5 Epic Summer Camps

5 Epic Summer Camps

There are some bonkers summer camps out
there and I rarely use the term “bonkers” – and when I do, I regret it.
– Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– Parents have been pawning their kids off to untrained counselors since 1861 at
these! That’s right, it’s summer camps! – 1861 at these?
– Yeah. – I was confused there for a second.
– Parents have been pawning… – I understand now.
– … their kids on untrained counselors – since…
– 1861 at one of these. – at these. At at least one of these.
– Yeah. – Or many of these over the years.
– Summer camps! Boopity-boop-boop-boop-boop! We’ve done
some research and it’s gonna be better from here on out ’cause
we’re gonna talk about it. – It better be! Ha ha ha.
– Crazy– need I say again, bonkers– summer camps that chirren can actually
go to. Or adults, I’ve heard! What? How about this? You ever watch The Walking
Dead and thought, “I wish my kid could experience the bleak horror
of a zombie apocalypse?” – No.
– Well, this camp is for your children! – (crew laughs)
– At this camp– Hey kids, gather ’round! You get to watch
a head explode between a revolving door! I don’t know if that happens. I don’t
know; I haven’t been. But I don’t think it happens. And it is not endorsed by
The Walking Dead, let me say that. Hey kids, let’s gather ’round and knife
this counselor in the head repeatedly! Mm. That also doesn’t happen. It’s called
Zombie Survival Camp, though. And for kids aged 10-15 years old, they will learn
the core values of zombie fighting. And every kid gets– hey, listen to this.
This is where it gets interesting. – Sounds like I was on the right track.
– Every kid gets a Nerf blaster when they – show up at camp!
– (Link) I can see how this would be cool. (Link) I mean, my kids would love to go
to this. But it would undermine everything I’ve been teaching them for years when it
comes to Nerf blaster etiquette. In my house, you can shoot me
anywhere except the head! You’re not a zombie, though. You say,
“For zombies, exactly the opposite.” And kids are like,
“I got it, Dad! I’m there.” – Well, my kids are smart.
– Eh, sometimes. – But are they that smart?
– And listen. If you’re worried that your kids are gonna be a little scared of this
whole endeavor, they have research and development positions. This is like the
scientist guy from The Walking Dead who – runs without moving his arms. That guy.
– The one with the mullet. – Your son and daughter could be him!
– So if you’re afraid, you have to wear a – mullet.
– And a flat top combination. I’ve got one here that my kids would be
excited about. I was telling Lily about this yesterday ’cause she’s a Harry
Potter fan. Wizard camp! – Ohh.
– This is actually run by the same company that the one
that you talked about. – Wow, what a company!
– Look at all these different activities! Spell Casting. And all the spells are
based on increasingly difficult concepts – of physics.
– It’s not real magic? – No.
– They don’t teach children real magic? – No, they don’t.
– I’m not sending my kids there. – They keep those secret arts to themselves.
– It’s physics? – (crew laughs)
– It’s a facade to teach them about gravity, inertia, and
black holes, I dunno. Kids, we’re not going to this. We’re
teaching physics to children through – witchcraft? What’s the world coming to?
– Another activity: alchemy. – They teach ’em alchemy.
– Oh! That works. Well, it’s actually just
teaching them chemistry. Oh. This is getting less
fun by every point. – Armor making?
– That’s not bad. Yeah. I have nothing to
undermine that with. – No. Nothing not fun about that.
– Tactical training, which I think basically means beating the crap
out of each other with styrofoam swords. – (Rhett) Okay, yeah. Into that.
– They have one called “dungeon crawling,” – which… your guess is as good as mine.
– (crew laughs) Dungeon crawling. I think that’s where
they just put the kids underneath the crawlspace of the guy in charge of the
camp’s house and like, (silly voice) “Find some termites and fix
it or somethin'”, you know? – (crew laughs)
