5 Best Places to Visit in China! (Our Top List)

5 Best Places to Visit in China! (Our Top List)

Hello Tripsters! Welcome back or welcome
to our channel if you are new here. If you like these videos make sure to
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another video and we are talking about the 5 best places that we have
actually visited, mostly her, I haven’t been to most of these places, but we’re
talking about the top five kind of best places that we visited so far so this is
not a definitive list we haven’t been everywhere in China but the places that
we have been are pretty cool and we’re going to talk about the five that we’ve
liked the most. So, we’re gonna start with number five which is actually Hainan and
she’s been there twice. So, she’ll tell you all about it. I have not been there yet…. I’ve been to Hainan on twice since the time I’ve been in China and it is a really
nice vacation and summer destination. The beaches are nice, it is very tropical there is delicious seafood and there is abundance of fresh fruit which makes me really
happy like coconut especially! There are hotels with lovely pools to chill out
yeah yeah and beaches and not only that there’s also jungle and national
parks, which you can go explore. So it is a really diverse Island and there’s
something for everyone. You can do water sports as well if you want to do
like action stuff. So yeah Hainan is a really nice place to go to.
Yeah, so I’ve seen some of the videos that she’s done in the past and also
obviously got to see the photos and talk to her when she was there and yeah it
seems like a really cool place. I would love to go it’s definitely on my list
maybe… summer time? Yeah, make sure you go on a time that
isn’t a Chinese holiday, I would suggest… Yeah and also avoid the
rainy season, I mean because it does rain it is a tropical island and
it’s kind of down south. So it’s gonna get wet. Yeah it’s a very popular and
summer destination; vacations. For Russians and for Chinese alike… Yeah. So bear that in mind when you go there. Right, so one of the things that we’re
doing is answering the community question and what we asked in the last
question was “How long do you think we have been married?” So, we’ll answer that
at the end. So, stick around for that, but number four
on our list is Yangshou. Yeah and again I have not been there but this girl… cause
she has so much time off, she gets to go everywhere all the time. So, I think
it was last year? I think it was last year… It was two years ago that I went to Yangshou, I flew into Quilin. I had some extra time after our summer vacation and I decided
to go explore that area and also there very hot, very humid, so bear in mind when
you go think about that; what the best time is but it’s amazing this place even
to travel on your own. You can hike, you can bike throughout the countryside and
the countryside is amazing because the mountains the Karst Mountains are just
unbelievably, like unbelievably pretty. like how do you say that? “Unbelievably” um you can go rafting on little racks like flats is it a flats like a flat… like an inter-tube? No it like a flat bamboo little boat but…
Okay…. Anyways, you can do that… Did you do it? No. So why are you mentioning it? You can do it if you like! I don’t want to do it
because it was like super touristy! You can even take a boat from Quilin all
the way to Yangshuo! I mostly biked actually because well I’m Dutch and
that’s what I like to do! mmm…. But yeah it’s really pretty there. Yeah so
this area is really famous and if you know anything about the currency here
it’s on the 20 yuan note. Yeah and so many people go there and they like to hold up
the note and show the mountains while they’re holding the note. Its very
popular many people travel there every year and it’s one of like the top
usually in the top 5 of just about any list of places to visit here in
China. So, it’s number 4 in ours because one of us is actually been there. So
moving on to number 3 is Zhangjiajie, which is also a really cool kind of
nature and kind of outdoor activity these are actually known as the Avatar
Mountains and we went there about, what three years ago and obviously we don’t
have a lot of good footage of that time because we weren’t really thinking about
doing videos but as you can see in the footage there’s actually these beautiful
mountains and there’s also one of the first glass bridges, which became kind
of a popular thing about three years ago! We actually did a video about one near
Beijing you can check that out if you’re interested. So, you can go out there
you can walk through the park because it’s it’s a massive park actually and so
there’s an area where there’s just like the mountains that you can see that are
like standing in the kind of like standing up there kind of just like
pillars in a way… They’re a little similar maybe to the ones in Yangshuo, but a lot taller and less green? and yeah I mean if you’ve seen avatar you’ll get an
idea of what those actually kind of look like and its really beautiful. It’s one
of the best places that we’ve been obviously we put it number three on our
list and even though the area is not super developed it is still a really
nice place to visit to see the natural beauty of China and that’s one of the
things that people don’t realize China’s such a large country that there’s
literally deserts and mountains and rainforest and islands and like
everything everything that you could want! I mean everybody thinks like Oh
Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou area or Hong Kong, but it’s really if you get
out into the nature of China; there’s some beautiful places and so that’s why
it’s number three on our list because even though it was crowded! (mmm May Holiday)
yeah it’s just anyway you go during Chinese holidays, just anywhere you go in
China there’s a lot of people. I’m sure you guys know this.. (especially during
holidays) So be aware of that if you can go in a non peak time or a non kind of
like holiday time… (that would be better) and also if you do go during holiday
season like or during a holiday like we did with Zhangjiajie.
Go a little further, go off the path that is given to you like turn right because
on our first day we took a different route and there was barely anybody there.
Yeah well there’s actually like walking trails too. So when you go down into like
the actual like kind of the base of the mountains you can walk through the
valley and like like the base of the mountains and do like nature hikes and
that’s actually much cooler than trying to be up at the top because up at the
top there’s just a ton of people. And even though it’s beautiful and you
obviously have to go up and see it to get the best experience
would be the kind of wonder off and just kind of again like I said it’s a major
park there’s a lot of things you can do there and most people only come to the
top. They take the elevator there’s this glass elevator thing, one of the tallest
elevators here in China or something like that…. Again one of these attractions
“tallest elevator” “biggest biggest glass bridge” yada yada yada uh-huh…
So they take the elevator up and then they walk out they take a bunch of
