5 Seconds of Summer Talks Teeth, New Album & Shia LaBeouf

5 Seconds of Summer Talks Teeth, New Album & Shia LaBeouf

Hey, hey it’s 5 seconds of summer here also known as 5 sauce and we’ll be on the Zach sang show check it out Oh we are on Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you guys. Thanks for your welcome, man Hello, beautiful human we got Dan here. Yeah, welcome back to the studio 5 seconds In the first thing that pops into your head you should say it ok, I will then okay cool I will for the remainder of the of the interview. I feel like I’ve oh gosh Yeah, maybe not. You know, I thought a few like first thing that pops in the head. We’ll see. Okay. Got it No astronaut into that. I’m definitely not doing Nope How are you doing me? Yes you doing good? I sat at the front didn’t I? Yeah, right Obviously ready to speak not to talk about this record. No, I I don’t actually I’m enjoying everyone speaking more these days It’s been nice. I feel like I used to speak too much Do you do somebody tell you to shut up or does this actually happen? subconscious Somebody else I like that what do you guys got to say for yourself Callum actually just told you to shut up I read calles message that you send You sent two fans along with the record teeth or at least I yes was on genius and You were talking about how you were able to relate to this record which by the way, it’s pretty sick. Thank you Thank you. Are you talking to me or calories? Because you weren’t in the room when the song was written But it wasn’t but my spirit was apparently so what are you thinking during your first listen? I’m Thinking I actually wrote something about this the other day I said something along the lines of when I first heard it. It’s It’s kind of like another part of the soul that hadn’t been discovered for this band And I think it serves such a huge purpose in connecting our roots and what we’re trying to achieve within This next record And it’s and it’s a big bridge and I think it’s a big step for us. So Honestly, I’m pretty stoked Zach. Yeah, I can feel it. You know, it’s crazy cuz I didn’t I’ve read that somewhere I was reading an article on the song, you know as you do and really stay, you know a little bit, you know What’s wrong? so from saying and you don’t really see like Each other’s like quotes on the band because they usually the like a manager about cake we get like a quote from you know Someone that’s on the song and I didn’t see coughs and I just thought it was a really good way of putting it You guys are in the room writing it? All right When you listen to it for the first time are you you’re not listening to it finished? Right, or are you listening to just the lyrics of it? Oh me yes You’re trying to decipher whether You guys obviously you were in the studio and who’s written but when it comes to you Are you just reading through lyrics like the first time you guys all get into the city because there’s a lot of writers on it Um wah and Luis bell, right? Those are the producers like is this song done by the time the sessions over or like like when you’re ready to share what stages of that as as someone else who wasn’t in the room when it was written and when I heard it it was Pretty close to how it is now It was like I mean, obviously it sounded like a demo and there was like a couple of things to do left But it honestly wasn’t a million miles away and I think that when I heard it I was like, you know It just felt so different from anything that we’ve done before and and aggressive in a way that felt Like it didn’t feel like we were forcing this sort of like aggression or like this tone out of it It just felt like it comes Naturally and then it wasn’t you know, what’s not trying too hard. And and that was what I loved about it I was like, this is what we’ve been looking for to get this across in a way without Without it feeling like with really going for it in the same way that the Youngblood does, you know? It feels aggressive but also like somber and passionate at the same time. It’s more passionate. Yeah Yeah, so that was like incredible when I first heard that and I was not expecting it What’s the energy in the room? What what story were you guys trying to tell with the rest of these riders on it? Hmm. Well it was Ali tempos II and Ryan Tedder and we had written with them a lot Ali is our main writing partner as of the world these days So we were already kind of manifesting a particular energy with our studio work at the time and you can hear that kind of it was it was a flow over from Youngblood and when we made that song with them and now we’re talking about you know, because that that connected with people that was Influential in the way. We were approaching our music now so we have chats about okay. Well, where did that song come from? Well, it came from this particular era and at the time we were