65 thoughts on “5 Camping Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

  1. I still want to go camping but maybe I'll just camp in my living room under a fort. Anyone else down?? I have cookies and a doggy. Lol

  2. As to the fourth case, I hope they did check closely into the boy's mother to make sure what she had said about her son's sudden vanish is true.

  3. What, no one thought to take another lie detector on the first guy, when he didnt have drugs in his system. Dodgy as.

  4. Hey you cheap bastards hire an Enlgishman to do the commentary on these videos why hire a GD India man???

  5. Great video and I’m a new subscriber. Don’t let the people speaking against your pronunciations bother you. Those people probably only speak one language. I myself am bilingual so I have a lot of respect for folks who learn other languages. English is my first language but I know it can be a difficult language to learn but you’re doing just fine! Look forward to more videos. Btw, I live in San Antonio and we have a few cold cases that may be of interest to you for a future video. Look up Heidi Seeman and Erica Botello, San Antonio. Both disappeared and were found dead within days of one another. Their killers were unfortunately never found. I was close to Heidi’s age when it happened so it’s a case that has always haunted me.

  6. see I'm a horror movie fanatic, so I know better than to go camping.. "thank you Jason Voorhees ❤️" ..and you see this! reality.

  7. Holy crap I grew up in Big Bear Lake and I've never heard about that one – It is actually in southern california though not northern!

  8. Great video, but there's sometimes a lack of consistency with the dialogue volumes from video to video, some need to be louder 🙂 keep up the good work though

  9. Please do a missing persons video or unsolved mysteries video for North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and or Virginia. I bet there are a lot of mysteries or missing people in The Blue Ridge Parkway or Great Smoky Mountains. 🙂

  10. The whispering at the end of the first case nearly killed me… I was walking from my bathroom to the front door to lock it in the dark and wasn't sure if it was on the video or in my house. It's just taken all my courage to roll the clip back and check it was there. Holy hell thank goodness it was ?

  11. a 9 year old going for cookies isn't going to wander off. body found in area that was well searched a year later. sounds like a david paulides case.

  12. Your voice reminds me of an Islamic supremacist terrorist bomber. Hateing the west and americans. Or a stricken viagra solicitor

  13. My father was murdered in the early 70s by a Hitchhiker my parents let stay with them. The killer was never found or convicted. Reopening the case was a nightmare, the evidence was mostly lost. A friend referred me here to see if you might be able to help.

  14. Let me get this straight…the perfect crime is apparently to take a teenage girl of your choice camping, kill her, hide the body, and if anyone asks say "she ran away from me…well actually no I'm lying, what really happened is that Bigfoot took her". State…"ok we're going to take this to trial wise guy…just kidding, you're free to go, everyone knows Bigfoot is real".

  15. I think the little boy was taken, killed, and later dumped near the site he was taken to get rid of the body and so people would think he wandered off. As for the final case, I'm assuming the hand they found couldn't be checked for fingerprints, but I don't understand why the authorities insisted on calling the first body the missing girl when the second body contained her sister's DNA.

  16. Dude you really suck, u forget to mention the year this events happen or u get them wrong, the girl does so much better. Just stick to editing and let the girl narrate. You just don't have it man. Not trying to b mean, ur content is good but the way u perpetuate it or narrate it is awful. Hope to get more content from the girl and u editing. L8rs.

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