5 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World Parody

5 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World Parody

hi guys I’m Sean Brett and you can’t do
it and today this is five jobs that can
help you travel the world for free help priority I’m going to be talking about
five jobs that can help you travel the world for free these are jobs that are
easy to get easy to come fast are things that you probably haven’t really fought
bad I’ll be fought about doing it once in your life time you’ve already spoke
about your mates and you probably haven’t really fought about the benefits
of it the benefits are simple great food like
you get free food free travel free accommodation and company yes you
probably know what this job is already let me tell you this first job is a
luxury escort there is so many benefits for this job you get to meet high-end
people with this job too because everyone who is high-end normally likes
an escort from time to time so why not be that escort so number two this job
can help you travel the world and make you a millionaire overnight it’s
something I do on a regular basis and it’s actually something I’m doing right
now yes let’s not keep it a secret any longer
it is a youtuber okay okay YouTube it can’t be quite hard on your first video
you’re probably gonna only make around 10 or 12 K but on by the time you get
inflow of it so your third video you’re probably on about 3.6 million and what
have you got to do to be a youtuber easy do is film a couple of bitches and all
the luxury hotels you pay for with the money that you own so simple get to
travel the world get lots of money and you be as cool as me mister number three
this one is more tricky than the others I’ve mentioned beforehand and the ones
that I will mention afterwards this one has a lot of benefits because it’s so
tricky you probably have to do a week crash course in this before even
becoming this job but once you’ve got it you see the world every single day and
if you haven’t guessed it already this job is a pilot yes why travel the world
when you can drive whoever and you want to go or fly wherever yes fly wherever
you want and the benefits this job is amazing you wake up in the morning you
get paid to fly that the travel the world whoa why not why wouldn’t you not
trying to do this a week crash course damn you’re flying number four why ride
in first class when you can ride what a private plane the pro plane flown by
your own company taking you to your own places
yes I’m I’ve already just said it it’s own a clean company it’s very
simple if Richard Branson can do it you can too
it’s so simple I will even give you some tips on how to start it I will give you
a name which could be not a virgin airline because then people know your
call because you’ve had sex and you can probably get like someone like really a
flake to do the advertisement for you like Usain Bolt and someone also really
really cool like Doctor Who because that’s cool and they could do the
advertisement for your brand and then you’ve got an airline company fly you
wherever you want in the world called not a virgin airline and you’ve got
private flights or whatever you want to go simple number five this was the
simplest one you can do and even whales do this one at the first because you
wouldn’t watch the rest of the video you’d probably already done it and
you’re probably already be flying the world by now so I thought I’d leave it
to the end to get my view time up yes oh great
number five this one is a banger are you working a company right now you probably
are or you’re probably sitting watching YouTube at home looking for a job well
go look for a job cuz you’re not getting one while you’re watching me anyway
so you’re at your job and how how can you fly the world at your job you’re
probably thinking oh I can’t do that I’m just a paperboy well easy what you do is
you find the email address of the owner of the company which is easy just Google
owner of company and email address and then you find their email address and
you write them an email which states dear employer I have been working at
your company for X amount of months since I’ve been there I have been the
bread and butter of the company and then steak for people a head of you
management positions and tell them why they’re not doing their job
X is not doing their job because they are cheating on your wife and just make
ups off it doesn’t really have to be true and then like the manager will get
this email here read it and be like oh wow this person is amazing I should hire
them to be the CEO of my company and then you’re the CEO of the company and
then you like oh fuck it I think we should get a busy trip to Barbados so
then you go to Barbados because that’s where you need to go so that’s how you
come the CEO of your company and get to fly wherever you want so why are you
still watching this for go away become the CEO and then message me back and
become a millionaire and then we can go on holiday together and have fun we
won’t have to fly alone would you rather be the CEO of your company or be a pilot
leave your other in the comments

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  1. If you watched this video because you thought I was actually going to give you good tips… let me know I want to laugh at you!

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