influenced by X X and X So, okay. Let’s add some other Influences into the mix here that are relevant to those Influences, so now we’re just exploring For instance the way we played young blood live heavily influenced song this song teeth Because we play it in a four to the floor emotion, and we had to change a lot of it to be more clash esque For it to make sense musically for the band so we took what we learnt by playing a song like young blood live back into the studio and then you just You carry on the thought process so part of that gives it a more live instrument sound which is on all of your other records, but we’ve talked about previous in the last interview you guys a lot of times you would jam and then that kind of gives you an Idea of the production of a song. Yeah So you’re saying how you play young blood in terms of how I don’t say like I don’t this is sound corny But like how hardcore it is. Yeah, we kind of just play it with a heavy Musical intention. It’s It’s like the finale song for our band and we we just play it a lot of heavier with more kind of rock influence so taking that energy Bottling it up and throwing it into these new sessions and writing periods that we’ve had Have produced songs like teeth Which would I wouldn’t say a whole new sound for you guys, but an extension? Totally. Yeah, it’s a it’s a great extension. I think too because It’s it’s pretty much all my favourite influences in one song. You know, you’re hearing industrial influences You’re hearing a lot of kind of I mean Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine is playing on this this song He’s playing guitar cool And in just the fact that it’s such a riff based song with the pop melody At this particular point in in a musical history I think it’s it’s an awesome song in general regardless of who it’s by I you go No, I was gonna say so if Tom’s playing on the song Michael does that like hurt your feelings that they say? No, every time every time that we say Tom’s on over I was like, oh, yeah, so like, what are you doing in it? But you know Sometimes you just have to be like, okay, this is Tom’s thing Yeah, you know and like obviously I can’t I’m not gonna be like, oh, maybe I should like replay that guitar I don’t know. I really did that, right? You know what I really enjoyed about him though Is he had a youthful approach in a really awesome? Approach to just playing on songs in general like he obviously wasn’t in the studio that day to play on a 5 seconds of summer Song but Andrew watt the producer of the song was like hey, do you want to play on this? and he said yes, you know and and the fact that he’s had a career like he’s had and he’s still Motivated to to just play and be a part of music and the process is is great It helps push forward the next generation – yeah Totally it was definitely cool cuz he had already played on it then we came down and like met him He was just like he was stoked you love the song. So yeah loved the song He’s just he just played in it for fun. Just such a cool a cool thing to do, you know Yeah, also a testament to the record Yeah, like when you listen to that for the first time Do you note it your your your head or you just like totally obsessed with the fact that? This type of icon put his fingers on your records Well, it became more a part of the energy in the soul of the song I don’t necessarily like imagine every time I listen the song like Tom playing But I think it’s an awesome Because we’re heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s and everyone kind of knows that I guess that pays attention to us So just having his energy in there made it even kind of more legit in a way, so Easier is in the middle of young blood and teeth It makes sense right kind of it does something I think so. Yeah If you were to put a genre around if you were to put teeth into a genre, which I hate even asking the question Yeah, where would you put it think? It’s industrial pop rock? Would you put easier in the same category? Industrial pop. Yeah, maybe take out the rock I suppose but not really it’s kind of the same all in the same pop rock sounds about right Yeah, that’s nice on the iTunes label. I Guarantee you it’s a there definitely won’t that’s where it’s a bit at the end of the day It’s kind of like my mean obviously we think about like influences in the music side of it But I didn’t at the end of the day, it’s if it’s a good song It’s a good song, you know and what we strive for in the studio and what? Kind of drives me Personally, even it’s just like to write the best songs that we can like what’s gonna be like what’s gonna jump out melodically and lyrically? and what’s gonna like to Offset cuz really that track with that kind of the mix it has is very very like rock. Oh, yeah It’s like a heavy rock song really really so that thing the offsets it is that is that melodic, you