5 Things To Know About Cruising The Holidays

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description below hey cruisers I know it’s a cliche but the holidays seem to
come earlier and earlier every year October 1st true story
I walk into TJ Maxx and they’ve already got two aisles of Christmas decorations
out it’s crazy but there it is and all that means is we’re probably way too
late getting this video out we’ll just pretend we’re getting a head start on
next year ok so if things go according to plan
we will be cruising over Thanksgiving this year
this won’t be our first holiday cruise we’ve done it a number of times before
and it occurred to us that there are a few tips we could pass along that may
help you if you’re considering holiday cruise of your own you know how some
videos save the most important thing to the end just to keep you all watching
longer it’s a shrewd tactic but we’re not going
to do that to you today so here it is the most important thing you should know
is that you’re likely to spend a bit more money on a cruise during the
holidays maybe a lot more money Christmas and New Year’s cruises are
typically the most expensive of the year the kids are off and lots of families
see this as a great time for a vacation now the cruise lines know this so
there’s typically no reason to reduce fares our standard tip about booking
your cruise early applies here but beyond that you’ll want to watch Cruise
Line websites and newsletters for flash sales it happens but real deals around
the holidays are kind of scarce so check and see if your Cruise Line offers an
air and sea package airfare during the holidays is notoriously pricey finding a
package deal may save you some scratch but barring that book those flights
early if you wait until the last minute it’s gonna cost you since this is a
popular time for families to vacation the next thing you should know is it
tends to feel more crowded around the ship lines seem longer kids clubs
are brimming with youngsters and popular spots around the ship may feel more like
a busy shopping mall than a serene ocean getaway now this scenario can be good or
bad depending on your cruising preferences but if rambunctious crowds
are not your jam it may be best to wait until after the holidays or consider
cruising between holidays early November and early December are good examples of
times when prices are actually lower and crowds thin out a bit but you kinda get
the benefits of a holiday cruise if you want to show your festive spirit by
decorating your cabin that is not a problem be sensible about what you pack
though and remember that cruise lines have a policy prohibiting open flame and
other potential fire hazards so no candles or similar flamey items a
small string of battery-operated lights and things like cards or paper
decorations can be a good start your cabin door may be a good place to hang a
paper wreath or other holiday art just be sure to check your cruise lines
policy on this stuff because some of them no longer allow door decorations
channeling your inner Santa could pose a problem with airport and ship security
you’ll want to leave any gifts that you pack unwrapped pack a few gift bags
ribbons and alike and handle the festive packaging once you’re on board
alternatively you could shop shipboard or in port but expect to pay a little
bit more if you’ve watched any of our previous videos you may have heard us
sing the praises of the ship’s newsletter it’s always a wealth of
information a source of seemingly limitless activities and even a good
place to track down deals well this goes double when cruising the holidays as
ships newsletters are jam-packed with holiday themed activities there will
likely be special performances by the ship’s staff tree lighting ceremonies
cooking demos craft making pajama parties gingerbread decorating parties
and even a visit from Santa for the kidlets if the holidays don’t seem
complete without a little gridiron action
you’ve got nothing to fear football fans will not be disappointed on most cruise
lines most ships these days abound with giant flat-screen TVs and lively sports
bars if you want to get the most out of your holiday cruise the newsletter will
be your best friend okay so that’s our five things to know
but in the spirit of giving we have a holiday bonus for you always check your
cruise lines alcohol policy first but most will allow at least one bottle of
wine or champagne per adult and your carry-on so ring in the new year with a
bottle of bubbly without breaking the bank
before we sign off today we’d love to hear if you have been on a holiday
cruise and if so what was the experience like and how did your ship make the
holiday special for you that’s it for this one thanks for watching and until
next time we’ll see you on the high seas oh and don’t forget to pack your ugly
holiday sweater

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