5 Summer Accessories Every Man MUST Have | Summertime Casual Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

5 Summer Accessories Every Man MUST Have | Summertime Casual Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, we’re going to talk about five must
have summer accessories. As the temperature goes up, we wear less and
less clothing and therefore, our accessories become more important because they are more
visible. In this video, guys, I’m going to talk about
five accessories that I think you should consider either upgrading or making sure that you’ve
got the right one when it comes down to it. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. Number one. The perfect pair of sunglasses. And, notice I said, perfect, that’s the
adjective I’m throwing on because this, gentlemen is the dependent on you. I’m not going to say one style is best,
I’m not going to say one size is best because I don’t know the size of your head, I don’t
know the proportions of your head, I don’t know your personal likes, but I do know if
you go out there and when you find the perfect shades, you put them on, you look in that
mirror and you just go like, wow, I look good. That’s when you guys you need to stick with
that style, find that style and go out there and look. I know for the longest time, I was the guy
out there going and buying cheap shades and nothing wrong with cheap shades especially
if you’re going to the lake, you know you’re going to lose them, but most of the time,
you’re not doing that. And so, unless you’re really lucky, but
the point is guys, go out and find a pair of shades that when you put them on, you feel
great. Now, these are a pair of shades I’ve had
for about nine years. I think it’s been nine years and, they are
great pair of shades. I like them, but when it comes down to it
and they were probably the most expensive shades I ever – the first pair of really
nice shades and I stuck with those for a long time. But, now I’ve been out there trying many
different brands, pulled in some aviators. What do you, guys think? I really like aviators, I like this particular
pair, but I didn’t limit myself to that because I realized, okay, and I know maybe
some of you guys like I love aviators and I don’t really want to stick out, well,
change out the colors of the lenses. Perhaps change out the colors and the types
of the frames. Sometimes you’re going to find something
that maybe just doesn’t work for you. These wayfarers, I have to say not necessarily
my style, but all of a sudden, this, this right here I actually like these, I didn’t
expect to, but when you find a pair of like the club master and so, go out there explore,
find the perfect pair for you. And, if you want more, guys, in the description
I have an eBook where you can actually learn more about lenses and all the various types
out there. But, point number two, find unique watch that
you love the way it looks, it’s proportion on you, it’s lightweight, and, again, unique. So, the reason I’m going with unique is
you’re going to be and people – more people are going to see the watch and you want something
that’s going to be a conversation starter. When somebody sees this watch and they’re
like, wow, that’s a really nice play of brown on black, it’s proportioned right
to my hand. This one in the sample I have here, it’s
from Original Grain. Now, FYI, I want to let you guys know I’ve
actually got a couple other samples. They sent me this and I said, “Hey, guys,
I want to have some samples for my audience so I can send it out.” I want you guys to go check out Original Grain
and when you do that, in the comments below in detail, tell me which style which one you
really like, I’ve got a couple I would love to send out to you, guys, but you’ve got
to nail the exact style and tell me how it’s going to fit into your summer wardrobe. So, getting back to the unique aspect, everyone
I’ve had in the office for the last two weeks and I’ve had quite a few people in
my office, they’ve all seen this watch and like, wow, I really like the look. It’s a classic design, yet it’s got the
black face. It’s got the wood vessel and that’s what’s
really unique about Original Grain. They’ve got this one it’s a minimalist
design. It’s a 1.7 mm, the smallest wooded vessel
you’re going to see out there and overall, very nice proportioned well, it’s 40 mm
case right here. So, things like that work specifically for
me. I love unique and the look overall of the
watch and so, it’s a great conversation starter. A couple of other things about the watch is
they use Italian leather bands, Japanese quartz movements. Guys, go check them out and like I said, I
got a couple I’d love to giveaway to you. Must have accessory number three is a protective
hat. When I was in the Marine Corps, we wore hats
and guys in the military understand you wear hats all the time because they’re functional
and they will protect you from the sun. For some reason, nowadays, hats aren’t in
fashion or if you’re going to wear one, you’ve got to have confidence. That would my key point with wearing a hat,