know? Yeah delicate kind of pop stuff over the top with with the lyrics it’s kind of yeah, so it’s difficult It’s basically it’s a pop song All good songs are a pop song in the end, but it’s kind of like a it’s really a rock bass It’s it’s crazy. And what’s what’s cool now, I think is this so much like there’s just way less limits on Pop music in general like right now specifically seems to be the time where it doesn’t really matter And I think we’re really lucky to be in this period right now where it doesn’t matter What genre it is? You know if it’s like if people like how it sounds then it’s just gonna be a popular song like this I don’t think anyone right now could define what the sound of like pop is because it’s Changed so much even just like in a couple years, you know there’s been so many artists that have changed Pop’s direction and so many different like lanes, you know that it’s it’s so open now a hundred percent anything is considered music because pop is just popular so Yeah but I think before you used to be able to define like pop used to be able to be like What’s pop right now is like a song? That sounds like X Y Z and I feel like now like Since artists like Billy Eilish and stuff. 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Five one seven Knowledge is power What you guys are putting out now and from you know, Youngblood just talking about this most recent era It is really different to what else is being service to radio and even a lot of stuff that’s different that’s making the streaming services Cuz it is rock and twenty one pilots, you know chlorine obviously what yeah. No, I agree. I think But also I think people are releasing their music differently and not pursuing the same avenues. We are like because of our Genesis as a group and our footsteps throughout a career we are in a pop space. That’s where we land and that’s where we are There’s so many bands doing Incredible things and they just aren’t pursuing the same path as us. Maybe they’re just not as visible in the popular eye or the Commercial popular eye but there’s so many bands and groups and things out there They’re just doing their didn’t playing their own game. And I really appreciate that. There’s so many of them. What is your game? Because even this week we have a ton of new music drop. Yeah. Yeah Our game is not too difficult. We make sure We’re stoked as a band because nothing else really matters Above that like if we sit up here and hate what we release and hate what we do then it’s a waste of time So, you know, we make these records and we go. Yeah, this is feeling good and this serves where we want to be as a band in a couple years and then you know you stay true to your fan base and We fill in the gaps for modern rock groups. I think I think we try to try out things We’re persistent we always push ourselves with our production and our Lyrical content and our graphic content and we become a band to follow not not a band following so that’s kind of what we want to do What you just said being a band that is follow doesn’t do the following That is a huge statement. But like a lot of yeah, a lot of artists fall victim to following when people go right well Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get to where you want to get and I think a lot of groups will copy each other until You know something of theirs pops off and finally they can make an individual creative move Which because they will have then it’s called the attention of people It’s difficult So, yeah, it’s not until they have popularity that they choose to become creatively free Yeah, it’s just like if you had you know you have pop artists on your show and your show gains popularity and then you know, you have the viewers listeners and then Finally, you can get a curveball on your show and you’ll still have those listeners attention. Yeah, you know what I mean? I I think that’s I think that’s why a lot of people copy each other. They just want to foot in the door I don’t blame him. It’s difficult. Yeah, it really is hard so hard Yeah, I mean, I mean we to some degree did that in the early days I mean half because we were young and a little bit didn’t exactly know what we were as a band and I think and so We got that Foot in the door with the first couple of albums and we had like a fanbase that’s when you know Youngblood and stuff comes and we can make I mean If you listen to our first album and then teeth, it’s like two totally different things and that’s awesome and that means that we Like what it’s difficult as a band to get through that we’ve been a band for How long eight years? Now and to get through all that and kind of still be stoked on the music you’re releasing and not hate each other and lash Yeah it’s there’s a lot of little little victories and four teeth to be out today is Is a big victory and I can’t believe I mean I can because I