48 HOURS in SEOUL – Luxury Travel Guide in Seoul Korea

48 HOURS in SEOUL – Luxury Travel Guide in Seoul Korea

this is spending $20,000 in 48 hours we’ve gotten to do some pretty crazy
things on this channel and today’s video is no exception
Asiana Airlines recently invited me to test out their round-trip business class
flights on the trip to a destination that I’ve never been before Seoul South
Korea so big thanks to Asiana Airlines for
partnering with me on this video if you’re new here make sure to subscribe
for more luxury content and with that let’s go to South Korea I just got to
JFK checked in my bags the level of hospitality normally checking me in for
a flight is super stressful it’s really rushed but this was actually a calming
experience checking in at the airport thank you
that’s our plane right there I’ve never been on a double-decker plane so I’m
excited to see what the seats look like and get this trip going so this is going
to be a comprehensive review of Asiana Airlines business class flight from New
York City to Seoul South Korea kind of just taking it all in because I
have never experienced this before I mean this is wild I don’t really have
words for this being the first one on the plane is coming on here and checking
it out all right so I’m going to document this
whole experience as best as I can it’s almost like being in a hotel in the sky
so first things first I’m gonna change out of my suit pants into something a
bit more comfy look how big this book truth is I have never seen an airplane
bathroom with a you is this the toilet the bathroom has a ton of amenities we
have a razor in case you want to get a shave on the fly toothbrush toothpaste
the works much better I was just given the business class menu and the wine
list for lunch they have Western options with traditional you know beef chicken
fish the appetizer is a marinated shrimp and scallop with honey mustard dressing
we have a cauliflower soup and for the main course efj tenderloin steak or
mushrooms stuffed chicken dessert is espresso tara misu
it’s like having a gourmet restaurant on a plane its overlay boards for how it’s
gonna eat all right just about halfway through the
flight through this curtain check this out this is the business class lounge slash
social area 13 hours is a long flight you can come here kick your feet up
relax read stretch it honestly feels like we’re in a hotel that just happens
to be in the sky yeah like in a movie it’s like a movie airplane and with that
I am all stretched out six more hours of fly time to go a very quick six hours
later something a baby time to change again we are just about an hour away now
time to get a little breakfast snack fresh cup of coffee and there appears to
be some kind of a pastry cake I think it’s like an apple strudel thirteen and a half hours later we’ve
arrived Incheon Airport is the gateway of South
Korea connecting Asia and America since 2005 it’s been rated the best airport
worldwide arriving at Incheon is like stepping into the future they have these
Airport guide robots designed to make your travel wall convenient for transit
passengers the airport also has a nap zone free showers a gorgeous lounge and
duty-free shopping you can even brush up on your Korean history with a cultural
experience or say you have a long 12-hour layover you can take one of
their many free transit tours all free to by the airport to nearby temples or
the market and truly get a sense of the culture even if you’re just passing
through the next half of this video is a soul travel down the top things to do if
you only have 48 hours to make the most of your time and one of the most unique
cities in the East now number one on my list is to stay in a traditional Korean
style Anna so just made it from the airport to the hotel if you’re looking
for that traditional Korean style yet you want to have all the modern luxuries
and amenities of a newer hotel this is the spot here is a tour of our Korean
Suites that we’re staying in for the night entering here the front door and
of course shoes off this is the living room
have a nice TV a couch traditional Korean furniture I love how the ceiling
is rafted you can see the beams of the structure and here is the traditional
sitting room oh look at that painting on the wall little Welcome platter with
some cookies and through welcome drinks over this way is the minibar with
espresso maker then head on over here to the bedroom check this out to have a
massage chair I’m not just talking like a little one this is a full-blown full
body foot leg but back what does it feel like here’s another view of the bed a little
desk here with a vanity closet across the hallway here is the bathroom
complete with a traditional soaking tub with the water spoon over here to wash
yourself off the toilets in Korea I just put America to shame
this toilet has more features than most people’s smartphones this is pure Korean
luxury we’re gonna kick back relax been a long day at travel tomorrow we
Explorer we’re pretty deep in the market and everyone is trying to sell you their
stuff there’s tons of food lined up everyone is trying to say you know come