– Okay, yeah. – Or, like, if there’s a leak under there!
– I’m not sending my kids to this one. It’s a dungeon. It’s a dungeon.
(normally) The BBC actually granted rights to use Doctor Who at
this thing, because– – ‘Cause he’s a wizard. We all know that!
– My knowledge is the Doctor is not a wizard, but they can’t use Gandalf and
they can’t use Harry Potter, so I don’t – know… this is the best they’ve got.
– What about Gary Potter? – I’m sure Gary–
– (dramatically) Hey kids! This year, Gary Potter makes an appeary-nce!
Appeary-ance! – (both laugh)
– Look, it’s Randalf the Grey! – (dramatically) You shall pass! … Physics!
– (normally) Oh, man. (normally) What? They’re teaching
’em physics? I don’t know. How ’bout this? Have you ever wanted to
eat, sleep, and breathe ninja? – Already do!
– Well, for those less experienced than Link who want to beef up their practical
ninja skills, it’s Ninja Warrior Camp! – Now we’re talking!
– A three-day camp! Now, this one’s a little different, because it’s not just
for kids; it’s also for adults. (laughs) – (crew laughs)
– (Rhett) There are kids and adults there. – (Link) That just sounds weird to me.
– Yeah. – I mean, how could it not be weird?
– (crew laughs) It’s like, being a ninja is all about
sneaking up on people and being quiet. Sneak up on a nine-year-old and kick ’em
in the back of the head, apparently! – (laughs)
– I guess if he doesn’t hear you coming, – you can kick him. That’s how it works.
– (crew laughs) That’s not how it works! I know nothing
about this other than what I’m telling you. We are clearly not marketing consultants
for any of these camps. A typical day at Ninja Camp includes night
hikes, obstacle courses, knife throwing, – (dramatically) and a pizza partyyyyy!
– (both laugh) (dramatically) It’s always better
when you do this and add pizzaaa! (normally) They also have sharuuuken!
throwing, stealth, and mind control classes. They’re teaching mind control
classes to just a broad spectrum of – adults and children.
– That’s cool. And upon completion, you receive a
certificate of guaranteed singleness until – your mid-twenties.
– Oooooooooooh, Rhett with the–! – Oooooooh ho ho!
– Lettin’ em have it! – Put that on your website!
– That’s not true. I made that part up. – I’m sure it’s great.
– For the record. – I’m gonna go.
– Are you interested in circus or – performing art–
– Yeah! – camp?
– Yeah! Well, there is one of those in Mendocino
County. So I think this is within driving distance. I can just – fwop- my kids
right off on that one. – Yeah, just -dwoop!-
– Camp Winnarainbow! Sadly, campers– – (Rhett) You get to win a rainbow?
– (Link) No. You cannot win a rainbow. But! – Not interested.
– They do stay in certified fireproof – teepees!
– Ohh! So it’s like, (small voice) Um, excuse
me, Mister Counselor, when do I win my rainbows? (gruffly) Kid, we’re plum
outta rainbows, but there’s a raging fire outside of your teepee and look at you!
You’re not even burnin’! ‘Cause it’s a fireproof teepee! So get your priorities
in order! Stop asking for a rainbow! We don’t have any! It’s just the name of the
camp! Don’t step outside. There’s a raging – fire out there.
– I don’t think that happens there. I… I don’t think that’s actually
a reality of this camp. (normally) They also have a
stilt field, so there you go. Oh, but there’s a stilt field!
That makes up for it! And a cloud swing. I also
don’t know what that is. That’s probably when you design, like, a
3D digital swing and then put it online. – (squeaks)
– (Link) Like in a cloud? – (Rhett) Yeah.
– (Link) You made a digital cloud joke? – (crew laughs)
– There’s one day in the– – Have you seen my cloud swing?
– There’s one day in the– – Hold on, let me download it.
– In the– Oh, it’s syncing… – There it is.
– It… yes, it is sinking. – (laughs)
– In the middle of every session, they have a day called “Too Much Fun Day” which
literally includes classes on subjects including environmental awareness
and nonviolent conflict resolution. So it’s like, we’ve all had too
much fun, so now let’s study– – Have this day.
– environmental science for a coupla days. – (crew laughs)
