5 best tourist attractions in Delhi 40 km to 100 km (Hindi) | Bapu Ki Duniya

It is not easy for everyone to take time in the Delhi-run life. There are very few people who receive two days ‘ weekly off-office in the week, while some people are destined to be in the name of a holiday only Sunday. However, if you live in Delhi and you get a day off and are fond of travelling, we are going to tell you some places that you can easily move in a day holiday. It will be a good and affordable trip for you. Guys, if you didn’t ever subscribe our channel, please subscribe the same and click on bell icon so that whenever we upload new video, it can be shown in your notification. Sultanpur Sultanpur National Park is the most perfect place for bird lovers. For about a hundred years it has been the place of birds and the beauty of the lake to attract visitors. Here, birds coming from abroad in the beginning of the month of September and rest in the lake and nearby places there till March There are about 250 types of bird species found. Situated at a distance of about 40 kilometres from Delhi, this place is a great tourist place where you can go in the same day. Naini Lake Naini Lake where in low expenses you can enjoy the most. It is in the model town of Lake Delhi. You will be reached in just a hundred rupees. It will be 500 to stay all day and eat a drink. The opening hours of the lake are from ten o’clock to five in the morning. You will be relaxed amongst the delightful view. This is a best tourist place even if you are going with family. Okhla Bird Vihar Here are a species of 300 hundred types of birds. This location is on the border of Delhi and Noida. Here, you’ll also see the migratory birds from the far-flung. Besides, natural view will have a very good experience. Damdama Lake If you are thinking of a picnic with a family, it can be a better place. Here you can spend your good time with family. The lake is about 60 kms away from Delhi. Here you can also enjoy boating. It is also known as Damdama Lake. This will prove to be an affordable and excellent trip. Silisadh Lake It is in Rajasthan’s Alwar. You’ll need a little distance to go here. At this location you can enjoy boating, scuba diving, jet skiing and water zorbing. This is an excellent tourist place. Indeed, Alwar is gorgeous in itself. You will have a very unique feeling to come here amidst the light cold. You won’t be able to forget the beautiful scene here. That’s all in this video. If you feel this video is helpful for you, like and share with your friends. And yes! Don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Let’s meet in next video with new topic. Thank you.

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