like the song although but I can’t believe that We can release that song and people like it and it’s just a weird thing Like I was just it’s a cool thing to be like I can’t believe I’m in this band You know what? I mean? Like that sounds like a funny thing, but it’s like oh like no, but just say that eight years later It’s so cool that there’s no chance that you’re not think of it. You’re not annoyed with each other You don’t hate the music you put out or a forced to record. Mmm. It’s a it says yes a strange thing Yeah, it’s cool though. It’s awesome. How have you seen your fanbase change over those eight years. We see them like everyone else Who’s new? Okay That’s a crazy thing to witness as a group like oh damn everyone Likes that person now all that person’s going everyone likes that person now. Oh, they’re done Everyone likes this person now Oh what happened to them? Oh, they did this. It’s like you just see people come and go Already in our career, which is our careers and notable length wise in any way I mean eight years is like I mean, this is most of my life our lives but So that a lot to go. Yeah. I see a lot of people come and go and I see a lot of people You know, there’s only a couple that are still around since we have been around as well In the pop space. Yeah, are you more proud of the music you put out over the last few months than ever before? I think it’s very Ambitious and for thinking I don’t know. I mean it’s difficult because like obviously at the moment I’m so proud of teeth And you got to stand behind that and I do Like with everything and but you know with the it’s not like I hate earlier stuff It’s like at the time I was like, oh, this is awesome Like we’re in a band and this is so and this is like so fun and I love love music We’re making but looking back, you know, I was 16. I’m 23 now 23 not look good Anyway, it’s like you’re a different person then you were back then it’s not like you don’t like it But I’m definitely more proud in this very moment of teeth than I am of you know, yeah Different aspect is that you have ever yeah time. I feel like everything is just relative to where you are now, so I Just instantly feel more connected to this music just because it is it I’ve been living in it for the last Year or so, yeah Would you say it’s the music you always wanted to make? Yeah, of course it is. But you know, we weren’t I don’t know we’ve had to change so many other things in our career Too in order to even make music like this in the first place like it’s a feat in many ways It’s like it’s like one piece of like a 12 piece pie that we’ve kind of had to bake And it takes a while to force like this. Yeah if you’ve any 350 degrees Fahrenheit ya know. It’s it’s been you know, it’s been great I mean we’re through a very liberating period of our career, which is awesome and The rest of the album that we’ve made also is just so good. It’s like it really helps like shape the direction of where we’re at right now, and it’s hard to get across when when we’re like talking to people about it because there’s only two songs out right now, but the rest of the record just lays these like insane Foundations that just makes so much sense with where we’re at right now How many songs are done like 12 maybe maybe 10 11 12? We had like a lists in an email the other day if like Yeah wasn’t in order but there was like I can remember 10 or 12 or something maybe more Oh, yeah early next year. I mean, I know that’s not a date but Tour with the chainsmokers and Lennon. Yeah. Yeah. Yes 2020. Yeah, but we’ll have lots of songs out this year. Yeah Songs that are part of this album. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so it’s kind of like we release a bunch of It’s a bit different out. We usually release music and we’ll have released music and the possible like put out You know more than just two singles I don’t know how many exactly at the moment like maybe three or four Or something and then the album will be like kind of at the end of the two at the moment Everything can change better the moment It’s like off to the chainsmokers tour when we kind of put out our own thing and then, you know another going from there Yeah, but everything uh, we’ve kind of learned that everything’s pretty up in the air so it could come out next week. You never know surprised some beyond But it is 2019. You got to adapt the way you release music. Yeah, that’s a balance. You need to learn as well We’ve talked about that so many times but like that there’s a thousand things that one needs to learn to to adapt to now Yeah, people think Release a little too much these days. Do you think sure I think so because I’m not inspired by it It doesn’t feel good when they do it It’s kind of like damn on to the next it’s like you feel like there’s a lack of attachment from the earth It’s kind of like oh just you know, and