– All right, okay, how about this? Hollywood Stunt Camp. This one’s in
Running Springs, California. Kids learn how to jump off bridges, buildings, and
moving cars! You know, real world – practical skills!
– Are they running on springs? – Uhh…
– It’s the name of the city! – (crew laughs)
– I think that’s just the location, Link. That would be a good
stunt, though, right? – Yeah. I’m sure they thought of that.
– Hey, look at those kids runnin’ on– I’m sure that’s been
suggested by a dad or two. – (Link and crew laugh)
– Hey, this year are you doing running on – springs? Ha ha, get it?
– I’ll be back in two weeks. Ah ha ha ha. – Yeah. Don’t call me. I’ll be in Europe.
– (both laugh) If he breaks his femur, I’m gonna be in
Tuscany. Just wrap him in something. – We’ll be back.
– What else do they got, dude? – What do they got?
– You can actually stay for four weeks, which… I’m interested in this. The idea
of leaving my kids somewhere for four weeks in the middle of the summer…
that’s an amazing idea. – That is a parent stunt right there.
– Yes. They learn hand-to-hand combat so they can go back home and pick fights
at school they’re guaranteed to win. I added the part about being
guaranteed to win the fight. – Yeah.
– And in case you’re worried about the potential safety of this, don’t worry.
This camp is– Rhett, I’m worried about the potential
safety. Are there fireproof teepees? No fireproof teepees, but it is run by a
professional. Dean Cudworth. You’re like, – “Who’s Dean Cudworth?”
– Who’s Dean Cutworth? … Cudworth? Well, he’s known for being in
Seaquest 2032 as “another guard.” – Are you kidding me?
– No, he’s another guard in Seaquest 2032 and he’s the one who’ll be
throwing your kids off of buildings. – And he put that IMDB?
– Everything’s gonna be all right. Well, I think we found that in IMDB. He’s
probably been other things too, but… – Other Guard sounded like a selling point.
– (laughs) – All right, so is it too late for me to go?
– We can sign up for any of these, – especially the ninja one.
– Or send the kids? Yeah. You and your kids
can go to Ninja Camp. Let us know what your favorite camp is in
the comments, if you want to. You… (laughs) Thanks for
liking and commenting. – (crew laughs)
– You, thanks for liking and commenting. (dramatically) You shall comment and like! (dramatically) You know what time it is!
(normally) …is what you were trying to say. (laughs) Yes. I’m John-John and I’m from New Zealand.
These are my camp leaders and my campers. (all) It’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! The Song Biscuits Volume I album is out
and available for you to purchase. – (Rhett) Fifteen songs for under $9! What?!
– What? – What!?
– What? – Fifteen songs for under $9?
– Click through to Good Mythical More. We share our camp stories. – (Link) Ohh!
– (Rhett) Rhett thinks Link’s hair is trying to eat his own face! (shouting) Woah, whoa, whoa, hey, hey hey! – What? What? What?
– Hey! Whoa! Whoa! – You really gotta do something about that!
– What?! – Whoa!
– Style my hair?! – Settle down, buddy!
– (high pitched) Ohhh! – I’m talkin’ to your hair. Your hair–
– What’s happened to it?! – I think it’s trying to– there he goes!
– No! Look at ‘im! Look, it’s
really trying to chomp– – What? Trying to what?!
– It’s tryin’ to eat your face! – Oh, gosh!
– I got it. Pull it back, buddy! – I’m gonna pull it back. Pull it back.
– Oh! Don’t eat me, hair! – And there it goes again!
– Oh! I’m just playin’ with ya.
I’m just– It’s a game. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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    …That actually sounds rad as hell

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  6. As a Mendocino County resident…i was stoked to hear us talked about on GMM!! And i couldnt help from laughing SO HARD at the description of the camp!! Thank you guys for that!

  7. I go to camp Winnarainbow every year it is awesome and so fun also a cloud swings is a giant swing that you pull back and forth to do tricks on

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