100 thoughts on “5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel

  1. Might as well study mars or other gas giants and their moons maybe there are some elements rarely appear in Earth other planet may have more of it than Earth

  2. It's important to be able to imagine something before we try to see if it is possible but, there are laws of physics that do not change regardless of technology. How does a light sail work for a craft massive enough to be capable of sustaining life for a period of time that would be useful? A light beam with enough energy to accelerate an object of that mass to those velocities in a useful length of time would be tremendously powerful. What would it do to the atmosphere? If it were built in space, it would require a power station as big as a nuclear power station to be put into orbit and it would have to generate twice the power needed. Light has pressure and everything has an equal and opposite reaction. It would require as much energy to maintain station as that which it projected. How is the craft going to be protected from interstellar dust particles at any significant percentage of the speed of light? A massive physical shield just increases the mass of the craft that has to be propelled. Some type of electronic field that could "nudge" particles out of the way at distances far enough away, at those velocities would, again, have massive energy requirements. Then, how do you slow down when you get there?

  3. i think we should just shoot a small crew out there. (come on now, we know we have the technology to go light speed, we have crafts like the locust tr3b that can go from one side of the world to the other within a couple seconds with no G-force) we have the technology, its just kept secret. i think we need to send a small screw out there, with a stargate type thing. and instead of giant space trek journeys we can just walk through a portal and waaa laahh your there.

  4. It’s like with this guy’s enthusiasm he’s just dying for this to happen so we can actually try one of these plans… ???

  5. Swear, this is stupid. Dude I have extreme trouble syncing up my direct tv signal. You really think those stupid toasters “flying” past “Pluto” are really being prompted by NASA as they cruise at crazy speeds billions of miles away? I swear people Will believe anything. Dude combustion is unable to use the atmosphere to to push off of in space because……it’s a vacuum . So why are they still saying they use rockets in space? Sooooo I’m serious this is way stupid and directed at morons.

  6. this was a freakin amazing video, so well done…designed etc… just… THANK YOU… just.. one tiny little thing… Why do you stand so aggressively and what's with your hands?! ?
    ? 'd
    #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★★ ½

  7. "Why are we even talking about gravitational waves when none have been observed."
    hdioskdlhghsy fast forward to the future. 2019.. Gravitational waves .. oh that old news.

  8. anybody who's played r6s knows we could put ash in space and she'd get there before us if she knew there was someone she could quick peek there

  9. I'm not a scientist or have a degree, however, I am fascinated by energy and space travel, specifically when it comes to propelling craft. For thought and speculation…. could it be possible to use light as an energy source… say we use a crystal shaped very deliberately to have a particle of light to bounce around inside in such a way that it allows enough time to trap a particle in side and have it coated with a micro thin coat of gold or mercury or some kind of alloy that doesn't corrode for longevity. Possible endless battery?? Or perhaps I'm just an idiot ? looki g forward to feedback and clever insults?

  10. Why can't we use two or three of these…The Light Sail opens up after we pass the Oort Cloud and the Nukes get us there, allowing for both to be used and to then continue onward or to get us home. The ship has to be approximately the size of the Empire State Building, allowing for a Back Up Sail, supplies, water storage, quarters, food, equipment, etc,. Assembled in space in 12 – 18 parts this is entirely reasonable and can be ready to leave in a 12 year window under the right Presidential Administration, Entirely leaving out the Trump Administration and only allowing for the Sanders Administration …….

  11. light sails but not by building a laser, using our natural laser. The sun but i am just a normal guy, this video just poped up while i was walking to the bus stop with james. TO MARS FIRST

  12. Interstellar spacecraft are propelled by magnetohydrodynamics, generated in neutron-flux polaritic anti-hedral spheroid reluctance transformers. The output is induced in multi-conical waveguide modules and directed to gimbal-mounted prosthetic proton inducers. Light speed velocity is achieved by dipole-driven semi-parabolic beam deflectors with multi-focus back-feed antenna broadcasters.

  13. The easiest way to colonize other systems is to "ride" wandering planet and to get in or off when they get close enough to stars. If we can do that, we don't need to pay attention to time travel.

  14. I was deciding in my head, which option I personally like when you mentioned the Romulans, and I was sold. Maybe we should stick a cloaking device on that bitch while we're at it.

  15. So im pretty sure once artificial general intelligence is uploaded onto a quantum cpu we will get warp drives the next day. If our supreme overlord robot masters dont rid the multiverse of our existence.

  16. What would it take for us to commit to space travel in our lifetime?

    Another 4 years of tRumps presidency…

    Sane people will want the fuck of off this planet.. Lol

  17. The chemical rocket could work if you build it in orbit from many pieces then launch from there. The numbers are bad because everyone shows it launching from Earth surface ground level.

  18. The best we can ever do is 6yrs there and 6yrs back starship time. But the time dilation here on Earth will take 110yrs to complete.

  19. The Blackhole drive is the most exciting but obviously far off, next the antimatter drive, also far off. So I guess the fusion drive seems the most doable on my lifetime.

  20. Here is something for you to think about… Scientists are looking at other planets through powerful telescopes in Space. and people are wondering if there are any other intelligent lifeforms on these other planets… Well think about this. What if there are other intelligent life forms on other planets, and they are currently studying Earth, wondering the same thing about us….

  21. If FTL was solved and a planet was found, what would be the requirements for our first ambassador be. What title would they have.

  22. Do most physicists agree that black holes are super dense spheres of mass (not unlike neutron stars or white holes, just more dense) that have become dense and massive enough that their event horizon diameter exceeds the sphere’s diameter, going black (and that the sphere core remains of course)?