just that’s just artists feelings But how do you how do you balance that? Right? How do you feed the yeast while keeping your Integrity intact, I think putting faith and putting your music first rather than the Attention span of the audience is important you need a like yet. This is an awesome. I love this music I’m made of I’m two years two hundred steps ahead and I’ve got plans and I’m ready to do this for a while not like kind of doing things on the fly too much and getting the rowing saturated Yeah It’s almost like with teeth Like we love it as a band so much and it’s so cool for us and yet like it. Could I Don’t know how to say with that like it’s it could do Nothing, or it could be the biggest song ever and I kind of there wouldn’t be any sort of feeling of all we got to move on to the next so this is like No, no, this is a failure. It’s a great song either way creatively like satisfying As a fulfill you yeah, I always say that like it has to be a hit just for you It’s like do I love that? I love that cool Now other people can because otherwise I’d sit in here all nervous like yeah. I know it’s not that good, but it’s different How do you felt like a record have you five towards a record felt like that before yeah, uh, I don’t know but I felt unsure and when you’re unsure then I Don’t know that’s kind of no way you want to be sickening You can’t be unsure about something that’s gonna be attached to the rest of your days. Yeah. Yeah We’re unsure. I wouldn’t be in leather leather jeans right now I’d be like I’d be like in like regular jeans Song but I’m like in here take this dope love it. The band loves it these pants that’s Celebration. What do you think again? Whose story is written about? Is like tape is an embodiment of like it’s very seductive and and underfoot– type of song I mean, it’s it’s a feeling of being trapped for the wrong reasons Also, it’s just it just spews a codependent toxicity this something feels like a toxic relationship yeah Which we don’t want those But we do sing about them. Yeah, say no to bad It almost feels like obviously it’s gonna different to everyone in the room writing it but it’s like that I Don’t know when you’ve kind of I mean in my head I picture the relationship like I’m currently in and it’s like that it was that weird Bit we were figuring each other out and he’d kind of you know We together not together and it’s kind of like you’re I don’t know It’s a weird kind of tumultuous and then one day you introduce yourself to someone and say hey, this is my girlfriend That’s the first time she’s heard it. Yeah Like wait, I’m you girlfriend Thought so, oh we not It’s pretty it’s pretty dark that you know, yeah you you’ve had a few drinks to go to their house or you know of us first and you’re like, oh my god, I Messed up, how can we fix this? This is a pretty terrible way to put it the videos dark Yeah, I like that. That’s the name of the album deep dark you have what a terrible name? We didn’t know what to call it though. Yeah, we’re we’re still thinking about yeah, it is. Uh, I got to hear the songs I don’t know if it should be like a You should take one of the song titles and use as the album title or if it should be like a book and it gets its own title Oh like The Adventures of Thank you for the idea Or it could be you know reflective of a song see I I think that we did the song title I want it to be like Mac and black or something. It needs to be like the fourth album like stamp like there This is the that you listen to from us forever Forever. Is it hard for four guys to agree on one title? Yeah. Yes, really a lot of group texting Youngblood was relatively easy that was brave. But then remember they came in I mean first, I don’t know if you know the story of the first record, but it was in like 2014 and we were in a we were in a V on Oh on the way to like a regional radio regional radio link And our manager who’s sitting right there on the end. He always gets roped in And he puts his head in the card he goes hey guys So we have to do in a couple hours decide on the album name What do you think and we’re all sitting in the viata? We take out our headphones were like what it’s like you gonna you have to like decide the album name We need to let them know in like a couple hours We’re like what? English accent guys, we need the album right now. We need we need the arm top And then he showed me the album cover I was like it looks bland as hell So he handed me a sharpie. If you look at the album cover. I literally just drew on it Album we were so at that time we were like It was crazy you have time now to figure how I don’t know. I think we were pre-prepared. Now. You’re too prepared. Yeah that’s like a real thing then by the way, I like to feel like over-prepared or I don’t know the Difference in your process. Yeah. Yeah, sometimes good things come when rushed Tour prep, how