5 Best Popsicles for Summer! Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 177

5 Best Popsicles for Summer! Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 177

Hi Bold Bakers! Every summer I do a Popsicle video and soon
after I get inundated with your gorgeous photos. Today I’ve got five brand new popsicle flavors
for you to get you really excited for summer. So let’s get started. So before we start, the recipes for the popsicles
can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com and, as always, to not miss out on any of my upcoming
videos, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Now, popsicles. They are so fun to make, they’re great for
summer, and easy. The first popsicle we’re going to make is
kind of a twist on a childhood classic. It is a strawberry milk popsicle. Into a bowl, add in some milk, cream, sugar,
and strawberry purée, and then mix all together. So for your strawberry purée, you can use
fresh or frozen strawberries and just purée them up in a blender until they’re nice
and smooth. And also, if you want to have no seeds, just
strain your purée. So there you, like I said, popsicles are so
fast to make, this is ready to go into our mold. So here’s the popsicle mold that I use,
it’s inexpensive, I really, really like them, and there’s a link on my website of
where you can buy these. Also, popsicle sticks, you can find those
on my website too. Okay so now we’re just gonna fill up our
molds with our strawberry milk popsicle. So I find it much easier and less messy if
you pour your mix into a jug so it’s easy to pour into your molds. Okay, lovely. On with our hat, and in with our sticks. Okay, lovely. Now the great thing about popsicles is they
don’t take that long to freeze, roughly 4-6 hours and then they’re ready to be eaten. So here I have some strawberry milk popsicles
that I made yesterday, don’t they look absolutely gorgeous? So now, I’m gonna dress up these popsicles
a little bit. I have some melted white chocolate here, and
I’m just going to dip a corner of my popsicle in there. Gorgeous. Now the cold popsicle will actually set this
chocolate straight away. And then just something a little bit extra,
I’m going to add a few little sprinkles on top. Just because ‘why not?’ So like I said, they set straight away so
that means you can eat them straight away. Mmm, oh, yummy! There is something so simple and kind of nostalgic
about this flavor. Oh, these are absolutely delicious. Okay, one popsicle done, let’s move on to
our next flavor. I’m excited about this next one because
it’s one of my favorite desserts. All the layers, different flavors, in one
frozen treat. It is a banana split popsicle. Into a food processor or a blender, add in
milk, yogurt, sugar, and fresh banana. Then, pop on your lid and blend all together. So the reason I’m doing this one in a food
processor is because I want the banana to blend up really, really well, but if you don’t
have a food processor, just mash up your banana by hand and mix all your ingredients together. Okay, this is looking good. It’s nice and puréed, now here I have a
few strawberries that I diced up, because a banana split is not a banana split if it
doesn’t have strawberries. So I’m going to add a few of those in and
just gonna stir them in, so when you’re eating your popsicle you get nice chunks of
banana and strawberry. Okay lovely, this is ready to be put into
the mold. This is one favorite popsicles because the
banana makes it really, really creamy and thick. So delicious. So you’ll see your popsicles make roughly
around 8-10 popsicles, so you will have loads for your friends and for your family. And then again, on with our hat, and in with
our sticks. So now we still have more things to add to
our banana split popsicles, so for right now I’m gonna pop these guys into the freezer. So here I have some banana split popsicles
that I made yesterday, don’t they look gorgeous? The thing about it is, they’re not a banana
split popsicle just yet, because here I have some melted chocolate in a glass and what
I’m going to do is just dip the top of the popsicle into the glass and then dip it into
some sprinkles! Make it still to the chocolate. And there you have for yourself a gorgeous
banana split popsicle. Okay now this guy is all decorated and ready
to go, ready to go into my mouth. Mmm, oh yum! The banana is so creamy; I just love it so
much. And the strawberries, mmm, and then chocolate
on the outside. This is a whole big dessert wrapped into one. Mmm, absolutely love it. Okay, so our flavors are just getting bigger
and bolder, so let’s move on to our next popsicle. So now on Bigger Bolder Baking, we often do
flavors that I like, so this next flavor is for Kevin, because he works so hard. It is a chocolate and peanut butter popsicle. Into a bowl, add in milk, yogurt, sugar, and
smooth peanut butter, and then whisk all the ingredients together. As you can see, this is a really thick popsicle,
it’s one of the reasons I like it so much. Okay, lovely. This is ready to go into our molds. Now like I said, you can see this is really