    I think Einstein's wrong, that time is constant and that dark matter is the limiting factor to the speed of light. I think it’s not space-time bending but rather a greater density of dark matter.

  23. How about lets not experiment with BLACK HOLES. Like when the fuck did scientists go lets see if we can stabilize a black hole on earth and hope it doesnt swallow the planet

  24. What about using a catapult system to catapult us around cople of planets with the catapults being anchored to asteroids that we pull into orbit around the planets we want to use as a launcher then engines to get us the other half of the way.

  25. It will have to fire from the rear of the star ship with high intensity light directly at the aft of the ship accelerated it forward, and the sapphire should react from the beam that can accelerated at pulse at different frequency shifts using a thick lithium crystals to speed it's trajectory for a manned light sail

  26. I am a little uncomfortable being in the vicinity of a black hole. They tend to suck everything in. Sometimes growing as they "feed".

  27. I genuinely believe that what is effectively FTL travel will be possible in the future. Not actual FTL through space-time in our three dimensions as physics seems to rule that out (under our current understanding), but via extra-dimensional shortcuts like ER bridges. I would love to be alive to travel the stars, but sadly I'll have to wait and see if reincarnation is real to have any chance of that!

  28. I'm a certified genius nobody know, been creating blueprints for new kinds of space engines for years, including the black hole idea, as well as an engine that explodes and implodes a star using that energy, but I doubt my ideas will ever come to life because history shows most geniuses drop out of school like myself, I dropped out after holding a 4.0 GPA since middle school and all of my records disappeared

  29. Why don't we just fold time,we could do this by increasing the mass of energy and speed with waves of outbursts of pillars on earth with the polls that you have in your spacecraft. Like that that tesler made with bands of negative energy being pushed at a minimum of zero degrees impact against posing poles. I know may sound a bit crazy but I believe more studies can figure this out

  30. None of these ideas are practical…they all depend upon propelling a craft to faster and faster speeds in a straight line to destination….this is In the Box thinking …it is Old school thought….We need to think in terms of folding space time …bringing the 2 points of origin and destination to a null point …closing the distance to nothing at all..this does not violate the the einsteinian laws of physics…..there is no "travelling" so to speak ..
    Vast distances covered in an instant of No time Without Movement in the traditional sense…This is how alien
    civilizations do it….Not with star trek warp drives.. they are not limited by Distance at all.

  31. Space as NASA depicts amongst other agencies is nonexistent. Water above the firmament GOD created and thieving liars below. Think for yourself the days of the liars are indeed expiring. Truly KWL.

  32. I’m sorry, but after rewinding three times to make sure I heard you say fart, then I can’t help to giggle when you say “breaking in the stellar wind”

  33. Matt, amazing episode! Do a full episode just on antimatter drive dev challenges in detail ! Please and thanks! happy holidays

  34. I don’t think finding intelligent civilizations is as easy as many people think. How can we detect alien equipment/artifacts/signals/etc when the closest other planets are trillions of miles away? We have a hard enough time detecting other planets in our galaxy, let alone relics from another civilization.

  35. Collecting antiprotons is easy just got on Earth in outer space once you get your space crafts at light speed you can scoop up antiprotons like sand on a beach when you're going as fast as the proton the prophets are no longer is moving you surround it with a negative magnetic field and scoop it up

  36. How do you slow down a Starship directed magnetic induction you use the magnetic fields of planets and stars in your area to draw on you and slow you down

  37. Yeah and who told you how to open a wormhole me you spin a cylindrical magnetic field inside another cylindrical magnetic build in opposite directions until it hits light speed and then the Wormhole opens can you go through it and when you're in it you can steer it maybe maybe I'm not telling you how this time I think you owe me a couple bucks

  38. Once you get your Starship at lightspeed you create expanding magnetic field in front of the ship and a collapsing magnetic field behind the ship then you go from Earth from Alpha Centauri in a nanosecond we have all this stuff trust me we do

  39. Hay bud you need to develope shields for your ship before anything micro meteors will tear your ship apart before you get anywhere and know this you will never never never break the speed of light so the way I see it the heavens are not for man wake up God put eternity in are hearts so we would look to him your living a fucking retarded mans dream you will die out there retards and u get what you deserve you will be extinct in a very few years so why all the fuss your going to die no matter what you do does any of this make sense to you your dead no matter if your here or there retards ha ha ha your so smart

  40. Can't imagine a light sail surviving the trip without sustaining damage, possibly massive damage, from space borne objects. This would necessitate at the least repairs … at those speeds? It just seems fantastically frail to me. Willing to listen, but far from a fan at this point.

  41. I need travel pills just to make it through the video. Is it so necessary to have the presenter's image darting around the screen?

  42. Look im not saying im smarter or better informed than the makers of this video but come on guys……. seriously???

    The line from Jaws is "YOU'RE going to need a bigger boat".

  43. How about this, …we reduce our human population, conserve our resources, and revisit this question 100 years from now.

  44. These are all plausible Ideas, however… How would we navigate the ships through debris and other large objects that are in the way.

  45. yall think abt the ship how To go there too much why dont u just focus how To make ppl super natural things like flying at Light speed with some suit like Iron man

  46. WARNING Do not watch this video while reading the comments. Doing so will completley nerf your ability take it serious lol

  47. So much for the physics of rapid space flight in the low percentages of the speed of light. The more intractable problem is that of the fragility of the human body at sustained high accelerations, not to speak of the destruction of any spacecraft due to bombardment of the spaceship by interstellar hydrogen at these speeds. Quite simply, the occupants would fry before getting anywhere. Check out this article:


    Nope, the only way would be to ride slowly through space in massive colonies for decades or even hundreds of years. This is hundreds, possibly thousands of years away. Or, maybe, never.

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