5 Work At Home Jobs And How To Start TODAY

5 Work At Home Jobs And How To Start TODAY

– If you’re staying in a day
job that you absolutely hate, and you’re dreaming about
one day having a job that you can work at home, where
you can set your own hours, maybe wear stretchy pants all day. Or maybe just be with your kids more. But still make some money
because you gotta pay the bills. In this video I’m gonna
share with you five jobs that you can do at home
and more importantly, how you can get started
in those jobs today. (light music) Hey, welcome back, and if you’re new here, my name is Trena, today
we’re gonna be talking about how you can find a job
that you can do from home. Now why am I able to talk about this? Well back in 2015 I was in a
job that I absolutely hated. I had been in it for,
at the end of that year, it would’ve been eight years I think. And I had had my daughter
in 2015 and I realized, life I too short, to continue
going into a job that I hated. When I pulled into the parking lot it literally felt like this
black cloud was over me and I just dreaded doing it. So I decided to take
matters into my own hands and I started my own business. Now maybe you aren’t ready
to start your own business and that’s not the path you wanna take and I totally get it because it is not the easy route to start your own business. Whether you do wanna
start your own business or you’re just like, I
wanna do something at home that I can maybe work on
while the kids are napping or when they go to bed,
you can set your own hours, you can still take ’em to school, these jobs are going to help you do that. So let’s just jump right into these, five jobs that you can do
and how you can get started. So the first one is one that
I’m pretty acquainted with because I have two of
them that I work with. And it’s a a virtual assistant job. Now virtual assistants can
do a lot of different things, specifically on my team
I have one amazing person named Erin who helps me
organize my client work and make sure people who
are joining my course get access to the course. She’s answering customer
service questions, she is engaging with them
in the Facebook group, she’s doing some of these
things as my right-hand person to make sure everything stays organized within my workflow and my
process in my business. And the other amazing woman I have, Paige, she’s actually taking over control of scheduling all of my social media. So she’s gonna schedule my Instagram, she’s gonna schedule my blog posts, make my Pinterest graphics. And just allows me to
get some of these tasks that I can outsource so I
can focus on doing the things that I love, like
creating video strategies, creating these YouTube videos for you, and just being focused
on creating content. Virtual assistants can also
manage people’s calendar, be their personal assistant,
manage their Facebook, schedule their newsletters,
there are so many jobs that a virtual assistant could do. And you don’t really need
any specific training because a lot of the
stuff is happening online. And I know when I graduated from college and even when I got my Master’s
in business back in 2010, a lot of these jobs didn’t exist. And so there’s not
necessarily a college course that you can take, a lot
of it can be taught online through YouTube videos even. So you don’t have to
worry about going through certain qualifications or certifications. Potentially, people who hire you, may even have courses for you to take. I know for my two lovely ladies I have programs that I
have purchased for them so that they can learn how to do it. I don’t have time to go
through the course content to learn how to do it,
I want them to do it but I want them to do it the right way so I bought the course
for them to go through so they can start implementing. And I’m not the only
business owner out there that needs these types of people. So many of my other
entrepreneurial friends are always looking for virtual assistants or somebody to help
them get more stuff done in their business, and a lot of the time, virtual assistants are making
around 35 to $50 and hour. All right, so here’s the important part, how can you get started today? Well one great resource
is The Virtual Savvy. It’s ran by Abbey
Ashley, a friend of mine, and she not only has a
program for you to take to learn the basic programs
like Pinterest scheduling and Facebook community management. But also within her
free Facebook community people are posting job opportunities and looking for virtual assistants who have gone through Abbey’s program and are more likely to hire them because they know Abbey’s program is worth it. You could also jump into Facebook groups where other entrepreneurs hang out and see if anybody needs
a virtual assistant. You could also start
posting on social media and letting people
know, hey, I can do this or I wanna do this, or a
really great way to get started without any investment is finding somebody who needs help with their business. Whether it’s a friend,
a friend of a friend, does somebody need help
scheduling their Instagram. Maybe they have a local coffee shop or a local gift shop and
they want to be more active on social media, they
just don’t have time. Ask them maybe if you could work on that and have maybe a three-month trial period to see how it goes. Now I want you to set this trial period so you’re not constantly working for free but you wanna get this time in to learn the platform you wanna work on, to build the platform to show your results and to build that trust with your client. That way when you’re
ready to ask for money, you can say, hey, I was able
to do this in x amount of time. Here’s what it’s gonna cost
me to continue doing that. And you potentially have
your very first testimonial to provide to other potential clients and say hey, here’s what
I did for this client, this is what they had to say and here’s the results that I got. The second job is kind of a
segment of virtual assistant but more niche and it’s
a social media planner. That’s basically what Paige does for me, she focuses on getting Instagram posts up, Instagram stories up, Pinterest scheduled, Facebook posts up, she’s focused
generally on social media. She’s looking at, are
