4ocean + Miami Police Department Raid Pace Picnic Island

4ocean + Miami Police Department Raid Pace Picnic Island

What’s up guys, we’re at Pace Picnic Island and
we got a call to come down and help with some trash. As you can see, the island is
covered in it. There’s like a big carpet. Miami, on average, annually gets about
sixty inches of rainfall. We’ve been getting a ton of rain and lots of storms
and that’s the perfect mixture to kick all this plastic up onto the coastlines. One of the awesome things about Pace Picnic Island, it’s a beautiful place to
come park your boat and party. This is actually a pretty popular island on the
weekends. We’re gonna pick up a lot of bottles and cans and a whole lot of trash
off this island. We’re definitely gonna need a little more backup, so we called in some muscle. Here we go, we got some lights flashing. Miami Police Department
Marine Patrol Pace Picnic Island, you’re under arrest. Where are these guys from? They’re our police explorers. Police explorers! Tell me about it. It’s a youth based program for who has ambition to be police officers. That’s great man, that’s what it’s all about. Get the community involved. Six of Miami’s finest out here,
we’re gonna crush this island. We’re excited to be here, you can get the
message out there to the public and to everyone, stop polluting. They’re gonna be
doing some diving, we’re gonna be up in the mangroves picking up all this trash
and we’re gonna have a good day. Yew. There’s like a big carpet. Come on. Yeah, it’s a carpet sack. A carpet sack. Holy cow! Ready? Let’s go, go! Keep going! That’s somebody’s living room. Nice work! High five. We moved it, ya know The kick game on Picnic Island is pretty strong.
Check it out, we got water shoes. Some fancy, going out to the ball. Got
another pair of flip-flops. Nikes. So all in all, five pairs of shoes left out here
after partying. So down there we got a lot of bottles,
aluminum cans, wrappers. You pull one bottle out,
there’s another one right there waiting for you. You got an entire thing of
Thai food in here. Plastic container. Plastic utensil. Crown Royal. A lot of
people see that every morning, huh? American Airlines tag. Cigarette butt.
Bottle caps. Cigarillo. Straws. That’s like two minutes of picking up in just one little area, and we’ve barely made a dent. Money lighter! That is a money lighter. So make it rain, let’s say “make it go in the trash.” What do we say to straws? No straw please. Zip ties. We’ve got a suspect on the loose. I found lettuce. Lettuce?! Let us investigate. Should we get this out of the environment? Let’s lock it up. We’ve got some evidence. It’s a straw! We can still drink without a straw, can’t we? I do it. That’s my favorite. Clean ocean! Somebody call code six over here. What are you guys finding? What’s that, dental floss right there? It all makes its way to the ocean. Do we dare open it? Another plastic utensil. Snack wrappers. Plastic bags. Glass beer bottles, bottle caps. [simultaneously] Lighters! Ballpoint pen. Another pen. Second offense, write em up. Ow! I’ve been assaulted. Ouch. [Found] a couple socks, a lot of beer bottles, cans. No bueno. Bottles, cups, forks. How long you been in there? About ten minutes. We’re rocking and rolling Marine Patrol Unit out diving in the water. They’re filling up sacks left and right. We’ve got 4ocean up and down the beach. We need the dust kit. Is it definitely the bottom? Maybe it is the top. Hey, here we go. Future detective! Let’s get the plastic. Look at all this stuff that they pulled out. It’s what you see everyday with sea turtles, and dolphins, sharks, whales, everything getting caught up in that. Glad we’re getting it out. Oh you got a little sifter. Finding plastic. Look at this. Pow! You can run but you can’t hide. You can walk right behind a group of people and they can be picking up the entire time, and where their feet have kicked up dirt, there’s more plastic underneath. It’s just everywhere. You guys did a great job setting this up. We appreciate you. That’s an official wrap here at Pace Picnic Island. We’ve got the Miami Police Department, we’ve got the Explorers Club, and we had a really successful day. 4ocean. That’s right, thanks for coming out! Woo! [Cheers] When people ask you about what these bracelets are, you tell them it’s a commitment to a cleaner ocean. You can talk to them about 4ocean and just hopefully spread the message. Nudge don’t judge. If we can all just get out and just nudge people in the right direction, then we’re making a good difference, right? Thanks for your help. How’d we do? I’d say pretty bomb. Pretty bomb work. Definitely made a difference. Yeah it felt good. We could probably spend hours on here. There’s still so much, things that have so much growth on it. This is just one pile of many. Plastic cup. Of course, plastic water bottles. These can be easily replaced
with a reusable bottle. Styrofoam products, cigarette packs, plastic utensils. Tons of bottle caps. All sorts of stuff. You name it, it’s out here. Items you use every single day. Obey the laws of Pace Picnic Island, or pay the price.

