100 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth (Official Video)

  1. Is noone gonna talk about the fact that the captions say "Don't know if I'm gunna out alive", completely forgetting "make it out"?

  2. You remember when music videos didn't look like some kind of a ritual? This video doesn't match the lyrics hollywierd. Quit your goofy cult shit go do this in a basement or a warehouse somewhere not in the public eye! We still watch music videos! cult nerds.

  3. In my opinion the song isn’t about a personal relationship but a relationship with their fans I think the things they’re are experiencing are like the down sides of popularity. Like how Michael is can’t climb a ladder I think the reason is because he scared of being humiliated in front of his fans. Luke is suffocating because he’s alone and his mind is taking back to past traumas and without music or friends he is not able to cope. Sorry for length.

  4. TikTokから来たけど

  5. Wow, the tune of Stranger Things and subtiel use of autotune for the voice makes this a exceptional good, timeless and original song!! Incredible, well done!

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