5 Amazing Solar Powered Camping Gear on Amazon

5 Amazing Solar Powered Camping Gear on Amazon

hello everyone and welcome to our new
video when you’re having a wilderness adventure and you plan on camping out
regardless of whether you’re alone or with friends it’s always very important
to be prepared when resources are in short supply these five essential pieces
of solar-powered camping gear can really come in handy as always if you’re
looking for more info or links to buy any of the items featured in today’s
video then simply check out the video description below
alright let’s dive in getting things started at number five on our list we’ve
got an essential piece of any camping kit the sawaki led camping lantern
smokey is on a mission to build the best products for the environmentally
conscious customer and this solar-powered Lantern is no exception
it offers charging both through the attached solar panel or microUSB if you
want to make sure it’s got a full charge before you head out on your trip and it
also features a smart protection chip that keeps your lantern from getting
overcharged aside from the microUSB port for charging the lantern it also has a
USB out port so that you can charge your phone or other devices from it as well
this Lantern is extremely versatile and is the perfect item to bring along with
you wherever you go whether it’s camping or just a little late-night reading on
your porch standing no taller than an iPhone 6 plus it can actually be folded
down completely ensuring it takes up the least possible space in your backpack it
offers three lighting modes high-low or an SOS blinking mode for signaling and
emergency up next at number four on our list we’ve got this ultra portable solar
shower from advanced elements this three gallon premium quality product features
an efficient four layer design that optimizes both heat retention and
performance all you have to do is fill it up and lay it out in the Sun clear
side up and you’ll be enjoying a hot shower in no time it’s got a wide handle
grip to ensure that transport is easy and comfortable and a simple to use
on/off showerhead this shower offers a lot more than simply a portable bag to
fill with water in particular it features a reflective mirror a water
temperature gauge a pocket for soap and shampoo and velcro straps to hold your
washcloth extra soaps or whatever else you may need to get cleaned the fill
valve is extra large and has a simple twist off cap making it easy and safe to
fill up with little effort the three gallons of water it holds is generally
enough for two people to shower provided you conserve water while you’re doing it
and if you constantly find yourself running out advanced elements also
offers the solar shower with a five or ten gallon tank just a quick reminder if
you want a bit more information on any of these products or if you want to buy
one check out the video description down below for our special links moving on to
number three on our list of essential solar-powered camping gear we’ve got the
incredibly handy and versatile solar charger from Joey Tech equipped with
smart fast charging technology and auto detect tech it provides charging speeds
up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps in direct sunlight Sun powers solar
conversion tech takes ordinary sunlight and converts more than 20% of it into
free energy letting you charge two devices simultaneously durability is a
key element of any good piece of camping gear and it’s even more important when
that equipment is relying on a solar panel for functionality this solar
charger is constructed from a strengthened PE tee polymer material
that is both durable and waterproof it comes equipped with eyelets that are
ideal for attaching it to a backpack and it is extremely lightweight meaning you
can comfortably bring it with you wherever you want to go our runner-up today at number two the
solar bag water purifier from pura lytx this sunlight powered reusable portable
water purifier is both simple to use and an incredibly effective and important
part of any campers gear list it offers the broadest protection of any portable
water filter on the market with self-cleaning mesh that prevents
backwash and eliminates the need to clean it yourself tested to meet APA
standards it eliminates 99.99% of bacteria virus and protozoa while
reducing or eliminating other harmful things such as pesticides
pharmaceuticals and metals it is capable of cleaning 3.5 liters at a time taking
only 2 to 4 hours to do so designed to be reused hundreds of times the solar
bag is environmentally clean and bpa-free truly the perfect complement to
any camping gear list and it’s also awesome to have on hand for emergency
preparedness international travel mission teams and disaster relief number
1 on our list of 5 essential pieces of solar-powered camping gear today we’ve
got the Sun flair deluxe portable solar oven this is the most versatile solar
oven that’s available on Amazon right now and it really can do it all you can
bake cookies or a pizza if you want to use it to dry fruits and herbs you’ve
collected during your adventures or simmer up a nice pot of stew on a chilly
fall evening with the use of state-of-the-art closed-cell insulation
the oven can reach temperatures up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit and this
particular deluxe package from Sun flare comes with everything you need to start
cooking right away including two baking trays to dehydrating racks one
enamelware pot two silicon pots and a handy carrying bag one of the most
remarkable things about this oven is that it only weighs 1 pound 2 ounces and
folds down to the size of a seat cushion they can get incredibly easy to bring
with you wherever you want to go with no open flames to worry about you can use
it even in situations where fires are banned and even leave it unattended so
that you can go and do other things while your food is cooking it even comes
with a handy recipe book filled with tips that will make every meal you try
out a smell success so there you have it our list of
five essential pieces of solar-powered camping gear that you can pick up on
Amazon right now as with all our videos you can find the full item descriptions
and links to buy them in the video description down below if you try out
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