5 Exercises: Outdoor Picnic Bench Workout

5 Exercises: Outdoor Picnic Bench Workout

Hi I’m Juliette and today I’m going to show
you 5 functional fitness exercises you can do at the campground or in the city park.
The great thing about this series? You need ONE thing: a picnic bench. So to start, we’re going to begin with the
box jump. To do that you want to face the bench. You want your feet hip distance apart.
You want to be maybe a foot, or so, away from the bench. You’re going to simply jump up
on top of the bench, absorbing the impact with your hips and your knees. This is a great
way to work your glutes and your quads. Step down gently. Right foot, then left foot and
then repeat that and each time alternating which foot you step down with first. Second, we’re going to do tricep dips. To
do a tricep dip you want to stand with your back towards the end of the table, and you
want to rest your palms on the table. You want to be maybe a foot away from the table,
and you want to just crouch down, bending so that your elbows form a 90 degree angle.
Third we’re going to do the plank. We’ll do the plank on top of the table, just so we
have a smooth surface to work on, which is a bit more comfortable for your hands. To
do the plank, you want to make sure you have a flat back. You can stay on your palms of
your hands if you’d like. Just make sure your hands are about shoulder-width apart. But
if you’d prefer if it’s more comfortable. You can modify by coming down to your elbows.
Again, you want to keep a flat back. You want to really feel that in your core. Fourth we’re going to do a push up. You are
going to stand in front of the bench facing the picnic table. You’re going to step back
and you’re going to rest your hands on the end of the bench. Again, this is an exercise
in which you want your back really flat. You want your elbows to come to a 90 degree angle.
You want to push all the way through it. See if you can get your nose to touch the end
of the bench. If you can’t that’s okay. Just go as deeply as you can. Finally we’re going to finish up with just
a simple balancing exercise. You’re going to stand with your feet together, and you’re
going to lift one foot, while you tip your body forward. You’re trying to hold your balance,
so you’re working your glutes and you’re working that core again. You can position your arms
in whatever way is comfortable for you. You just want to tip forward, and hold that, and
then come back, and do each side 5 times. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of 5 functional
fitness exercises you can do in the playground, or the campsite. If you liked this video,
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  1. may I add to make sure the bench is not wet. otherwise it becomes a medical session….from experience.

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