thick, so it might be a little messier than the other ones, but just with a spatula, try
and push down the popsicle mix into your mold. And get as much in there as you can. And then, because sometimes there can be air
bubbles, all you want to do is just take your popsicle mold and [tap, tap, tap, tap] tap
it on your counter and get rid of all those bubbles, so you get a nice, clean popsicle. Okay, great. On with our hat, and in with our sticks. Okay, another popsicle, ready for the freezer. So now we did the peanut butter part of our
popsicle, now we’re gonna do the chocolate part. So here I have my frozen popsicle, ready to
go. And I have my melted chocolate that I dipped
my banana split one in earlier, and I’m just gonna go ahead and dunk half my popsicle in
there, and then place it on the tray and scatter over a few chopped roasted peanuts. Gorgeous. You get nice texture, different flavors, yummy. So go ahead and keep dipping and dunking your
popsicles. Mmm, Kevin’s gonna love these. I think I hear him coming so I’m gonna eat
this real fast. Okay, don’t tell him we made them! Let’s move on to our next popsicle flavor. Our next flavor is a classic so we can’t
do this video without it. It is a mint chocolate chip popsicle. Into your bowl, add in your milk, yogurt,
sugar, and mint extract. So now our next ingredient is optional, but
if you want to put in a little bit of green food coloring, just to turn it that kinda
minty color, you know the way you see in stores, feel free to do that. And if you don’t want to, just leave it out. Now that all our ingredients are in, give
it a nice whisk up. And then last but not least, add in your chocolate
chips. Give it a quick stir, oh my gosh, this smells
amazing. I love mint and chocolate. Okay, this guy is ready for our molds. So I have my mix in my jug, and I’m gonna
pour it straight into my molds. So here’s a little tip; I don’t know if
you know this, but I am a HUGE fan of TJ Maxx, they sell great popsicle molds and really
cheap so make sure you go in there, check it out and see if you can find something good. I always do. On with our hat, and in with our sticks, and
then we’re gonna pop it into the freezer. After just a few hours, this is the gorgeous
popsicle that you will end up with. It looks and smells delicious. Mmm, yummy. You can’t beat mint and chocolate, it is
such a great combo. Mmm. So this is our second to last popsicle, just
imagine what our next one is gonna be like. So recently when we made two-ingredient no-machine
ice cream, I made a Neapolitan flavor, and you guys went nuts for it, so I thought, ‘What
could be better than actually making it into a popsicle as well?’ So that’s our next flavor. Into our bowl, add in some cream, yogurt,
sugar, and vanilla extract and whisk all together. So now this is the base flavor so what we’re
going to do is divide this between three bowl, evenly. Add some strawberry purée into one, mix it
all together, and then add some cocoa powder into another one, and then mix that all together. So now that we have our three flavors for
our Neapolitan, let’s start to build our popsicle layers. So here I have my strawberry flavor, and I
have it in a piping bag, you can also put it in a Ziploc bag and snip off the corner,
and all I’m going to do is fill up my popsicle mold around a third of the way up with my
strawberry. Do this for your whole mold, and this gonna
be our first layer. Okay, great. Now that this is done, we’re gonna pop it
into the freezer for around two hours and let this layer freezer, and then we’re gonna
go again. Now, put on your hat, pop in your sticks,
and then pop it into the freezer for two hours. When your first strawberry layer is set, go
in with your next layer, which is your vanilla. Now the reason that I like to use piping bags
is because it gives you lovely, clean layers. But you can always use a spoon if you don’t
have them. Okay, great. So now pop it back in the freezer for another
two hours and then we’re gonna top it off with our last layer. And then last but not least, we have our chocolate
layer, for the grand finale. Just pipe him all the way to the top. Fantastic. I’m really excited for these because they
look so pretty. Now we’re gonna pop these guys back into the
freezer for maybe another two to three hours and then they’re gonna be ready to eat. Now I know that last popsicle flavor might
have seemed like a labor of love, but check this out. Look how pretty it is, and you get three flavors
in one. Oh, my gosh. Oh, this is so yummy! Have a little bit of chocolate, a little bit
of strawberry. While it’s hot out this summer and you’ve
got some extra time, make sure you try out these recipes. I know you’re going to love them. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you
enjoyed this episode, make sure you submit your popsicle photos on my website, BiggerBolderBaking.com
because I love to see them. I’ll see you back here really soon for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.

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