pictures and then they kind of go back down. But if you get away from that
there’s a lot of cool hiking kind of areas and the paths.. Like I said just get away from the crowds and then you’ll find it’s real beauty. And then yeah you don’t get squeezed alright! Alright! So moving on to number two on our list of the best places that we’ve been so far in China! Yes! and again it’s one I haven’t been to so I will let Yvon explain it and tell you what it is! I was lucky to go here last summer for a project! I did
a documentary and I was able to go to Xinjiang. I traveled a part of the Silk
Road. So from Beijing we took a train to Xi’am and there we started to go up to
the north and to the west all the way to Urumqi in Xinjiang and I can’t even
describe how amazing this trip was I’m still editing all the videos. I’m almost
at the end of the series but again China is so diverse and on that trip I
literally saw all kinds of landscapes like I saw the rainbow mountains,
grasslands with like bright green grass and then and the horizon mountains with snow on the top! (You were even in a desert) Yeah I saw the desert! I was about to say
that I saw the desert and then Urumqi, the city, the capital city! I saw the bazaar
there! So a lot of history… Very interesting! Yes and also very yellow
fields! Yeah, it was a whole different world. So it was such an amazing trip
like and I got to spend some time with a Kazakh like family in their yurt, which
was so unique like they were talking about their life there and (trying the food) yeah trying their local food, like chatting
with the father, playing with the daughters! Yeah just really amazing! So if
you guys actually want to see what she’s talking about if you go over
to GoYvon, she actually has been editing this series of videos and she’s
getting to the end of it like she said and they’re actually really good.
She went with an actual film crew and she was able to get some of their
footage. So there’s drone shots and there’s a lot of really nice shots, really good
B-roll and it’s really worth checking out, its really high quality stuff because again she had
a whole crew. She had two cameramen and a director who was helping with everything.
So there was four of them on the trip and we did a road trip all the way from
Zhangye all the way to Urumqi, which was like yeah and so they had like a car and
they could stop if they saw something cool take good shots and like she said
the rainbow mountain footage was really cool just everything really cool. Yeah, there was like yaks on the road and we had to zigzag around yeah and like horses everywhere in
cows, so it was a really amazing trip I would love to go back. yeah maybe
well because I haven’t been in again like I said she’s gets more time off and
more opportunities to travel. So this is why she been more places than me, but
that brings us to our number one! “one” and you may not agree with this but
number one on our list is Beijing! And we’ll explain why! Why? No we’ll explain why! So one of the things about Beijing is it is literally the culture epicenter,
kind of, of China! I mean you have the Forbidden City,
you have the Summer Palace, you have the Temple of Heaven, you have the Great Wall,
you have a lot of museums “the National Museum”, you have Tiananmen Square, you have all these really kind of iconic Chinese landmarks. Yeah! You have the hutongs and
then you have some modern stuff like the 798 art district and the Nanluoguxiang
hutong, which has been redone, which is kind of cool area. Bit touristy, but gives
you kind of this kind of modern feel with all the little vendors and shops
and bars and stuff and so Beijing is… It has a lot to offer Beijing yeah even
when like you were mentioning the Great Wall but there’s also a lot of like
nature like if you drive for one or two hours
like it’s still considered Beijing technically, you’re in nature like I’ve
done some really nice hikes through the three rivers and through mountains. So it
has a lot to offer! Yeah and so I mean I think just from a
standpoint of yeah; it’s got great food if you think about picking duck, you got
lots of different food you have a lot of different culture. You got a lot of
different things that just kind of combines everything that is China can be found
here in Beijing and so if there was only one place you could go and this is kind
of the way we’re ranking it if there’s only one place you could go in China
where should you go Beijing like cuz you’ll get what you’ll get the China
feel you’ll get everything from the modern busy business district down in Guomao to historical sites… and experiences local food. I mean from the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I mean it happened here in Beijing
when Mao was up on the rostrum and he said we’re a country. I don’t know
what he said, I’m assuming he said we’re country. Is this another reenactment? This is a reenactment: “We are a country! Welcome to the People’s Republic”. I don’t know I
shouldn’t say that, I’ll get in trouble for putting words in Mao’s mouth, that sounds
weird putting words in Mao’s mouth. Anyways, we will cut this part out… but anyways Beijing is definitely a very iconic place, city, yeah if you had one opportunity to come China you could only
go to one place this is, why we put it at number one Beijing is amazing! Leave a
comment below! What is your top 5? Go ahead and put your top 5 in a list and
then we can see if it’s similar maybe there’s places that we haven’t
been that you have been that you you could suggest us and say go here your
top 5 will change. Yeah I have a few in mine that I would still like to go, we still want to go, we just haven’t gotten around to it. We haven’t even been to Shenzhen, which would be cool. I want to go to Jiuzhaigou, yeah Jiuzhaigou, Tibet… Harbin for the ice festival… we still have a long list. There’s a long long list but so far these are the top five that we think
because these are the places that one of us are both of us have been… Yeah so
leave a comment below let us know your top five is, give this video a thumbs up
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Yeah I know we’ll see you in the next video. Bye-Bye! We didn’t answer the question….. Wait! Wait! There is more! So, we needed to answer the question from the community post and the community post was question: How long do you think we have been married? Yeah, so the majority of the people said like four years, most of
the people said “What you’re married?” oh Yea, but she is taller than you are, (He is so short!) yeah but that was the joke and many of you got it. so thanks for hitting that one, that makes us laugh! When we put in a little joke and you guys get it. Yeah, we have been married
for three. So yes we’ve been married for three years and you’re still going
strong! Yes and so our anniversary will be yesterday by the time you see this…
Wait, is it today? No. it’s not today; it’s on the 25th… What day is it? Today’s, what…. No, its tomorrow! It’s tomorrow! Okay so yesterday! We don’t know when we got married! Its been three years since its happened…. Head over to our community tab for the newest question. and figure out, vote to see… “Where do you
think we’re going?” bye-bye!

