5 Tips To Help You Travel The World For Free Parody

5 Tips To Help You Travel The World For Free Parody

hey guys I’m Sean Brett and you can
do it and today I’m gonna be showing you how to travel the world for free how
horrid a seat number one how the top of the world for free instead of flying
swim for example if you’re in Australia you can just swim to New Zealand if you
end up in Chile you’ve gone too far just turn back pro tip for you guys if you
want to save energy then walk across Australia it’s a lot quicker than
swimming from Perth to New Zealand I promise the best thing about swimming
instead of flying don’t have to worry about luggage allowance let’s go why waste moneyfood when you can use
the free resources that you have say you’ll you know everyone knows you can
get food off of trees so let me show you how to do it did you see this is just a
Standard that you find in Australia brownies the best thing about these
brownies is they all individually wrapped so you could store them on the
go pocket to you guys make sure you
check the roots for valuable drinking sources this one here is called Pepsi I
know it’s not as good as coke but you’ve got to go somewhere like this is free
you can’t just like get all the best things so it might be off-brand Pepsi
but it’s free so make sure you save up tip number three if you’re running out
of money take some pictures sample this is a picture I took of a statue just
earlier and I’m gonna post it to Instagram now I’m just going to show you
the process of what I do put a weird filltue on it to give it an edgy look now then you drop it size it and then
you make sure you put some relevant hashtags and then you will post it to
Instagram and then nearly enough instantaneously money will appear like
this and as soon as you post the picture money will just appear like magic tip
number four won’t waste money on the Passport when you can make it yourself
took me about an hour to make so what you need is a picture and a pen and some
pen and some paper and what you do is you draw out your passport it can be
quite difficult to get all the artistic lines when you’re drawing a face but if
you just take your time you get it perfect make sure you include your name
and where you’re from and a little pro tip for you guys make sure you include
your twitter or instagram tags so people can find you because if you’re at the
airport when you’re checking in they can follow you because because now you’re a
travel blogger everyone wants to follow you good tip
number five you can sell your story the last way to make money as a travel
blogger is to sell your story everyone wants to know what it’s like to be a
travel blogger and they love listening to your story especially when you’re an
author that no one’s ever heard of because it’s unique and special so let
me just guide you through how to do this so what you do is you make a book like
this and as soon as you release it it’ll be a best-seller but if it’s not all you
do is just change the cover of it and then it will sell ten times the amount
of copies easy you could do this on Amazon yourself perfect is thanks for
watching this terrible video on five free tips to travel the world and if you
love terrible videos I’ve got cracker coming up
it’s the YHA prisoner parody it’s going to be something special and also I’ve
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  2. You forgot about hurdling airport security and just running to the nearest plane lav. They'll never look for you there and you can fly for free.

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