5 Reasons to go to SUMMER SCHOOL – Study Tips

5 Reasons to go to SUMMER SCHOOL – Study Tips

Hello my Socratica Friends! We’re here to help you be a great student. What? What’s that you said? …Why should you care about being a great
student in the Summer?! Yeah, I can hear you. {silly voice} Whoooo! I’m on vacation! But are you, really? Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean
you have to turn your brain off. I’m talking about: SUMMER SCHOOL. Now some of you may not have a choice. One of your classes didn’t go so well, and
now – you have to repeat that class in the summer if you still want to graduate. That’s okay. You’ve got this! The good news is: you’re not going into
this class blind. You actually have a huge advantage now, because
you know what the class is all about. You can avoid those rookie mistakes you made
the first time! It’s amazing how much easier a class can
be the SECOND time you take it. You look at the reading, and the assignments,
and you think – “Why was this so hard – what was my problem?” That just goes to show, you did learn something
the first time. And now, you’re going to MASTER it. Sometimes it really helps that you’re not
taking a hard class at the same time as 4 other very challenging courses. Summer school lets you focus on that one big
trouble spot. We’re used to switching gears in school
– one subject, then another, then another – all that changing focus can really take
a toll on your mental energy. Take advantage of this opportunity to focus
in like a laser on this one subject. Make sure you refer to your old assignments
and tests, if you still have them. They’re going to be a big help. Now, what about the rest of you – you passed
your classes for the year just fine, and you see the endless days of summer stretching
out in front of you in a pleasant haze. Why should you commit to a summer school class,
when you don’t have to? I have some good reasons. At least 5. Reason 1: It will make your school year easier. What if you could get Organic Chemistry out
of the way, so you don’t have to study it at the same time as Biochemistry AND Physics
AND Multivariable Calculus? That would be pretty nice, right? What I said for people struggling with a subject
goes for you, too. If you ever have the chance to focus on one
subject on its own, grab it. Reason 2: You can get more personal attention. Summer school classes are usually much smaller
than those giant lecture classes. If you’re the kind of student who enjoys
discussions with your instructor, this could work well for you. In your academic career, you need to connect
with professors as mentors. Fewer students means a good chance for you
to distinguish yourself. At some point, you’re going to need your
instructors to write letters of recommendation for you. Don’t pass up this chance to get to know
them better – and to let them see you at your best. Reason 3: You can save some money! Some special summer courses cost a fortune,
but they’re STILL cheaper than college. If you’re taking a summer course at a community
college, it will cost a lot less than if you take it as part of a 4 year degree. Online courses are even cheaper. Reason 4: You get to study what YOU want to
study. Explore new areas that your school doesn’t
offer. Maybe you’ve always wanted to study abnormal
psychology, but your school doesn’t have that class. Or, you want to learn Mandarin, but you know
you just don’t have time during the school year to tackle the complicated writing system. Go for it! Follow your curiosity! Reason 5: You want to get ahead. For instance, sometimes you need to satisfy
prerequisites before you can take the classes you want to take. Are you in high school and you want to get
into Advanced Placement Courses? Sometimes you’ll have to take one or two
classes before you even QUALIFY to take an AP Class. Colleges have prerequisites, too. If you can get the standard prereqs out of
the way in summer, you can finish your degree faster – or you’ll have more room in your
schedule for more of the interesting, optional classes. Even if you can’t get school credit, this
can be a great way to get your bearings in a difficult subject. For instance, if math has never been your
strong point, now’s a chance to get back on track. By putting in the hours in summer school,
it will pay off when you ARE in a course where your grade counts. Now, we’re agreed that summer school is
a good idea. Where are you going to take this summer course? Your own school might offer summer school,
especially if you’re making up a class you didn’t pass. But for lots of options and affordable prices,
check out your city’s community college offerings. You can also consider ONLINE summer courses. Even if you’re working at a summer job,
online courses are so flexible that you can do classwork whenever it’s convenient. This is a great way to take that class you
can’t seem to fit into your regular schedule. Many high schools and colleges let you fulfill
some basic requirements this way. But make sure you check and double-check whether
the credits will actually be accepted by your school. Just a word of caution – it seems that online
courses have a very low completion rate. This is for a variety of reasons. Some people miss the camaraderie of having
classmates, and the personal connection with a live teacher. For a LOT of people, they just aren’t disciplined
enough to finish a course all by themselves. It really can help to leave the house and
go sit in a classroom in person, with a group of people who are all working on the same
thing. We are social creatures, after all. Personally, I LOVE learning subjects online,
on my own schedule – but you have to be VERY honest with yourself about whether you can
really stick with it on your own. One more word of caution – and this is about
summer school in general: It IS work. Sometimes very HARD work. Many classes will last several hours – much
longer than you’re used to – and they usually also have hours of homework. And there will be tests. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll
get a free pass just because it’s summer. Make sure you stay organized and stay on top
of your assignments. Don’t skip class, especially when you think
about how short summer school courses are. Every single day is important. All of this advice about summer school doesn’t
just apply to people who are still IN school. I make it a point to tackle a new topic every
year. It’s good exercise for your brain! Who says your learning has to stop when you’re
18 or 22 or whatever? You have your whole lifetime. Just think of how much you can learn. If you want to, for your whole life – you
can make the choice to be a GREAT STUDENT. Want to help us make more great videos? Join the Socratica Team on Patreon! Thank you for watching! 🙂

