna play this, Ned. ♪ That should be ♪
– Do it in post. ♪ But by thy works, thou doth ♪ – Oh, look at this. Alina drew herself with the four of us. – We should get this out of the frame, and onto the fridge, pronto. This is dope. This is a little book that somebody made, and it’s full of quotes and stills. – [Ned] Strengths? Smart, parentheses, Yale.
– Duh. – True, true. Weaknesses? Third place.
(Zach laughing) Um, I’m not sure I appreciate that. Zach’s strengths? – Sunshininess?
– Sunshininess. (angelic vocalizing) It is a strength. – Favorite video, The Barkchshler! Woo, woo, woo! Beautiful. – The Barkchshler’s your favorite? – People love The Barkchshler. The Barkchshler got a big
fanbase that’s dedicated, and mad that I haven’t done another one. – I wish it had more views. – Yeah, it is the lowest
performing series on the channel. So, you guys, I’m sorry. – [Eugene] You gotta come out in droves. – If you want it to be continued, you have to encourage more
of your friends to watch it, because we can’t renew the
lowest performing series on the channel. – And this is someone,
she has an Instagram dedicated to this, she just
cuts off Furbies faces, and puts them on different objects. I don’t know what this has to do with us, the answer is who cares? I fucking love it. If you ever wanna know
what is the Try Guys’ collective sense of humor? This is it. – Oh.
– Oh, wow. This is Zach teabagging. – [Both] And Ned playing with his balls. (both laughing) – I will tell you that
this is already on my desk, and I had to take it off to
the purposes of this video. Wait, real quick, I’m gonna
pose one for the Gram. (camera flashing) – It’s the Paris design from
the Sit On My Lap video. There’s just so many
Easter eggs all over this. – Head cartoons.
– Oh! Aw, look how cute!
– Aw. – Oh, so cute! It’s a Try Guys Game Time
interpretive drawing. (Keith gasping) – [Ned] Thank you for showing
me how important family is, and how to appreciate the family I have. – Keith, your mouth is so giant, it freaks me out. – Really?
– I’m just kidding. No, they didn’t write that. – Oh, Zach, it’s color!
– Aw. – [Eugene] He’s also
not in his tour outfit. – So this is me, with my hair tattoo, and I made a joke him
tattooing a dick on my head, and she made it a reality. – Holy banolo.
– This one’s fantastic. – Holy fuck.
– Look at the talent. – My God.
– The talent is jumping out of the triceratops fandom. You guys are so talented. – Lightning round, Zach,
you get one word to react to each of these in 30 seconds. Ready, go! – [Zach] This is the Try Pod art. One word to describe it is distinguished. – Here’s a Miles Nation t-shirt. We can just skip that.
(Zach laughing) Eugene Lee Yang, but a vampire. Thoughts?
– Spooky. Spoopy. – Look at how cute this is! I got a bucket! I got a bucket on my head. ‘Cause I’m the bucket gang. – Do you think this is facial hair, or he just has chicken
sauce all over his face? – [Ned] Probably a little bit of both. This is cool.
– This is you, Ned. – That’s me?
– This is you. – What? That’s me?
– Yeah! – That’s not Eugene?
– Ned’s like, nah, that guy’s too cool
looking, that could never be me. – That guy could never be me. – Look at that.
– Ooh. Oh, hot. Hot to trot. – [Ned] Very nice Try Guys card. – [Eugene] That is
Ned’s face when he dabs. – We’ve got a nice forecolor thing here. – She told me, this is my post-op hair. This is what my hair’s
gonna look like in a year, after my surgery. – These look like Nicktoon versions of us, for some reason.
– I love that. – (gasping) I’m Olaf!
– I’m Elsa. – Wow.
– That’s why I like it. – [Eugene] Thank you for being such a positive light in this world. – [Keith] Another great,
great shot of the tour look. – Okay, Keith, okay. (laughing) – Beautiful. Beautiful. – [Zach] What are you doing, dude? We’re not out of time. – Aren’t we out of time? – [Miles] We’ve been rolling
for about 45 minutes. – [Both] We are out of time. (laughing) – Well, Zach, we’ve seen
a lot of pieces today, but there can only be
one winner to replace the JoJo Siwa poster. – I think we’re gonna have
nail these Furbies to the wall, so that people know
beware, Try Guys ahead. There was so much great stuff,
it’s hard to pick just one. We really wanna say thank
you to everyone who took time to make us this stuff, to
show that you care about us, in whatever way you did. So impressed by your artistic skills, but really, just the thought and the care that went behind it means the world. So thanks.
– Yeah. – Check us out on Instagram, @tryguys. We do Fan Art Fridays, every Friday, we post a different fan art. We love it, it’s so cool. So thanks for making cool fan art of us. Thanks for seeing us–
– Try Guys Art. – Giving us all these art– – [email protected]
– And remember, Australia and Singapore, we’re coming to you, so get your tickets now. They’re actually selling out like crazy. So make sure you get some. We hope we see you there. We’re very excited to
visit you in your country. (upbeat music) (Keith singing “Clair De Lune”) – [Eugene] Is this thumbnail you want? Is the thumbnail? (laughing)

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  1. Just clarifying for you Zach, the Starbucks lady is a two tailed mermaid/siren thing not a human.
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