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  1. These guys are awesome!! The work they do is Gods work God made this beautiful world and the Ocean and they are cleaning it after dumb people trash it! It's hard to believe how much trash they cleaned off and around that small Island! You guys really do make the world a better place!! God bless you all!!!!

  2. Great video! I love what you are doing. I am up in Broward and would love to colab with you on a clean up sometime. We will be looking out for you!

  3. Great clean up. Some people are so nasty. They would never throw trash on their own floors, but they don't think twice about crapping up the spaces they share with others.

  4. Can’ you imagine how much more plastic is in the ocean?! And we are eating sushi no wonder human are dying in cancer everyday

  5. I hope when I'm older (I'm 14 right now)I can help you guys out and be apart of the team what you guys are doing is great I'm subscribing😁❤❤(I live in Brooklyn and I know there are places way dirtier than just the beach I go to with my family)

  6. Law enforcement needs to go after the cruise ships dumping their trash at nite, that trash always finds its way to the shoreline's especially right after a storm 🦂

  7. I agree! Give a hoot don't pollute! I carry anything until I find a can! I moved to South Austin and from my home to the store, one bag for trash, one for alluminum. When l got home I had mud from head to toe and didn't even realize it. Anyway, when I moved I did the same thing near a convenient store, wow, 5 boxes full of trash. I couldn't budge it! Someone came and got it! I was something grateful and happy! 😊🎇💖

  8. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin first time I seen this type of action. Good idea good for the land n good for the scenery. Thanks to all who contributed to the clean up. Looked like fun n amazing every things picked up helps…..

  9. All my respect and geatfull for each one that he shearing to clean this place i love maiami I hope to do it fantastic 👍👍👍

  10. Maybe set up some trash cans? I mean if you want it to stay clean, someone has to keep cleaning it. But maybe trash cans would help it stay cleaner longer. Just an observation. But yeah, people who litter are lazy pigs.

  11. If we can get like 5 mil people to raid a military base, why can't we get 5 mil people to clean the oceans? Or clean the roads? Or help fight climate change?

  12. i learned about you guys in my science class and you guys inspired my best friend and i to reduce plastic bags in our home towns. we went to local grocery stores and handed out reusable bags to everyone that we bought from a fundraiser. and i wear my bracelet everyday so thank you for taking the world in your hands to make it a better place💙

  13. Thank you. I do my part. I dont ever litter and when I go to a public area I pick up a few pieces of other peoples trash.

  14. So so so much respect for you guys. Thank you all so much for doing everything you can to save our oceans ❤️ the world needs more people and organizations like this.

  15. I love how you said “if we can nug people in the right direction “ it makes me think of an Astroid headed for earth promising apocalypse but the best approach would be slightly nuging it to change its course. So In a way maybe this impending climate change causing Global warming could be “nugged” in the same manner. If just everyone changes just even a little bit , our destiny will change

  16. I’m all for this, most people have no clue of how much plastic, ceramic and other materials end up in the inlets and estuaries. I pick up trash every Friday/Saturday while out fishing and seems like a never ending battle. Most of the trash is left by tourists. They should ban plastic bags in favor of paper or some biodegradable alternative.

  17. Its a great thing what that organization is doing the only problem is in the time they spent cleaning that up area up ten times that much trash was getting thrown all over Miami come on people why cant we respect the place that gives us life

  18. I don't understand some people. All they have to do is pick up whatever ..Just clean up what they have left After. Why is that so difficult to do? Ya guys are awesome. Great appreciation…

  19. This video actually makes me more mad than anything… it is not very hard to pick up after oneself: an event should never be 'needed' to clean the environment. However, kudos for you guys cleaning up!

  20. This is a great idea by what do you guys do with all the trash you get? Just bring it to a dump or do you guys do something with it?

  21. To bad people can not take back home with the crap they bring with them sad so sad that they keep trashing the places they go to have a good time

  22. Man I wanna help with you guys and explore parts other won’t be able to clean I live in Los Angeles I wish I can go to nyc to go help you guys

  23. it will never stop in the us. it is no use if you dont put a patrol on the island to fine directly everybody beach drinking and polluting . it is part of the american way of life. if you control this island they will find another one for springbreak . even go abroad. no ending.

  24. You only have to see one of your videos to understand how badly we are screwing up the planet. This should be required viewing for EVERY school child AND their parents!!

  25. They are the best….I think high school students as a requirement of graduation they should do this type of community service before graduation.

  26. If Im rich i would use all of my money for 4Ocean to save the earth…..May I be Rich so that i could help u guys

  27. so much respect for the world your some of the most important people in the world and this is heart warming to me because I'm vegan

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