are we doing? It’s good. That sounds good We’re finished rehearsals. Are we like changing arrangements to keep things fresh with you? Oh, yeah, it’s all new Everything’s different. Not tabata. Mmm the whole thing. Whoo. Okay. So like how does that happen? How does it come to be? Like well the point of this – it Obviously, it’s maybe a little bit of a curveball it makes sense to us and hopefully some other people out there now because we’re planners Yeah Oh Yeah, I’d love to go on tour and you guys it was poor like hmm, and we look at you know the data Thought achill and strategic what it is cuz everybody that goes to their shows doesn’t go to our shows. So it’s perfect. Uh-huh It’s alas. There we go By the way, I think that’s great because between you you have a ton of pants So even if you don’t know the deep cuts You know the hits you should have a good time if you don’t have a good time. It’s a problem with you Yeah, that sounds like a youth Literally with Remapped how we how we put on a show So it’s like a I’m really excited for the the people that are coming to see us It’s gonna be really different compared to what we’ve done before What is that? Is that wine to take on a new challenge? well it’s it’s inserting the new influences and the new sonic and the new sounds and you put it into your old songs, and then you You make these kind of epic arrangements of because we have four albums to take from so now it’s now we’re getting into the fun part where you get to Dip in and out of ears all the way through your set And that’s a really exciting journey for people to kind of witness And that’s a it’s a great part of our career at the moment. You know, it’s gonna be fun Who leads away with the rearrangement or do you do it together? We all are great at arranging live Experiences. I mean that’s one of our main talents as a group. I think we’re really good at live composition Yeah, I will be there Inglewood California, this is me inviting myself How does the teeth video relate to the song and how did you come up with that video? Yeah, we worked with a French-canadian yeah, yeah director for an ad in if Renee Thien. My name’s Tebow and We’ve been kind of diving into the personal journeys of each guy in the group and that’s kind of there’s always a couple underlying narratives that we try to tap into Obviously staying true to the song Staying true to the vibe of the song What does that look like visually? What do we want to look like in a live experience? How do we get the live experience into this video? How do we make the things we did six months ago makes sense in this video? How do you make the next single make sense with this video? you you think about all these things and then you come up with a concept that seems striking and Involved from the group. So each person is represented in this music video In their going through a tormented situation and they they come out and end up in in the light, you know So that’s kind of the process and and it’s relative to out career at the moment Everybody’s been going through these individual things and and we’re all coming out on top, hopefully, so yeah Can you guys explain what each of you are going through that it represents in the video Um, I think being too straight straight forward with it I mean obviously each person in the group is going through a challenge in and it’s almost like a it’s Relative there’s a couple references that we made early on particularly that we’re trying to get through and in our music videos, I mean there’s This movie called beyond the black rainbow which is about kind of chemical testing on the brain and you go into your mind and you find what you’re most fearful of and You kind of have to confront it and hopefully kill it and come out on top. It’s kind of like a DMT trip if you’ve ever heard of that So in this video it’s us confronting these kind of fictional Challenges and coming out on top and reuniting as a group. Yeah, okay So, I like Michael you’re climbing up the ladder Represent anything in your life. I think the challenge is per se a more metaphorical as just like a specific challenge that would look cool on camera because what I think it’s more like Philosophical of the sense that we all have we all go through our own things individually In order to come together as a group in the end, you know, yeah, and there’s little like notes and things in there I mean, we pay a lot of attention or whatever. We’re wearing in this video. We’ll be wearing in the live circumstance Cool and lots of different little details that we enjoy in an autistic relaxed sense. I think throwing like these really Intense definitions that are personal on these things publicly would be a mistake It’s all It’s in the years in the eyes of the beholder, right? It’s different everybody cuz I can find a reason for it cuz that’s kind of you I’m an imaginative