we posting consistently. She’s looking at the traffic that we get from social media over to my website, or over to my opt-in page. Her job is to get content
out on social media to drive more traffic to
our website or our opt-in. I am sometimes writing
the content for her, sometimes she’s writing the content, she’s finding the imagery to use, she’s creating the pins,
she’s scheduling it all, and that’s her primary job on my team. Again, these jobs can make
anywhere from $15 an hour to about $40 an hour and
your goal to get started here is similar to like a virtual assistant. You wanna see if you have
a friend that you can start trying this out with, start
playing around with Instagram, maybe you even create
your own Instagram account and you see how quickly you can grow it. Or what you post that does
well and doesn’t do well. You just wanna have
some kind of testimonial or some kind of case study
that you can show somebody when you start applying
for jobs or asking people if they need your help. There are also a lot of online courses if you have the money to spend on it. I know Melissa Griffith, she
has a great Pinterest course. I know Hillary Rushford has
a great Instagram course. There are opportunities out
there if you wanna invest in a course to learn from
people who have done it before. But if you can’t afford these programs you can absolutely start
testing and trying for yourself on your own platform to see first, is it something that you like, and second, are you able to find
strategies or techniques that actually help you grow that platform. And then there’s always
plenty of YouTube videos on that specific platform, trust me, just search, how to grow
an Instagram account and you’ll have plenty of resources. Another big segment that’s been growing that you can do at home
is podcast editing. Now I know this seems kind of weird but some many people are starting podcasts and the reason that
they’re starting podcasts are they just wanna do
the podcast episode, they just wanna talk into
it and then outsource the editing and the uploading and the posting to somebody else. Again there are courses
out there that teach you how to do this, but this
is one of the easier things to edit, you’ll need some
kind of sound-editing program like Garage Band on Mac. And you can start editing
these podcasts, you know, at night when your kids are
sleeping or during the day when your kids are napping, or maybe while they’re at preschool. This is such a huge growing
segment of the market that so many people are
in need of right now. Again, these jobs can pay
anywhere between $10 and hour to about $40 and hour,
depending on your expertise and how well your podcasts sound edited. You could also add additional
things onto the packaging like maybe social media
templates to go with it, uploading it, show notes,
whatever kind of package you wanna create to make it more valuable to a potential client
to make more money from. But I’m telling you guys, this is one that I think is a great
one to get started in. Now we’re gonna move on out
of that entrepreneurial world and the next work-at-home job that you could do is online surveys. Now before you’re like, wait that sounds kind of
gimmicky, wait one second. Now you’re not gonna get rich
filling out online surveys but you make anywhere between
50 to $200 extra a month filling out these surveys. It’s all going to depend
on your eligibility and how may surveys you
actually participate in. So how are you gonna start getting paid to take these online surveys? Signing up on survey-taking websites is actually pretty easy
and is something you can do as soon as this video’s over. From the research that I did online, the best ones to sign up for
are Survey Junkie and Sawbucks. No not Starbucks, Sawbucks,
which they actually offer and $10 bonus sign up. So you can pop over there,
check out some of those and again, it’s not going to
replace a full-time income if you’re working full time
and making 25, $30,000 a month but if could give you that extra income so that you have to work that job maybe. Another great job that
you could do at home in your yoga pants is
testing apps and websites. Yeah, that’s something you
can actually sign up to do. Now I have tried one
these services before, I used User Testing before
and the way that works is I submitted my website
to them and I filled out all these details on the demographics that I’m targeting on my website, what kind of people I’m
wanting, like females, ages 25 to 40, married, with kids, and then they pool from their sign-ups so the people that they
have that are registered to test their websites, they
give their website to me and they basically just
log onto my website and record what they’re seeing
and what they’re thinking. So they have programs
that record their screen, and they have a microphone
or their earbuds and their just talking
out loud what they think and what they see as
they look at my website. So it gave me great feedback
on whether the website was loading too slow,
if they could understand what my website was about instantly when they landed on it. If any of the opt-ins
or the call-out buttons that I had actually enticed
them to click on it. So it gave me a lot of
valuable information from somebody who was
looking at my website for the very first time and what their first impressions were. There are many more companies out there that really value this feedback. They wanna know how easy it is for people to navigate on their
website and the information that you provide them
as they’re doing this is incredibly valuable. So where do you sign up for this? Here’s some of the websites you can go to to sign for for programs like that. Like I said, User Testing
is one that I’ve used. The What Users Do which
pays $8 or more per test. Enroll which you get paid to test websites before they are published. User Feel, this company
pays around $10 per test. An Analysis tests takes
around 15 minutes to complete and they pay $10 per test. So it’s a super-simple way to get started with testing apps in websites. Now if you’re thinking you
wanna start your own business, I’ve got a great video for
you that’s gonna give you 10 profitable business
ideas that you can start and make money here in 2019. So you wanna click on this
video to watch that now and I’ll see you over there.

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