-48°C Urban Stealth Van Camping Coldest Place on Earth | Chinese Diesel Heater & a bit of insulation

-48°C Urban Stealth Van Camping Coldest Place on Earth | Chinese Diesel Heater & a bit of insulation

now can you come Do you want me to get this side or not? Um, just let me get this first… right is it good? yeah I think so… just throw ’em in the back I’ll move your treats over here… Want some of my nuts? No thanks. Are you ready for this? MmmHmm… hmm for sure do you pass me my phone Garret
of that thank you so cut the deck I think you start so I start yeah mmm nein fifteen language 3125 3:13 you don’t get
to kill him together I know that I’m just done I would have been more
exciting if I could have though I don’t have a pair of sixes only four points
eight why won’t you have a nine ten Jack and a queen I’m gonna king so I think
that’s five points it should be more than that
so runner five one point per card so five feel like
that should be worth a lot more 15 then I’ve only got two points me and the
viewers are disappointed in that verdict grip is mine this time shuffle getting brutalized matter will stop here
and show this as well you can see we’re set at 2.7 Hertz right now at 2.7 is the
low is 1.6 the high is 4.5 so we’re running it quite low still my batteries
are at 12 point 5 volts they’re underneath this bed kind of where the
heater hose is so they stay nice and warm I don’t think a lot of a problem
with that all night we’re at 540 meters which is the elevation of Edmonton so it
adjusts automatically the fuel mixture no errors which is a good thing that’s
just the time it’s not right and this is showing 25 degrees inside which is
toasty warm it is now 11 o’clock so as you can tell it’s been running for a few
hours definitely going to equalize this isn’t
going to get any colder inside of here temperature outside let me check that
too I think it was last 32 or 33 yeah we’re still at 32 but the forecast shows
it dropping sharply to 39 here in the next few hours by 3:00 a.m. we’re gonna
be at the bottom so I really hope that wind chill picks up a little bit because
I won’t hit minus 53 getting spanked okay so I got thanks to the ACE 2 for
and well that’s it hmm no we run no and this is mine right
it was mine who dealt I thought I did but I can’t remember now no I don’t did
you yeah okay not as yours he’s drunk no wonder
you’re winning everything cheating your way up there oh this is useless well I
got to wait look at that lead I’m pretty sure I
dealt no I’m pretty sure you’re cheating I’m pretty sure you would want that
because that was a shitty hand to have I would only get an extra two points from
that one matter I still don’t suck I don’t think so brutal did uh did we
videotape who dealt that one nope so we can’t use the judge I have to start the jeopardy music she’s making it long and painful she’s
just drawing it out for the fun of it says he isn’t even sport anymore said
the camera I am getting my ass kicked handed to me this is like I’m sure she’s
like cheating and is my and just see hell yeah been a lot some confusion
during the game and I’m gonna make sure she doesn’t try to steal my hand okay my
turn right yep let’s go with 15 25:26 – away from winning I have five six
seven I think that’s everything Oh eight arrived Jack Queen King says
one two three he’s not a go oh it’s so close to need
to capture my triumphant return you need a new mouth so you just can see now it’s
like spankin time I’m getting absolutely annihilated why is there 29 on that
anyways tell us why there’s a 29 on there somebody much smarter than us will
tell us in like two seconds probably has like zero relevance at all someone just
made this someone in China just thought I was 29 is a lucky number that an
update we’re still at 25 degrees nothing else has changed two point seven Hertz
12 point 5 volts still yeah 25 is pretty toasty and that’s 25 at this level
because the temperature sensor is inside the control unit in this hand is yours
this time yeah yeah good use on my garbage please be a joke please be DJ please be
DJ mmm that’d be for me I’ll take that so will I can you start and I will take
5000 actually not quite everyone we’re good to go
25 25 30 and you win let’s just finish this round and see what happens okay
two four six announce it okay I had two four six also
oh wait no that’s not true I had a lot okay so let’s just blow it down take a
deep breath okay listen so two four six eight and then ten
twelve right mm-hmm pretend I have 12 there how you to start
buying lose that no I’m just doing over where 12 would be yeah yeah okay and
then though I never run and a pair I really dig run actually listen
I’m gonna finish this like it’s so good okay so follow 13 14 14 okay no 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 and is there any 15s in here so 22 points yeah yeah yeah I get it
okay snack time snack time is right oh do we want a bowl we have one right
there my just full of cashews salt vegans eat cashews all the time oh yeah
you said you wanted watering you don’t get crumbs in the bed because the tomatoes were next you
really are a dad with really bad dad I’m not as good as Alan Taylor which is a
guy you should follow on Twitter by the way dad jokes are epic I’ll link to it
in the description homemade salsa I don’t know if I said that already but no
better guide than homemade and it’s like a string so I didn’t notice it it’s
funny that I know so brushing your hair it hitting my hair I know is you more
than it know it’s me that’s on your side of the blast radius ya know mm-hmm I saw
it just hopping from you just now I think you’re smoking something and over
here I didn’t do that I didn’t do that Frankie when you like leaned over at the
kitchen table she’s got like you when she lifts her plate up you can see the
circle of a plate around food salt pepper all the things she likes to
sprinkle all over not on the plate with the NHL we’ll go to video review not only do you win it crib but you want
it all very hard to deal with her hope you’re gonna enjoy sleeping on these
crumbs what do you think I look like they’ve did company in that really I
didn’t really think so until I was like watching it and then it just hit me out
of nowhere maybe it’s like the shadow was around like the top of your head
okay the illusion of like his hair maybe whatever it may be I don’t know you just
look like him in if I wanted to meet one Hollywood actor it would probably be him
