100 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer Australian Test

  1. ashton and lukes faces when the interviewer said there were 10,000 beaches in aussie made me laugh soooo hard

  2. I got so sad because I thought Calum had his legs over Luke’s but they both just had their legs crossed at an angle 😭😭💔

  3. ok see calum’s birthday is the 25th of january, and mine is the 26th of january, which is also australia day 😂

  4. AUSTRALIAN BEER IS THE WORST BEER EVER. i have no idea how it went so wrong, but i had to find a new zealnadnder to show me the decent stuff

  5. The thing tht made me laugh even harder was the fact tht mike said cal is always offended boy cuz hes not Aussie i understand u cal & this interview made me laugh so hard

  6. why is no one talking about michaels shirt we love a talented woke king
    *it's one of those why be racist and homophobic when you could just be quiet t shirts !!!

  7. Well, at least I know I'm not the only one thats hearing it! I'm not hearing things or going insane! Lol

  8. So i guess we have our answer: LUKE IS THE MOST AUSTRALIAN AUSSIE IN THE BAND

  9. Mikes “DAMNIT” when he gets the first question wrong 😆
    When he explains that he gets it wrong cause of Cals birthday is totally Malum

    "112 litres"
    "A day?"
    -Ashton Irwin everyone

  10. ok but they’re also 4 giant men stuck on the same little couch so of course they’re going to look “cozy” Bc there’s no other way to be loll

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