5 Places to Visit Near Hyderabad | WEEKEND ROAD TRIP TELANGANA | Abhinav Salla

5 Places to Visit Near Hyderabad | WEEKEND ROAD TRIP TELANGANA | Abhinav Salla

what’s up YouTube this is your boy alien tuber
Welcome back to another video in today’s video I’ll be sharing with you 5 places
that you could visit near Hyderabad for an epic weekend adventure now these
are places that I’ve visited recently probably in the last 6 months
and I’m gonna use some footage of these places and also my experience of what
it’s like visiting these places so make sure you stay on to this video until the
end to not miss on anything all these places that I’m sharing with you will be
linked down below so you can check them out as well and all the distances
given in this video are calculated using google maps from Hyderabad to the place
anyways without wasting any more time let’s jump onto our first destination
our first destination in today’s video is Bhongir fort I’ve been to Bhongir fort
probably twice or thrice and this place is just amazing it’s around 800 feet
from sea level and you gotta climb all the way up and the view is just splendid
you can see distances up to probably 3 or 4 kilometers and everywhere you see
is completely covered with either farm lands or hills and is just amazing and
if you’re going to Bhongir fort you might also like to visit yadagiri gutta
which is a famous temple around 15 kilometres from Bhongir so going there is
also, something you can consider to put into your itinerary a second location
for today’s video is Nagarjun Sagar Nagarjuna Sagar is around 150 kilometers
from Hyderabad and you have one of the largest dams in South India and it’s
also a Heritage Site and there’s a museum over there at Nagarjuna Konda
there is also waterfalls called as Ethipothala waterfalls around 20 to 30
kilometres from the dam so the waterfalls are amazing and you should
try exploring this place as well the third location in today’s video is called
Koil Konda fort Koil Konda fort is around 145 kilometres
from Hyderabad, it’s an abandoned fort and it’s gonna give you an amazing story
cuz once you go out there and you see it you see that it’s completely isolated
you’re away from civilization not really but yeah nobody’s going to be there and
the view from Kolkata fort and trekking on top of the fort is just amazing
here are some pictures that I’ve taken while going there the view is just
splendid and if you are going to go to Koil Konda fort you can also try visiting Koil
Sagar is a reservoir which is just around half an hour from Koil Konda fort and
I haven’t been there but I’ve heard that it’s a really good place to visit now
our fourth place for today’s video is Bidar fort Bidar fort is around 140
kilometres from Hyderabad the fort is huge to be honest it’s really big and
it’s surrounded with many historical monuments and there’s also a Gurudwara
over there which is really famous and this is beautiful to visit there’s also
this Bidar Narshimha swami temple which is really famous because the deity is
placed inside a cave which is filled with water which comes up to your chest
so make sure you visit that temple as well our last location is the town of
Medak Medak is just 2 or 3 hours max drive from Hyderabad so this thing
weather is a no-brainer you can go you can go there on your scooty as well so
consider that if you are headed out to Medaktown make sure to check out
Medak fort which is a fort situated almost in the centre of the town of
Medak, you can see the entire town from that fort as well as visiting Medak
Cathedral which is one of the largest churches in India and was way back you
can also visit Pocharam which is like half an hour’s drive from Medak it has
got a wildlife sanctuary and city where you can you know support peacocks, deer and wild
boars and you can also visit Pocharam dam which is also a beautiful location
to visit so thank you guys for watching today’s video and I hoped you’d visit
some of these places and I hope this video was helpful do you think this was
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subscribe button I know I’ve been dumb in today’s video we should start working
more upon my english nah not using fake action by the way

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  1. Dude you are amazing Guide to Explore the Hyderabad 😍 love your Vlogs we expecting more videos from your channel 😎

  2. If I missed out any place that is supposed to be in this list make sure to comment down below and I'll make a video about it!

  3. Hey guys my girlfriend is from hyderabad recently I knew she has some drinking problems once she told me she goes to ear stadium near vyankatesh Temple for drinking if any of u guys know this place Plz give me some info

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