him Ewan McGregor I’ve had a man crush on him forever dude la although I think he McGregor is
probably cooler in real life but you never know that you meet them this shows
the motorbike show where you roll around the world on the motorbike all I know
about Jude Law’s that he probably drives a limos or something but then the other one would be Bill
Murray I’m not sure there is any slapping I really care about meeting but
I did meet Richard Simmons and didn’t even know it well that’s right DC Do You
Know Who I am or something like that he came up to me when I was eating dill
pickle chips it was like I’m like God honey stay so skinny and he was wearing
all his like typical Richard Simmons stuff right but I was like who is just a
weirdo just like Richard Simmons there’s this girl beside up and she was
kind of just like and watching it all go down
kind of like awkwardly smiling and nodding at him waiting him from from
doing it anyways and then I think you expecting something
to reaction but I wasn’t giving him one mm-hmm just because I thought he was
just some weirdo so I wanted him to leave and and then as they were leaving
the girl turned around I was like yeah that just happened you know he’s we’re
at the Shawn no not the Shaw Northlands I was doing that home gardener show
thing so he’s on my break anyways then later for one of those yeah and then
later I heard that Richard Simmons was doing a big workout thing battery number
three that last one was not fully charged normally the cold especially this coal
sucks the life out of any and every battery you have so if you don’t keep it
worm somehow but they’re warm now and there’s two big spill spots here that
were on that side of the plate just to be clear you can shake that at all you
want but probably to shake some sauce off of it just like you did over there you get water shewag Napoleon Dynamite vigorous and
whatnot mmm I do this with a bag in this bill everywhere kind of like you that
nap down slight coming off my face and it has to be juice metering well you
probably should so any chance I think we’re gonna beat
her ass tonight mmm stuff the same way going on a night
like tonight no one will be around they think no one that a right mind would be
out anywhere I saw the whole mission bus and I saw the missile center no
different one anyways when people call the city line
the 3-1-1 line to report that someone’s out on the street they go and get them
on nights like what what center are they opening up for all the homeless people
the Commonwealth Stadium rec center so they have like three indoor soccer
fields so I imagine they just set things up in there know what the stats are for
people who died on nights like this I call must be pointing it’s almost always
something that’s funny there was still a lot of homeless here even though there’s
extreme cold all right that’s being singers I’m gonna smell like salsa no sorry um I want to put on my PJs before
we are you dirty in mic turning the camera off you guys don’t get to watch
this sorry just a quick note the Edmonton parks guys just drove by but
we’re in a parking lot that is often used by more than just park visitors so
it looks like they didn’t even bat an eyelash at us and just drove past throw
back out again didn’t even hesitate although that might change so we will
keep you posted okay so we doing shared blankets or
separately those times it depends on alcohol
well with that going right now we’re still at 25 degrees so I can’t see it
dropping these separate and we’ll throw the gray
ones over and then whatever happens happen blankets need a directory let’s show you
which way is the long way so I always go in and take I guess Oh or you want to do with these the amount
for a minute two peas in a pod feels like it’s going
to be a very warm night games tended to crack this window did you turn this down
as low as they can go not as low as they can go
it’s it I should be good where it’s at it’s down to two point two Hertz or two
point one Hertz now yeah reading 13 volts on the battery which is higher
than I would expect it to be but the temperature outside – 33 does it feel like anything or no no
no wind at all yet wind isn’t gonna pick up until about 4:00 a.m. June 4 and 8
a.m. it’ll pick up quite a bit so that’s when it’ll drop so our coldest is likely
gonna be at 5 to 6 a.m. yeah winds of 13 kilometres an hour that
might push us over our limit I’m hoping for that anyway or on our phone time on
our own time wine down time well good morning 7 o’clock had a
relatively good sleep although around 3:00 in the morning it had gotten cold
in here because the heater was still on low and the general overall temperature
dropped right now the heater is showing that interior the van is at 13 degrees
Celsius I don’t know if you can see that 3 Hertz so it’s operating at about 2/3
of its capacity the batteries are at 12.4 volts so 7:00
a.m. I’ve got a full day of meetings and seminars so we’ve got to roll back home
and get ready for that but in the end you can see that minus 41 was the
outside temperature with a windchill minus 48 so overall I think it was a
successful test gives you a really good example of what it’s like to live in the
freezing cold insulate your van and yeah just be able to enjoy the outdoors when
most people don’t want to enjoy them anyways till next time

7 thoughts on “-48°C Urban Stealth Van Camping Coldest Place on Earth | Chinese Diesel Heater & a bit of insulation

  1. 2:27 Holy shit there's two of you in that van! Didn't see that coming.

    I went outside to take out the garbage that night it hit -48C.. I about died before I made it back to the house! (I'm about an hour East of the city) Even with the block heater and a hot oilpan heater my van still bitched about starting up that morning LOL

    Edmonton cops won't get out of their car to mess with people street camping if it's below 15C.

    Looks like yall do some backroads in the foothills. You ever go into the back country in BC? I'm a 4×4 vanner as well and I like to spent a fair amount of my time messing about in the mountains and foothills. Wanna share coords to your favorite campsites?

    So I am guessing I should quit fence sitting on buying myself a chinese diesel air heater. Did you go with the 2kw or the 5kw and can you point me at the place you bought it from?


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