85 thoughts on “5 Reasons to go to SUMMER SCHOOL – Study Tips

  1. Are you considering Summer School? We give you 5 good reasons to go! What would you like to study? Tell us here! 🙂

  2. I'm taking linear algebra during the summer and I'm soooo excited! I wonder if all of the vector calculus in multivariable and diffeq will finally be fully explained.

  3. 1. Make your school year easier
    2. Get more personal instruction
    3. Save money
    4. Study what you want to study
    5. You want to get ahead

  4. Thanks for having me on the episode! Also, as a community college grad, I'm a big supporter of taking summer school classes there 🙂

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  8. I'm admitted into the grad school at the W&M, and the recommendation letters wrote by those two professors were all met during the summer school. 🙂

  9. lol no thanks i rather be smart and do my work than be a stupid kid stuck in a hot class when i could be at the beach and on vacation

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  14. My mom forced me to do a 5 week summer school and i am really pissed off because its 5 weeks and its like a regular school day but for 1 subject. I am really upset i dont know what to do

  15. I’m in sixth grade and it’s the end of the year and I probably failed English can summer school help me pass the sixth grade

  16. I hate summer school but teachers say that if you do summer school, you can graduate earlier than other students

  17. I've went to summer school for the first time. Now it's the second time now because I was away for one week for vacation. That's why I'm like left behind so that's why I have to study more lol .

  18. I was so sad bc i legit just got out of school and my mom signed me up for summer school without me knowing and i literally just bawled out crying i was sooo so upset. But yesterday was my first day and the teachers are actually so chill! Turns out so many of my friends are doing it! lol and the teachers also made us pancakes and everything. Tmr is my second day and i get to make slime i think haha so it isn’t as bad as i thought it definitely isn’t the best but it gives me something to do then rather staring in bed till 12: pm HAHA

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  21. I’ve been doing summer classes mostly online, a few in class every summer since freshman year. I am now a senior and currently doing what might be my last summer session ever. This is a heavy start of my senior year because instead of doing two classes like usual, I am doing THREE summer classes which are Microbiology, Music of the America’s, and Racial/Cultural Minorities. My microbiology class is on Monday-Thursday from 2pm-6pm , it is a 20 minute drive from my home due to it being at a community college because I knew it was gonna be easier for me to get through. The other two are online at the university that I am currently attending. This became a huge challenge for me personally because in order for me to get through it, I had to stop working for that whole semester and I liked my money lol, but I am glad to say that I am moments away from passing Microbiology with a B and my two online classes with straight A’s. It just requires time, critical thinking, discipline, motivation, and prioritizing. Me doing summer school kept me on track to make it to my senior year in college and to see graduation on May 9th, 2020. If I can do it, anyone can do it too.

  22. So I'm takeing French and I go tf a 92, 89, then a 60, the a 76 in my French and they are all in order in like marking period and I have to take summer school, someone help cuz this is bs

  23. Thx for this video! Me and my friends have to go to summer school for 3 weeks! I've been so cranky about it when I got the form and my mom made me send it in. I'm chill about it now. Thx Socratica! 😊

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  25. But isn’t summer to take a break from school? That is why I didn’t study all summer, only at the end and studying was kinda my homework….so I’m dead. Anyways, my parents agree with me, those scary teachers can do nothing.

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