5 Second Rule with 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Second Rule with 5 Seconds of Summer

– We are back
with 5 Seconds of Summer. Obviously, since they’re here,
we have to play one of my favorite games:
The 5 Second Rule, and, by the way,
you can visit our website to find out
how you can win a $10,000 Target
shopping spree from 5 Second Rule.
And– [cheers and applause] And you’re all gonna go home
with a copy of the board game.
Okay, let’s play. We are, uh–
we split the guys in two but we need, uh, a fan
on each tea–team to make this–
[cheers and applause] So we need
Madison–Madison Filipo and Marina Clift.
Where are you two? Madison Fil–
Madison Filipo. – Come on down.
– All right. [upbeat music] – You go on one side.
Hi, how are you? – I’m so good. – How are you doing?
– Hi. – How are you doing?
– Yeah, no, no. – You come in the middle.
– Which one are you? – I’m Marina.
– Hi, Marina. – I’m Madison.
– You’re Madison. That means–
– I’m Michael. – Okay, so you don’t–
you’re not mic’d so you’re just going to have to
yell into their chest. [indistinct chatter] And here–
here’s how we do it. I’m gonna ask each team
to name three of something, like three rock bands
and you have five seconds. And you have to answer as soon as you’re finished
naming those three– – What do we do
with this? You have to hit that button
as soon as you’re finished with the answer
to stop the clock. – Ahh.
– All right. So that’s–
you only hit it when you’re done naming
the five things. – Okay, here we go,
but it’s your team, so– all right.
– So we press the button, right? – I’ll–I’ll do the button.
– You gotta press the button to stop it,
don’t you? Or start it?
– To stop it. – ‘Cause I’m already playing.
– Yeah, you’re already– you stop it, yeah. All right, ready?
It’s just th– they’re just answering.
– You, and then– – Okay.
– Here we go. And just yell it out
so we have– – The whole team goes at once.
– Yeah. Name–no cheating. Name three people who are known
just by their first name. – Prince.
– Will Smith. – Press it, Michael.
– We didn’t– – What–
– Wait. – We didn’t come–
– First–first of all, Will Smith is two names.
– I know. – I didn’t–
I thought you meant, like, he was so well known
that people call him by his first name.
– Right, but we– – Will.
– Will. – If you would have said Will,
we would have said, Will who? – Ah, right.
– And you said Prince, which was right.
– That’s right. – There would have been Madonna.
There would have been Oprah. So–so, okay.
Losers. Okay, here we go.
– You lose. – Let’s start
with this team over here. – Okay, guys, come on.
– All right. – Name three ways
to say hello. – Hi. – No, that’s– – That’s not
how the game works. – You need to say all three
and then press it. – You have too–you–
see, you have to do it in five–it’s like–
– I mean, you answer, you go ding.
– No, you have to name three things.
It’d be hi, hola, hello. – Okay.
– And then you click the button. – And then you click it.
– You stop the clock. – Here we go.
– That makes sense. – Maybe–maybe this time
we’ll get it right. Here we go. Name three body parts that
a fan would want autographed. – Boobs.
– Boobs. – Arm.
– Um, leg. – Uh, I mean.
– You did it with 1.5 seconds to–to spare.
– Arm and leg? – Boobs, arm, and leg, right?
– Arm and leg though? – Yes.
– Wait, wait– – But you said two.
– What did you say? – I said boobs,
but you said all three. – No, I said arm.
– All right. – Here we go.
– I just want to play the game properly. – Name three things you do
during summer. – Swim.
– Beach, swim. Play in the sun.
– Uh. [buzzer rings] – It’s very sensitive.
It doesn’t– – All right.
– I tried to click it twice. It’s malfunctioning.
– All right. This is going so well. – Name three swear words
you can say on TV. – Uh, poop.
– Uh, butt. – Butter knuckles.
– What? [laughter] – Butter knuckles?
– It’s a–yup– – All right.
– Did we win? What does it say zer–
ah, zero nine. – Poop–poop is not
a swear word. – Sure it is.
– Okay. Sure it is.
– Three colors, uh, Michael Clifford’s hair
has been. all: Red.
– Purple, green. – Black.
– There, you got one. [indistinct chatter] – With three point–
– I’m sensing, like, some eas– This side’s the easy side
I guess. And we’re, like,
the advanced side. [bell ringing] – Aw, time’s up.
For playing– – We were really bad
at this game. – You two, for playing,
you’re gonna get tickets to go see
5 Seconds of Summer on their upcoming tour
here in L.A. [cheers and applause] – One’s for me. – We already got tickets. Actually, thanks to Citi,
everyone in the audience is getting a pair of tickets
as well. [cheers and applause] We’ll be back. [P!nk’s “Today’s the Day”] – [singing] Today’s the day
I’ve been waiting for Tomorrow won’t come
after all Yesterday is
so far away And today is
the only day Somebody please–

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  2. Feeling better don’t now what you thank you Ellen you all have in you what now from you wow this for you

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