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  1. I'm literally going to San Francisco to take photos in a month? Awesome tips! It was a while ago when you made this but I love it, thank you Peter!

  2. you need to know the shortcut to create a new folder buddy.. Nice vid! Love the Channel
    please and thank you

  3. PETER YOU NEED THIS SHORTCUT: Press: Control+Option+Command+1and it will arrange all your files by name so you don't need to right click and select it every time. 🙂

  4. Hot tip!! Take a 6 point powerboard, then you only need 1 local adapter for the country you're in and you can plug in all your stuff! Plus most hotels only have limited wall points.

  5. Traveling for the first time overseas and being a new photographer this was super freaking helpful. Thanks, Peter!

  6. Awesome video as always! Big fan, people like yourself, Mr Neistat, Jesse are a huge inspreation! If there's anything you have all taught me its to never give up! If everything crashes, I go back out a get as much as I can, I get stock footage, I ask friends for their footage. Point being, don't take L's! #determination #neversaydie #mrpositive

  7. Most countries I've been to in one day was 5. Commuted by car from Heidelberg, Germany to St. Jean Cap Ferat, France. (Countries include: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco)

  8. Peter, I love every video you make!
    This should save you some time

    Pro tip:
    right-click folder > show view options > sort by name > use as defaults

    Also, cmd+shift+n for new folder

  9. Hey Peter,
    Have you ever had the airlines ask you to check in your carry-on camera bag because there was no more room in the overhead bins? This happened to us on the first leg of an international flight, and we ended up having to re-book our entire trip in order to keep the carry-on with us. Is there a way around this, especially since we were traveling for work?
    Thanks so much. – Sam

  10. Any more advice on traveling with gear and preventing it from being stolen? Heading to Puerto Rico in two days and I want to shoot everything I see, but i'm hearing that crime is up since the recent hurricane.

  11. Buy yourself a One Adaptor+. Works in every country and has 4x USB outlets and to Mac as well. It's been all over the world with me and never failed once.

  12. Came here looking for a good travel backpack to purchase, was not disappointed. Btw, you probably already know this, but if you don't: if you ever format a card by mistake, you can still recover everything from it, just don't save any new material on it until you've recovered your data. Just google it, there's free, easy to use software available for that.

  13. HEY PETER! Question : I have many drone traveling shoots. but not know what to do…. can u help me??????

  14. Pro Mac tip Pete! In Finder if you go to "view -> show view options" you can set it to sort by name then use that as a default so you don't have to right click and sort every new folder

  15. I thought this was going to be a boring video. But, noooo. It was packed full of valuable info I didn't know…again. You and Matti are amazing. Thanks for all you do. Bravo!.

  16. Thanks for this video, Peter. I found it really helpful. I'm ready to purchase a backpack or other bag for carrying my gear and it's helpful to have recommendations.

  17. Hey Pete, I use a Nikon D5600 with a 18 – 55 MM VR lens…. which ND variable filter will go best with my gear? I’m finding it difficult deciding it…..

  18. I take a usb-c to sd card dongle and unload my photos onto my phone. Then put those on some cloud storage. Saves lugging a laptop around.

  19. Chasing the light is like getting 2 drone flights in when you live in Toronto in the winter. Why does this happen to me.

  20. We realised that the best benefit of a variable ND filter is that we can do Long Exposure Photography at day time as well. ?♥️ It.

  21. Once again amazing advice. I’ve already been using some pointers but I definitely need to start doing a shot list before i travel.

  22. Great video Peter! – as always. I happen to already do pretty much everything you talked about here so it was a nice reassurance to hear all that from you. I however prefer sunrises as opposed to sunsets for two reasons – 1. the most popular places are significantly less crowded and some places are just impossible to shoot at sunset unless you don't mind a bunch of random people on your photos or post-processing hassle to remove them; and 2. it's easier to make it on time at the right time especially when you're travelling with family and have bunch of things planned for the day, sometimes it's hard to make it on time for the sunset. With sunrise you just gotta wake up early enough. And yeah sometimes you don't get to choose because the azimuth of where the sun is on the horizon is key to the shot – like shooting Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.

  23. Hey I see a lot of photographers and videographers using Mac. Is Mac better for editing photos and video or does it matter what system software you have just the what's inside the computer matters?

  24. Great video thanks. I wonder whether you have experienced what i have. I slept in my car in February 12F in Colorado! I wanted to take pictures (I have a Nikon 7100) and drone footage (DJI Spark) of the Great Sand Dunes National park, all my batteries DIED due to the cold. Even having them in my pocket did not work that well. I later thought of putting HANDWARMERS in with my drone case and my camera gear…after that, no problems with cold batteries.

  25. There's pros and cons to a backpack. Ten years ago I spent four months researching a book on Ansel Adams and traipsed all over California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc hiking all over creation, and I used a top of the line Kata backpack that was supremely comfortable and came with excellent strapping. Only problem, and it does get tedious, is that you have to undo the belt and drop the thing to the ground when you need or want something, then hoist it back up and do the buckles up again – if it weighs as much as mine did that gets really old after a while. Sure, you can hang a camera from your neck or the straps, and I generally us a vest to carry bits and pieces I may need in situations like that, but if you're using a couple of bodies, need to switch to a different lens, or have to grab the tripod, then back you go to taking the pack off again. It's times like that when you wish you simply had a shoulder bag, but of course carrying one of those all over the place would kill your shoulders after a while. For long days of tramping everywhere backpacks are definitely the way to go, but they do have their limitations as well.

  26. Peter dude you're killing it. Just unlocked a 1T WD harddrive and found it's empty. Also going on a trip next week and this video really helped on what to bring. Keep the great content coming!!!

  27. Good, dynamic, enthousiast, persuasive, rushy, quick, fast, accurate, funny, usefull, nervous, breathing, FANTASTIC presentation. I will just try to remember everything…do you have a version in slow motion ? Keep smiling I love this video

  28. This is so true!! Went to Nashville at the beginning of April. Wanted to get some night shots from the rooftops but no bars would let you go in with your backpack. Then I said I’ll leave my back pack down here and they still would not allow any detachable lens. ??‍♀️I was so upset so I went back to the car and left my camera in there.

  29. i mean…lightroom can do all that organizing for you if you set it up nice, you can just go through the metadata, the filters are awesome

  30. A lot of Pete's tips in this one are very basic nuts-and-bolts stuff any serious shooter should already know. At the same time, however, if one is not a pro shooting every day, or if one shots mostly in a studio, this type of reminder video can most definitely save the day! Thanx, Pete.

  31. Venice, like most Italy actually, is not a secure place. Be careful showing off your equipment and look out for grab-and-run phone thieves.

  32. You are so right on with your tips. Also, you have one of the few videos where every other sentence doesn't include, "like," "actually," "you know," "ah."

  33. I love your channel and always look out to your next upload, you have inspired and helped me improve my videos.. I believe I am the future you

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