person. Like I could throw you a thousand definitions of my challenge, but It just is what it is in the in the in the video How does this record and this? creating teeth Does it change the way you work on the rest of the album and the way you create the rest of the songs? Or like what was the order? Like have you even heard the first song you created for this next album? It was kind of easy. It wasn’t it was that was the first song that kind of? kind of started us being on the track for the fourth record because you know I as we told you last time it came through and ER and stuff like that and then kind of having that as a seed at least helped us start the the creation of the fourth album process with at least some sort of context You know what? I mean and and having done Youngblood and stuff before we knew That there was a pocket that we wanted to fill but we also knew that we wanted to get a ton of different influences in Yeah So it was kind of it and you know teeth was actually one of the later Songs that was done during the period that was my last four days Yeah So it it’s they were all kind of reflective of each other and I don’t know if we told you but did we tell you? That we’ve got together like as a band and played live. Yeah you Jan to create like some of the track beds Yeah so it was like all Of the experience and it went so quick as well that it’s hard to even pinpoint what moments it shifted because it was just moving rapidly It was intense as well because we were we didn’t have a record label at the time Cuz we were just building the album. Anyway, yeah We’re just kind of out there Kind of trying to create something that was purposeful to us And then we had a lot of other things to work out after them Yeah, I remember it was like a month or a month and a half of was just being being in that in Andrews dungeon I would just go to the studio be there for yeah, X amount of hours drive home sleep again and then get up yeah, go to the studio, like everything just kind of falls you can I don’t think it’s weird everything just Calls everything just falls like kind of in your personal life well for me anyway, you know How long top to bottom are you going every day? But aren’t you then inspired by the fact that you really is falling Yes, you beget the belt oh Jesus cross you get that balance there and I haven’t figured it out yet Find that balance this early and I feel like at this point when we go into making out my don’t like I kind of have Blinders on and just go in for and that’s you know, why it falls falls apart and your person loves coming. Yeah Yeah, and then you get but you got some ones like teeth. So, you know, that’s kind of woods on that Also, you fully invest yourself Yeah and maybe that’s the wrong way to do it and eventually maybe the next time you’ll figure it out more you’d be like Hey guys, I’m gonna you know do this instead of chief balance Daniel day-lewis lived his Lincoln. Okay, man. Mm-hmm, and he played Lincoln Shia LaBeouf does it? Yes, he lives as Shia LaBeouf Sorry, I’m like a couple months ago who’s reading at Sportsman’s Because he lives he lives near where I live Yeah, because I was driving and I was making a terrible parallel park like I was blocking the entire store And he was just sitting there. I didn’t actually realize we had three separate He was looking at me and and I actually I rolled down the window and I was like I’m And then That’s ridiculous Sorry watch out because the next time he sees you might trigger something in him You might just have like a random moment of like just anger So shy LaBeouf, what are the other side of both stories Just well, let’s get into Where we see him we was that we’re in a wine bar. It’s it’s like he was studying line Yes, you know I ain’t know I’m really like people like look at me like oh But they won’t really go up to someone of that caliber for some reason made some people will it’s just now you don’t want weird like has to go from the Transformers like he’s you know That’s the role. I think of all holes. Actually, I think I loved your cover of Justin Bieber when you were 12. Yeah, it’s a kick in the balls Hey, I wasn’t even in that cover someone someone comes up here to us and be like I used to love your band You’re like cool. Thanks Like you any more than I used to in high school, but now Yes, a therapy session make sure we’re defining things we should talk about in private People not liking you that breaks my heart a little bit so How do you channel that like do you kind of rage Like they could say anything they want but you go First amendment it was honestly just a pet peeve. It’s not really a big issue of my life I just care the point being is it came up to me in the street? You said you used to like me and me to? New bulbs check them out. You might be swayed The pitchman yeah, I used to like you hold that thought I try us again