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  3. China is been underestimated, I've been to so many famous place in the world. with highly expectation. but you know. they are awesome but not as that famous.

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  5. Beijing will not be my first destination in China even though I had been there for one week. My first will be Sichuan's Juijaigou.

  6. Thanks for the advice on Zhangjiajie, we will go there in September! Don't reckon we would dare to ride that glass lift though! Where is your next trip in China?

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  7. You might like Qingdao and Weihai. Weihai has the other best beaches other than Sanya in Hainan. Nanjing is another cultural city. The city is full of giant French Phoenix trees that forms a natural necklace. Nanjing museum is a very good one.
    There is a majestic modern temple that stores Buddha’s skull bone.
    Wuxi and Suzhou are between Nanjing and Shanghai. They are nice cities of both nature and culture and history.

  8. Hainan has a bad reputation in China, it's expensive, the service is bad, the government tries to manage it, but it doesn't seem to have much effect, hainan's hardware is good, it's only worth going once, not twice, personally.

  9. You seem to have missed a lot. Snow mountains in Tibet, lijiang in yunnan, Mongolian grassland, dunhuang desert in gansu, huangshan in anhui… ,

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  12. Hainan indeed is a good place to travel. I dont know what people in the comments are so whiny about. Yes, it has some dark sides, but that won’t bother me as much, coz there are way more bright sides of Hainan to appreciate.

  13. I can feel the happiness from your videos. It's really wonderful you have been so many places of China which let me wanna have a tour to follow your stamps.

  14. Do not go to China in July or August. The weather is hot and it is their school break, with all the attractions packed with families on holiday. The best time to go is in September to November, just avoid the national holidays during that period.

    China is so big and there is so much history and natural beauty, not to mention all the regional cuisines they have. They have so much culinary diversity. It is very safe. Travelling on your own is fun. Their high speed train lines are to every place you would want to go.

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