to my place come to my place next up on my list is to explore Myeongdong and Nam
Dae Mun markets the market is also accessible from Incheon Airport via the
free transit tour Namdaemun market is a large traditional market here in Seoul
the market is located next to the great South Gate which was the main southern
gate to the old city it is the oldest and largest market in Korea and they say
that if you can’t find it here in the market then one of the many hidden
streets then it probably doesn’t exist at all and as we found out this is
actually fat I have never seen so much stuff stack on top of each other and
everyone has their own little stand and they’re right next to each other
vitamins there’s skincare there’s lotion there’s bubblegum all just kind of
randomly assorted Yong dong Street is a bustling shopping area packed with
international fashion brands luxury department stores and homegrown cosmetic
shops that’s right that’s now the number one thing to do here is try out all the
street food there are dozens and dozens of food cars to line these streets
anything from Oreo churros to lobster tails you can find it here any food you
can imagine this right here world-famous the twist potato and check this out so
basically what this guy does is he gets a potato and strings it along of this
kebab stick and then deep fries it and then he puts cheese or onion salt on it
and it basically turns into a potato chip tornado on a stick Wow that’s what dreams are made of in
Korea rain or shine I highly recommend it
coming out to the markets even in the rain this place is packed as
you can see behind me you won’t forget it next up on my list is to experience
the unique cafe culture and Seoul and the first stop on this cafe tour is the
pink pool cafes in style Nanda we got a cappuccino complete with a side of
perfect cloud shaped cotton candy with a slushy topped off with cotton candy only
in Seoul can you come to a cafe and get cotton candy with your coffee you can
also get cotton candy ice cream so the ice cream is right on the bottom you can
barely see it and we kind of have to pick it we can’t really do spoons with
the put it like that we just destroyed something beautiful
now this next spot green cafe it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before
the entire cafe is white with these black accents almost like you are in a
living a comic when you first walk in here you almost need to do a double take
and actually fully process what you are seeing and everything from the walls to
the cups themselves are designed to look two-dimensional the coffee is pretty
good and it’s a one-of-a-kind spot to go for unique photo we have no idea what to
expect we’re heading up to the dog cafe this is amazing
this is paradise you basically walk into this cafe and there’s 15 or so dogs
everyone is playing nice together this is the coolest thing that I’ve seen like
20 after you are in Seoul I highly recommend coming into the dog cafe they
grow up so fast these days and of course what trip to Seoul would not be complete
without stopping into a cat cafe this is a cat cafe which also has meerkats I’ve
never seen a meerkat before but as you can see there are dozens of cats in this
cafe I’m not gonna lie I’m afraid of cats they even have a dr. evil awesome
powers cat this is the downstairs of cat cafe Oh Shh holy Sh
that is a that’s a phone raccoon treat yes use your pants oh I don’t like him
he looks like a menacing mother oh I like you better I think that is a
groundhog if you are looking for a unique experience in Seoul come to the
cat cafe the art scene in Seoul is huge I recommend doing some research and
checking out some of the more intimate galleries around the city we stopped
that one that was pretty unique featuring living art installations from
Peter papst taking a few hours to check out an exhibit is the perfect thing to
do on a rainy day in the city nearing the end of our 48 hours in Seoul since
Incheon Airport it’s a good hour drive from city centre
I recommend that traveling to the airport the night before your flight and
checking in to Paradise City Resort the resort has pretty much anything you can
imagine a five-story nightclub an amusement park
a convention center a pretty amazing buffet and a gym that rivals the best in
any major city the rooms are very luxurious and it’s a free quick shallow
ride to Incheon Airport the following morning
again I want to thank a Shanda Airlines and Incheon Airport for this incredible
trip to Seoul and making travel so seamless and really stress free if you
made it this far in the video comment down below what luxury travel
destinations I should highlight next and with that I
will see you in the next video

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  4. I'm not here to ruin the party, but I felt like maybe the right information at 4:20 can be provided? Incheon only been the best airport worldwide in two instances "since 2005", particularly 2009 and 2012. Singapore Changi Airport has clinched the first place ever since from 2013 till date.

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