guys, practice wearing it. Wear it in your house, wear it around the
yard. If you’re not used to how people are going
to react to it, then simply practice wearing them, but go buy yourself a really nice hat
like a Panama, maybe a straw fedora, you know, maybe those aren’t your styles maybe you
want to get a linen newsboy. But, what you want to be getting is something
that when you put it on, you feel good, you know you look good and it actually is functional. If you’re in Arizona, you’re over in Southern
California, maybe you’re down over in Florida, a hat is going to work great because in those
areas it’s just going to be summer, you can actually wear it quite a bit more, therefore
you can spend more money. And, when you’re looking to buy a hat, make
sure you buy the hat from a hat store that specializes in hats. I was in a menswear store and they happen
to have a couple summer hats. I looked at them and all of a sudden I realized
half the hats that they had there on display were actually broken, the straw was breaking
up. But the issue is, that’s an afterthought
for them, the hats were not their main business. You want to go to someone that’s going to
help you find the right size, the right proportioned hat, and it’s going to give you so many
options of, yes, you’re going to spend a little bit more, but you’re going to have
something. When you put it on, you’re going to look
great. [0:05:08]
Must have summer accessory number four, lightweight footwear. So, we’re talking espadrilles, sandals,
we’re going to talk boat shoes, canvas sneakers. Guys, what you’re looking for is something
that’s going to be a lighter weight than what you normally are going to wear especially
in the winter, something that’s going to be more breathable. I like lighter colors as well it usually works
better with shorts. I love the lighter colors, they’re going
to be in your wardrobe at this time of the year. And, go, get a pair of no-show socks. These no-show socks have at least a few of
them because you’re going to go through them very quickly when you’re sweating,
they’re going to prevent your shoes from staining on the inside and from smelling. My final must have accessory for the summer,
I like to have a really nice leather portfolio notebook. I find that I spend a lot of time outdoors
and I like to think and I know that many of you guys, I mean I’ve got multiple electronic
devices; iPads, iPhones, all the other tablets out there, but I find that actually having
something that is beautiful in design that actually has pens, paper, you know, allows
me to write my thoughts out is great. I just had a friend in town and he showed
me his notebook and actually, every single day he categorizes where he puts out exactly
what he eats and how he exercises. And his thing and it’s very interesting
strategy but he creates a streak. So, he has done this for over two thousand
days. Think about that. And so, everyday, he’s putting down what
he ate and how he exercise and the thing is he never wants to break the streak and he’s
constantly able to go back and see how he’s taking care of his body. So, something like that, you know, I’m not
saying you have to do that, but I do like the idea of having a beautiful portfolio,
a beautiful notebook, a beautiful journal that you can have with you and that you can
keep track of things when you’ve got the time. All right, guys, that’s it. Now, don’t forget, in the comments, I want
you to go check out Original Grain. I’ve got a couple of watches I want to send
you guys, all you have to do is go to their website, I’m going to link to it right here. And, when you go to their website, in the
comments down below, let me know which specific style, be very specific as to which style
you like you think would look great with your summer wardrobe. That’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Specifically for me, I think the Zebrawood/Rosegold colorway would best complement my summer style. This is because I generally wear lighter color clothing, and my favorite colors, and ones I wear the most, are blue, white, and black. I've also been starting to wear polo shirts a lot more since I recently landed my first full-time job, thus this caliber of watch would help my professional style more than anything. The brown leather strap and wood trim bezel pairs classy and style to make this watch and specific colorway a killer accessory for my situation.

    Thank for the video and I look forward to many more!



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    I bought it any ways. The watch looks very elegant.

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    I recently bought a watch for my dad for father day from Original Grain and using your discount code is the only great thing that I get out of Original Grain. Original had sent me a defective watch not once but twice. Their way of communicating is so bad, even ordering the watch two week ahead of time and dealing with their service to fix the problem lead to a day where I have nothing to give to my dad.

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