now, what about this? I mean, you know, but they used to go I just love you and I was like when I was young and they’re literally 17. Yeah Like when I was a kid, but you were a kid but last week You should it’s an incredible sound it’s a great record Seriously, well, you got some good radio records, thank you. Yeah. Thank you. You should be very proud. Sorry about our breakdown Oh, please, you know that my Studios always open for it a final thought was this whole Charlie puth thing just a coincidence Where you guys released the song together, then the same day a week later. What is this? Wait what Charlie puth you guys really is a coincidence. We didn’t know he was releasing today. I think maybe he did If you asked him maybe it was planned from him but it wasn’t playing I didn’t think he would say then he wouldn’t say it, but maybe I Don’t know it’s a quickie dig this we’d say in Australia who ever heard of that a coincidence a co-inky-dink That wasn’t it there was any kid show it doesn’t matter where it came from What’s the strategy behind the remix strategy Good for him to play live I think I think you know, he rewrote a verse so technically like calling it a remix his book Okay, cuz it’s a new song found out We actually had to call it so that we’re taking the counties but I just wish people will give it a listen cuz it’s different Because it’s you know, Charlie singing a new pardon. He does a bunch of ad-libs and It’s awesome. I mean, he’s a writer on the song and he deserves every credit Yes Hilda, because I mean also I just like people to I like to accept who wrote on our songs with us, you know And that’s like a great just look Charlie. This is how he would sound on the song as he being on the show Oh, yeah. Yeah, ton of times incredibly human be like the song that he just dropped. I love it It’s really different but also at the same time Charlie. Yes, totally. Yeah, he’s gonna come out with some great stuff. Mm-hmm Is he on any other record on this album? Nope? That’s it easier was it? Served its purpose. Nope, we could do it we could do it again. We do another easier Deserves your ear and really you gotta watch the video who cast those weirdos Scary people he’s where I hear. So what I cast these for weird Touching your arm with the lights accosting. Yeah, they freak me out. They were awesome. They were so suited for that part Yeah, I guess Tebow the director guy do but the rock hands. Yeah. Yeah to me he goes. Yeah. I know what we’re doing here Hey, you guys, you know what? We’re doing here. I go. What are we doing? We’re doing Backstreet Boys. I was like no We’re no you guys ha ha. No, I don’t what we did I had a really good conversation with him about his dog He’s actually like really great buddy was the buddy Like to party sometimes people like to bring us gifts, really I See a bottle of Malibu in the corners We have really wide Sanders Crazy I wanna clarify that when we got this as a gift it was already. There’s only 25% left of it That’s true Theodore. It is from a tepee ty dolla sign. No, you ready? jack and jack That’s definitely not ty dolla sign They roll around drinking tequila, uh, I guess so Yeah some weight fair enough all done Jack and Jack came in with a bottle of tequila in their hand and said, Hey, you want this? Yes, that’s a crazy story. Hey, then they took shots with us that setting the window Yeah, we probably won’t get to why don’t we do anything that cool I can’t hold it together Yeah, I don’t know, you know have one shot. I want three more then we’re getting crazy She can barely hold it together in this interview. I know Keith listen to it watch the video Thanks, I wish you’d left with the edit we’re not it’s all staying. Oh Okay, you know what show you’re on right if you have Shia LaBeouf on here. Will you tell about us? Oh I play in the footage on the seventeen monitors. Have you ever had? Whoa? No bit of a flex on the 17-month I’m not saying whatever he said I’m not saying whatever comes in my mind Sorry Yeah, I don’t know how to control it oh, yeah, it’s not you no, I wish you Future thanks for having us. Thanks for playing teeth Yeah, anytime no, we’re not so I was gonna say that thanks Good Interview and you always like sure respect. Yeah, it’s nice and you’ve got a really cute talk Yeah, he’s definitely peed out there and I think they’re freaking out about it. I appreciate those words really deeply and Yeah, we do care deeply and your music awesome, so I love sharing it and thanks, man. Thanks guys Hopefully we’ll be doing it forever. Yeah, man. Well, we’ll see I really hope you enjoyed that conversation. If you did, please subscribe and also check out our podcast there’s a link in the description and also comment and like and Do things other interviews are on the screen somewhere? So Click them. Thanks for watching

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