5 Seconds of Summer “Valentine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

5 Seconds of Summer “Valentine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Ashton Irwin: Valentine was on Valentine’s
day and we walked in and we’re laughing about, “Oh imagine how many people are writing songs
about Valentine’s day today,” and we’re like, “Let’s just do a good one.” You know growing more and more in love with
someone was something that was happening to one or two of us at the time I guess so, yeah. That’s where the song came from. Ashton: Mike Elizondo had mixed guitars and hip-hop together pretty successfully in the
past, and that’s exactly what we needed. We needed someone who approached music with
a pretty wholesome kind of vision. In his mind, it appeared that if you can’t
play it, it won’t be on your record and I thought that was really useful for a band
like us because we had to kind of expand the horizons synthesizer wise, playing keys, and
doing things that we hadn’t usually done. Ashton: The light in your eyes was the hopefulness
that this would … this relationship would come to fruition in a way that this person
hadn’t felt before. The dark in your heart is a remnants of things
that have hurt them in the past and I think it’s their density and their character Ashton: Someone kind of strays or leans towards,
I don’t know, maybe not committing to that person they’re always constantly tied back
to each other because they’re both very combative Michael Clifford: In a relationship, I think
if you’re so passive about a relationship and you’re in this point where it’s like,
“Oh yeah you know, it’s all good” if you go in with that mindset of nothing good comes
without working towards it. Ashton: We’re still willing to participate
in the sex that happens on Valentine’s day as well. So there’s the things you do buy into as well
which I think … why I think that’s why it’s a cool song Luke Hemmings: It doesn’t matter what you
would do together, going out and having a fancy dinner or staying at home and kind of
hanging out in your onesies or whatever. Michael: When you’re with someone and you
feel like everything is working, it feels like you slowly morph into a beautiful kind
of … Luke: Two human blob. Michael: Yeah, to one big human blob. Callum: You are the least romantic man
Ashton: That is the cheesiest…. Ashton: That’s when you get in the bed. And you go to town. That’s what’s happening there. Like we don’t have to mess around anymore. Michael: I liked that this lyric felt like,
you know, I feel like a lot of our fans at least have never heard this saying before. Ashton: Oh, it’s a very British saying. Luke: Yeah and I think it just keeps falling
that same theme of cherry pie, chocolate eclairs, cake, it’s all like every sweet things. Valentine, the person is very sweet. It follows that same kind of theme.

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  1. Haven’t listened to 5sos in years, watching this video made me realise how Luke now sounds very American compared to a few years ago

  2. Anybody else agree that at 2:08 Luke switches to an American accent then back to an Aussie accent in that one sentence? I think I could get used to it

  3. I love how awkward and zined out they are it's the biggest mood and I swear you can make so many memes out of this😂😂😂

  4. It's so quiet and peacefull when Calum reads the text but when Michael and Luke start reading ,it's like sooooo loud.These bitches are always loud

  5. 1:55 ashton “we’re still willing to participate in the sex that happens on valentine’s day” 😂

  6. Why are they just saying it and not singing it . This is making me so uncomfortable but I can't stop laughing.

  7. When Ashton says “growing more and more in love with.. sOmEoNe” and calum makes a funny face
    Cashton shippers (aka me) : ITS REAL

  8. This reminds me of three types of students doing reading in class. Micheal is confident. Calum is little unsure and is like "I hope this is the right way!" Luke is like "When is this gonna end? !!"

  9. Most celebrities I watch don’t want to talk about sex and that and then there’s Ashton😂😂 also Michaels reaction to Ashton at 3:06 is gold

  10. Ashton: we’re still willing to participate n the sex that happens on Valentine’s Day
    Literally all of them: looks awkwardly and suggestively at their feet and nods slowly

  11. I love how RED Cal-pal face get when Ashton said that reference abt sex in "Full plate don't wait have your cake and eat it too" i love that shy facet of my aussie (kiwi) guy. You gotta love Calum.
    (Auto like to not dissapear in the coments)

  12. Calum: sounds like the cutest Irish smol boi ever
    Ashton: That’s when you get into bed. And you go to town.
    My step dad: wait what-
    Luke: c u t i e
    Michael: does nothing

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