100 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer – Easier (Live On The Voice Australia/2019)

  1. The real question is if the judges heard this song would they want to turn their chairs around for them ?

  2. Please open your eyes really you don't see nothing at me at person how I'm here you don't love on nobody true in your heart 5 Seconds of Summer really you need to change in your life present for me and much people

  3. Who cutting the onions !? We can see how they've worked so hard and love what they do. Their ups and downs in their careers to come too this day that maybe they never even imagined could happen.

  4. 0:38
    Do we really gotta do this now eighth here with all your friends around in the morning we could work it work it out??

  5. They have grown so much as a band it’s actually kind of scary, like I mean looking back to their old music this has nothing to do with it but it still sounds so like them and that’s the thing they have a sound and even if they change the style of music they do it still has their esence

  6. I have a love hate relationship with this song. Im in love with this but I can't sing it because my vocal chords won't let me.

  7. I really like their new stuff but i kinda have to watch the videos from a distance because of the flashing lights. Like every video i've clicked on for them i can only watch the first like 30 seconds until the flashing lights start to hurt my head.

  8. Luke's voice has grown so much over the past few years and I couldn't be prouder…
    Also Cal in red, and Mikey is so damn cute and Ash killing it in general
    These guys are gonna be the death of me one day?

  9. I had a lot of time that didn’t see 5 seconds of summer videos or listen their music and after all this time I came up here and I see a band with so much better music

  10. Omg!they're showing the illuminati sign on live the pyramid and the eye on it,like they're telling us that they belong to the dark industry and they are not afraid of that, guys this is so evil Just watch clearer 0:18 it's in front of our eyes, it's not Just a symbol. Wake up

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