5 physics experiments for the holidays!

5 physics experiments for the holidays!

100 thoughts on “5 physics experiments for the holidays!

  1. What happens to the leidenfrost effect if the surface tension of the water is diminished, say with a little detergent? I could (and should) experiment, but I be lazy.

  2. Ohhhh, the cushion of vapes ! Frosty and Rudolph were my friends, too. I think the strobe-a-scopic effort deserved far more air time and I love your sweater…it's a winner in my contest.

  3. Why is it when you stir a pot of porridge over the gas, do you get a huge instantaneous puff of steam when you turn the gas off? Life is full of mysteries!

  4. That may be the worse video I have ever seen in your channel;
    we already seen your video about static charge, why redo it
    Every part of the video was created just to do a very quick video with no ettention to the contexe.
    That don't understmate you, You have already enjoyed me with your physics Videos, I know you have got alot to do and informations to give.
    Thank you My physics Girl

  5. Your sweater is a perfect christmas camouflage. I didn't notice it at all until I read the comments. Seriously. Very beautiful. Happy holidays ! 🙂

  6. did you win the ugly christmas sweater competetion?

    i won mine at work 3 years in a row with the same terrible tibetan yak fleece vest…
    it didn't matter that i re used it because it was just so much worse than anything anyone else could muster. lol free JW blue label for me.
    i miss that place now…

  7. For a second there I thought you were going to rip the tape off in a dark room to see it spark. I've never seen this trick with the tape but I'll have to try it myself.

  8. Wait… Could someone explain the whole ripping electrons off thing? I'm obviously familiar with static electricity and what not, but the statement "Ripping electrons off" threw me off some. Wouldn't ripping electrons off of something require a positive charge? And wouldn't that change the chemical properties and likelihood of bonding of the atoms the electrons were taken off of? (If my basic non-college chemistry knowledge serves me right transferring electrons should create an ionic bond, how can it do that without doing that?)

  9. I found your videos through a link over a year ago, and love your fascination with your subjects, and you make them supremely interesting. I do have to mention, though, that your eyes are incredible.

    Regardless, thanks for the videos, and keep going! I'll watch every one. 🙂

  10. Hey, great video! I was just wondering how you got from being a Physics undergrad to your job as a software engineer? Did you have some experience, that allowed you to go into this field?

  11. gee, great idea creating a green house gas and pumping it into the atmosphere. ever heard of climate change?!?! (lol)

  12. Should we not care about appearance? We're here for the science, not her looks. If this was a fashion video then this would be acceptable, but this is a physics video. If you only looked at this video because it was a girl talking, then go watch something else- or maybe get a real girl. Also, inagine being in her shoes, getting comments about her appearance instead of the topic, and how annoying it must be. She didn't do all this work just for people to point out anything other than the masterpiece she created. As for me, I'm here for the physics and I enjoy watching your videos.

  13. Physics Girl can you do a thing on why Potato Power Station Works in the way only you can do 🙂
    1-5 Volt bulb in holder
    13 pieces of Copper wire
    24 paper clips
    12 Potatoes
    12 strips of zinc
    12 strips of Brass or Copper

    And explain perhaps the principle behind Volta's Pile.
    Love your shows. I think it's great how you trying to get the knowledge out there.

  14. I love you! I want to meet you. I want to make you happy! I want to make you feel special every morning,day, and night!!! I want to rub your back and feet. Cook you dinner. Take you places. You make me melt every time I watch your videos. xoxo <3

  15. Ok so this might sound weird and you might not be able to comprehend or explain it but do you think you could talk about what's beyond the end of the universe… Or nothing? LIKE WHAT IS BEYOND THE UNIVERSE AND WHAT DOES NOTHING LOOK LIKE. HOW COULD YOU COMPREHEND THAT. It doesn't have a color, but it can't be clear. That's the crazy part, it can't be black or white or clear. Because there's literally NOTHING there or behind it. It's too crazy to talk about and please help explain it

  16. I have a question for you? why do supercooled magnets and such have such little friction? You would think that they'd be more prone to interact with stuff because of heat transfers but I have no clue. I thought about this when you showed the Leidenfrost effect. Thanks!

  17. (أتمنى أن تترجم هذه الفيديوهات الى العربيه )
    شكرا لكي
    كل سنه وانتي طيبه

  18. New favorite Physics series! Sad im finding them so late 🙁
    Keep it up Physics Girls, Wish more women like you were around!

  19. In your tape exp, how could you state the positions of charges.The +ive on the right and -ive on the left. they are the same material though

  20. I love u so much !!! U are my Science Queen !!!!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕✨✨👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  21. I saw this on the Physics Girl channel uploads today, and I'm now very excited to share this with some younger relatives of mine during this winter holiday season. Thank you! Go forth and do science!

  22. To be a little overly pedantic, the straw thing isn't a kazoo, but a mini bassoon. Kazoo = vibrating membrane; bassoon = double reed with a cylindrical bore. I think it's cooler to call it a bassoon, but your mileage may vary.

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